Prepositions used with "drug"

of, on, for, to or with drug?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases drug of is used

Regarding rajneesh's use of drugs.

Regarding rajneesh's use of drugs.

A plot of drug concentration versus.

I thought that he met an accident, that he was weak, he was under the influence of drugs.

The hair on his head had become extremely thin as an effect of drugs administered to him.

Yes, maybe sometimes it commences there, but there are other deeper causes of drug fixation that need close attention.

I challenged one candidate on his website regarding his claims to rid our prisons of drugs, lengthen sentences etc etc.

Resistance to harm reduction initiatives, and to legalisation or decriminalisation of drug use, stems from many impulses.

The need to keep troops healthy during the Second World War led to the development of a number of drugs to fight malaria.

In 20% of cases drug on is used

He wasn't on drugs, he was scared.

Colin experienced my costume on drugs.

So you could tell he was on drugs? Wow.

After slavery and Jim Crow came the Great Migration, urban riots, and the war on drugs.

And I think the signature thing aside from this budget piece is ending the war on drugs.

It may make some people feel better but hasrher penalties on drugs hasn't helped anything.

Police raids on drug treatment clinics in 2010 marked a turn in Ukraine's approach to HIV and harm reduction services.

Most of the schools --- 83 percent --- had a policy for dispensing prescription drugs at school, the researchers found.

I also take the stand that I have no problem with the war on drugs and this case is not a referendum on the war on drugs.

Franklin and his colleagues published the first paper in the country to link worker deaths to prescription drugs in 2005.

In 15% of cases drug for is used

No need for drugs to think imaginatively.

We can blame Mexicans for drugs into the U.

This means that the demand for drugs is inelastic 3.

And the man who sold the world could be code for drugs and the euphoric feels it gives you.

Drug companies get money for drugs only when they actually do what they are supposed to do.

For drugs that are metabolised by the liver, the effect of the V d becomes apparent in children <2 months of age.

The buck for drug impaired driving stops with the reckless criminals who engage in it, just it does with drunk driving.

Colombia: Globally, Colombia is infamous for drug trafficking, guerrilla warfare, terrorism, extortions, and corruption.

Some of them even sleep on greenbelts after taking drugs and others are arrested by the capital police for drug addiction.

In 10% of cases drug to is used

Say no to drugs, and teach your children well.

I myself have always sought alternative treatment to drugs.

They are essential not just for physiological processes but also for response to drugs.

This is especially important, as ' boredom ' in adolescence may be linked to drug taking.

Some are subject to drug testing (notably those requiring a commercial driver's license).

The fruits of publicly funded research are virtually given to drug companies, with no requirement for reasonable pricing.

More people would come forward and give testimony about Armstrong admitting to drug use or seeing evidence of his drug use.

This is important for older patients who may be prone to drug interactions if they are already on medications for physical illness.

It does not matter if the fed law pertaining to drugs inhibits state law as there is a legitimate reason for the feds to be involved.

In 8% of cases drug with is used

I'd foggy with drugs or concussion, can't tell which.

I have no involvement with drugs what so ever anymore.

They then have to deal with drugs and the price of fame.

Even if we just did this with drug companies based in the UK the outcome would not be good.

Whatever experiences you've had with drugs, it always helps to get something off your chest.

About 40 per cent had been charged with drug crimes and another 25 per cent were illegal aliens.

This is why governmental corruption is more likely to occur with drug related crimes rather than traditional crimes.

Hitting the buffers But -- as is the case with drug approval in general in UK -- the story began to get more complex.

Also, another issue with herbal medicines is that some do interact with drugs and this needs to be taken into account.

In 5% of cases drug in is used

People lived immersed in drugs and alcohol.

Losing faith in drugs, we began to seek out alternatives.

Nagi, the boy had been involved in drugs and the selling of drugs.

Brother Jarvis told us they sometimes have dogs people to see if anyone brings in drugs.

