Prepositions used with "card"

of, on, for, to or with card?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases card of is used

But there was his kind of card.

At birth, we're dealt a hand of cards.

You can design games with a deck of cards.

The government collapsed like a house of cards, because nobody was prepared to defend it.

The borough of Cardigan ceased to return a separate member, and became merged in the county.

His name appears as Mayor of Cardigan 1710, 1711, 1714, 1718, 1721, and as Deputy Mayor 1720.

Double return of Richard Delaber for Aberystwith Borough, and William Bradshaw of Cardigan, 4 March, for Cardigan Borough.

DCP Stephen Ravindra says that any game of cards like poker, three cards or 12cards played with money or kind, is illegal.

The four suits of the Tarot pack of cards are the cup, lance, sword, and dish -- the life symbol found in the Grail story.

The Place Cards: DIY place card holders made from pine cones with a simple white piece of card stock with handwritten names.

In 7% of cases card on is used

She'd whine it wasn't on card stock and double spaced.

Most large hotels and resorts will also accept payments on card, and offer currency exchange.

My friend was watching one of the card games they play on card board boxes, they are all over the street.

Not to forget a film with Rajamajouli is on cards, the script of which he is carrying along in his bag to Ladakhh.

First, in 1906, came a Universal Iconographic Repertory, an image database in which illustrative materials were assembled and mounted on cards or sheets of the standard size.

Thus it can be clearly surmised why to arrest or keep in custody the militant fundamentalists or to judiciously run the criminal cases against them is not on cards for the Khaleda-Nizami government.

In 6% of cases card for is used

Fast and efficient to charge me for card reactivation.

There is no need to make an e-appointment for card collection.

Alternatively, please download the Authorisation Form for Card Collection.

If you are searching for cards that are secured, steer clear of prepaid cards.

QSL cards still seem to be in demand, with the author still periodically receiving requests for cards.

They are joined by the psychiatrist, who also can not be allowed to leave, and Moretti makes the shrink a catalyst for card games and even a volleyball tournament.

In 4% of cases card to is used

Banks have caught onto the charge card hoppers who switch from card to card to take advantage of the low introductory rates.

Hansen took the clubhouse lead in swirling conditions at Hong Kong Golf Club with a flawless 64 that was embellished with six birdies to card a two-day total of seven-under-par 133.

In addition to card registration the following services are also available at this desk: return items, renew items, pick-up requests, pay fines, replace lost cards, reserve and pick-up museum passes.

In 4% of cases card with is used

We need 2d game artist to come up with card illustration for a TCG game.

My friend Roxy is creative like you are, I love your elegant style with cards.

They're bars with card systems that don't quite add up to the money you put on the card.

Baccarat would have one huge advantage over Blackjack, Casinos don't bar a winning Baccarat Player as is done routinely with Card Counters.

In 3% of cases card per is used

Please give the quotation per card a.

Even at a profit say #10 per card, the individual would be making profit of about #1.

This charge was introduced in 1992 at a rate of IR2 per card and was increased to the current rate in 1996.

This charge was introduced in 1981 at a rate of IR5 per card and reached its current level of IR15 in 1992.

In 2% of cases card by is used

As you are paying by card you mention to your friend that you are going away for the weekend.

When we made it to the top floor, we were surrounded by cards, roses, clocks, and other themed decorations.

We won't charge anything to your card until you arrive, so you can decide upon arrival to pay by card or cash.

In 2% of cases card from is used

Even at their most formative stages, children can learn about words and numbers from card games.

Banks have caught onto the charge card hoppers who switch from card to card to take advantage of the low introductory rates.

Like I said, it's not as sleazy as Rachel from Card Services, but I would regard it as not particularly desirable in a company.

In 2% of cases card in is used

Invest in card terminals so that your customers will be encouraged to shop for more items.

The Larks Press biography by Roy Winstanley is a slight work (14 pages in card covers) and is still in print at 1.

In 1% of cases card like is used

But because of recently implemented procedures like cards and fingerprint scans, guards won't have to be posted outside high security places the entire day.

In some situation, something like Cards and Giants Game 7, Cards had 2 on, second inning, scoreless game, and it was legit to think about the advantage of a pinch hitter.

Respected leaders on the left, too, are falling like cards: last week Walter Veltroni announced his retreat from frontline politics, and Massimo D'Alema has offered to do likewise.

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