Prepositions used with "abortion"

of, on, for, to or against abortion?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases abortion of is used

I wouldn't be in favour of abortion.

The topic of abortion comes up frequently.

Reagan traces the apply and policing of abortion.

Liberals know that if the subject of abortion is presented truthfully, Democrats suffer.

I don't view birth control as a form of abortion, as it simply prevents pregnancy altogether.

In 1978 the Hyde ammendment deneyed the funding of abortion on the Federal Medicaid (like NHS).

That simple fact of majority dislike of abortion has been borne out by the intervening almost 30 years in Ireland.

The studies confirm exactly what the above author claim: anti-abortion laws don't lead to a reduction of abortion.

They began using this tactic in their battle against the Hyde Amendment, which banned most federal funding of abortion.

Newspaper headlines around the world screamed about women's outrage in Ireland due to the lack of abortion legislation.

In 20% of cases abortion on is used

This is the numbers on abortion.

It's unlikely society will ever come to a consensus on abortion.

Members of The Church, in general, have been too silent on abortion.

Ireland is now the only country in the world that actually bans information on abortion.

The tragic loss of Savita Halappanavar's life was not caused by Ireland's ban on abortion.

The Catholic Church for it's stand on abortion or same sex marriage and its ' active lobbying.

Ireland's laws place a circuitously anathema on abortion, a diligent and emotive amicable emanate in that country.

Instead, the government took the cowardly step of hiding behind the fourth ' expert group ' on abortion since 1992.

In 1984 Regan Administration forced a ban on funding to International Organisiations who counsell women on abortions.

In 1984 Regan Administration forced a ban on funding to International Organisiations who counsell women on abortions.

In 14% of cases abortion for is used

The fight for abortion rights in Ireland.

The case notes don't refer to any request for abortion.

Who are for abortion? Maybe Giles should look into them.

Court of Justice places the campaign for abortion rights in Ireland in an international context.

It is the beginning of the end for abortion in our nation and we have much work yet to complete.

Gilmore stressed that for more than 25 years he has been campaigning for abortion reform in Ireland.

As for abortion, this is a legitimate never ending debate, and it all depends on when you believe human life begins.

The enrolee will make two payments, $1 per month for abortion and another payment for the rest of the services covered.

The State can bring children to other countries for abortions without parental consent and even if the child disagrees.

And it isn't the only country in which religious groups are agitating for abortions to remain, or to be deemed, illegal.

In 10% of cases abortion to is used

I'd not sure the relevance to Abortion, though.

The beliefs involve strong opposition to abortion.

Opposition to abortion is usually a religious thing, that's just how it is.

I'd sure the more right-wing Catholics in Italy are also opposed to abortion.

It is already difficult-to-impossible to obtain local access to abortion in most parts of the United States.

Minister Reilly confirmed that the Cabinet will discuss the expert group report into abortion at its meeting on Tuesday 27 November.

You had two senate races greatly affected by GOP candidates correctly stating the GOP platform with regard to abortion in cases of rape.

In 8% of cases abortion against is used

I am an atheist and I am against abortion.

Any man who is against abortion for any reason.

Groups for and against abortion law reform emerged.

Let's work against abortion in ways that make a difference.

However the fight against abortion has not just been a legal one.

My friend Rebecca called me one day asking me if I had been protesting against Abortion in Maryville.

My options are having the baby or abortion so if you're against abortion then you shouldn't read any further.

I am against abortion because I dislike all violence against children but it is every woman's right to choose.

Right now the university's stance against abortion is so strong that employees must sign a pledge not to take part in it.

In 6% of cases abortion about is used

Nowhere does it say anything about abortion.

Talk to someone about abortion, and they get riled up.

Akin had a choice when asked about abortion in cases of rape.

Darvio says: 09:50am 14/02/12 Lets see what Christianity actual says about Abortion.

I am speaking especially about abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia and many more.

When we make a campaign ABOUT our morality, about Abortion, we lose economically and politically.

Regardless of what you think about abortion, its been decided, move the freak on! Anyway, Conservative Christian voters are the worst.

We need to overcome this insane need to reproduce when there are plenty of us and we need to overcome the squirmishness about abortion.

What the Democrats and their supporters believe about the economics, justice, about how wealth is created or how it should be distributed, about abortion or evolution, matters not.

In 5% of cases abortion with is used

It's not much different with abortion.

At least we know he's cool with abortion.

Having said that: I do not agree with abortion.

If you do nt agree with abortion, do nt get one.

These rights along with abortion rights are on; ly a tep towards what amounts to human rights.

Same with Abortion -- I believe, as it seems Michael H does above, that an unborn child is that.

The country is probably a whole lot healthier than it would have been with abortion not being legal.

Is a single cell (a fertilized egg) a human life? Most pro-choicers don't agree with abortion after 3 months, and nobody wants to see more abortion.

On a side note, Singer conveniently disregards the maternal death rates from abortions, it also does not include the greater risks associated with abortion procedures.

They are often reluctant to provide women with abortion services unless the situation is very clearly life-threatening -- and for women like Halappanavar, that can already be too late.

In 3% of cases abortion from is used

For a start, the death toll alone from abortion far eclipses anything Hitler was able to achieve.

As a volunteer I believe we help bring the healing spices and words of comfort that Christ offers to the people hurting from abortion.

On a side note, Singer conveniently disregards the maternal death rates from abortions, it also does not include the greater risks associated with abortion procedures.

In 2% of cases abortion in is used

Republicans Move to the Right The source of the shift in abortion views is clear in the Gallup Values and Beliefs survey.

And it is Obama's party that starts the racism, the KKK, and has a disregard for human life in general -- they don't just believe in abortion, they promote it.

Many American parents don't believe in abortion, so these pregnant girls are terrified their mothers will force them to keep a baby they absolutely do not want.

In 2% of cases abortion like is used

A view of the world which allows even the most vile of practices (like abortion) some breathing space.

She said that as women's magazines have steered away from controversial political topics like abortion, they have become even safer destinations for candidates to share their views.

On the other hand, modern liberalism emphasises privacy, individual rights and civil liberties 6 -- keeping government out of your life when it comes to things like abortion rights 7.

The actual view of the president on social issues like abortion should be somewhat irrelevant provided they believe that the federal government does not have authority to legislate on it.

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