By 1943, Malcolm was engaged in drug dealing, gambling, racketeering, robbery and pimping.

The judge gave her a choice: get clean in drug treatment or flunk out -- and die in prison.

Of course these lords of finance can not be compared to mafia hoods, after all the early Dons refused to deal in drugs.

The clinic is specializing in drug replacement treatment to help people fighting addictions get their lives back on track.

All the while, the youth in Punjab are lost in drugs, forgetting their roots; farmers are losing their land; and female foeticide is rampant.

In 3% of cases drug about is used

He would never write a song about drugs.

I was mad to hear Akufo-Addo talk about drugs.

Teens are more informed about drugs than their parents are.

Anything on this list about drugs s obviously skewed in the direction of anti drugs.

It was noted that calls for help about drugs and alcohol had reduced in recent years.

But he is not a smart person he talks about drugs and other stuff that is innapropreate.

If they don't hear about drugs and alcohol from you, it's a sure thing that they'll hear about them from someone else.

It's also illegal to drive if you have taken drugs which have impaired your ability to drive safely (see our question below about drug testing).

The last time police came by his Tripe Street home to investigate complaints about drug dealing in the West Ashley neighborhood, William Gates ed.

I can make claims about drugs being structurally similar and hitting the same target, but critiquing the clustering of diseases would require a bit of hubris.

In 3% of cases drug by is used

Nor that terrorists are funded by drug trafficking outside of Afghanistan and Colombia.

If there is one individual who has been dogged by drug issues it is no other person than Akufo-Addo.

Arthur Kennedy made a startling accusation that some NPP candidates were being funded by drug barons.

Shame VDB, Pantani and Jimenez, three of the most entertaining riders ever, where destroyed by drugs.

That is the truth: the Zulia police are undermined; the Zulia Police undermined by drug traffickers, criminals, kidnappers.

This is the way homeopathy is meant to work, the way it does work; but unfortunately, the average case is chronic and confused by drugs.

The area is disputed by drug gangs, including the cult-like Knights Templar gang that dominates trafficking in Michoacan and the Jalisco New Generation cartel.

To understand why prohibitionist policies lead to higher monetary profits for drug producers it is important to understand the risks undertaken by drug producers.

In 3% of cases drug from is used

His hep c is service related not from drugs.

So we say that we want clean athletes free from drugs right? Wrong.

Deaths among children from drugs multiplied about four times in four years.

Nato claims the Taliban get between 40 and 60 per cent of their income from drugs.

Cycling is clouded by doping these days as 100 meter race was suffering from Drug offenders in 1980's.

Laboratories handle a variety of different materials, from gases and chemicals, from drugs to living materials.

Weak public healthcare and private systems that benefit from drug sales, they say, are making this a very tough nut to crack.

Carlos Castano, leader of the main paramilitary group, the AUC, admitted that 70% of their income comes from drug trafficking.

Anyone seeking treatment and help from drug addictions is welcome to walk into the clinic or be referred by their family physician.

Even less active hobbies and activities can help give you a sense of purpose and wellbeing that will take your mind away from drugs.

In 2% of cases drug like is used

They think I do bad things like drugs to make money.

Like drugs, it is addictive; so it might be useful to see it under that heading.

Third offense $1,000,000, ten years in prison, and loss of all assets (just like drug dealers).

Should they be treated like drugs? Ginger eaten in food is no different to ginger eaten as a herbal remedy.

If a container isn't opened up, meaning the contents like drugs can't be infiltrated into Argentina, then why must they be searched or retained.

Gun control, like drug control, doesn't do much to restrict supply -- instead, it creates a black market for the product regulated through violence.

It not just your mom, its also habits and addictions, like drugs or video games; she will find a more mature man that will place her on the #1 spot.

Isn't it our law that say anyone having sex with below 16 or 18yrs is considered illegal and minor? So why such double-standards? Sex, like drugs and alcohol, should be reserved for young.

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