Prepositions used with "usage"

of, on, for, in or to usage?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases usage of is used

The term Eurasians soon dropped out of usage.

They get a certain amount of usage credits under the minimum.

Any other form of usage is usually under the influence of alcohol.

Purpose of usage: the purpose using your photos will be for particular this campaign but if Grameenphone Ltd.

Functional requirements may be given higher priority based on the expected frequency or volume of usage Wiegers 2000.

You need to get a new Rapidpass Pelajar card as the new card contains several safety features to disable abuse of usage.

The next generation of usage and users are going to download videos, stream soaps and so on and it's not speed that matters.

As they note, the focus is on throughput and not latency, so while it's not ideally suited to this sort of usage, it gets the job done.

Decreasing water availability in the dry seasons will lead to increased incidence of usage conflicts both locally and between countries.

Cost: None to the customer, and the brochures say cost of usage should be the same, and so far I'd on par at about Kshs 500 ($6) per week.

In 14% of cases usage on is used

Often, you will also find examples and tips on usage.

Pricing will be based on usage, typical of cloud services.

It would be great if Google and Facebook were to release sanitised data on usage patterns by country.

Of course, there would be the usual shopping cart and a how it works page to guide buyers on usage of the site.

Signals are clearly given on usage; regulation of usage and appeals to the green sensibility combine with consumer pressure to deliver a better service.

Before now, research had pointed to decline in patronage of ATM machines, but as things stand currently, the figures on usage are growing across the segments.

In 13% of cases usage for is used

Cp is extremely feasible for usage.

I have one, used it a few times, really bloody good, light, easy, packs away smaller and is much more diverse for usage.

But you can bring your own provisions and cook your own by using their facility and they charge LKR 35- per person for usage of gas and the kitchen equipments.

In 11% of cases usage in is used

Newbies had been in usage before noobs started being used.

The change in usage from a query about health to a greeting was gradual.

It is the upsurge in usage (that caught the attention of the rulesmakers).

In 9% of cases usage to is used

They correlate neither to usage nor to quality and should not be used to measure the market share of distributions.

Know a means to usage an individual's windows xp 7 household premium family members store vital towards field EVERYONE Inc.

Many postures degree of a lot more technical expertise in how to usage certain application as with spreadsheets and also clinic computer software.

Applications already modified for LP64 will need additional effort in code audit, changes to usage of int, and performance tuning to run on ILP64 systems.

Picking the right time to get out of debt and putting a good plan to usage is vital to your success and will make it possible for you to not only know how you are going to do it, but also.

In 3% of cases usage by is used

Wat's even worse, France as now the idea to make people pay by usage.

Too many Malaysians are occupying high end jobs by usage of S-pass, work permits.

Another good approach to washing a great aluminium boat is by usage of some gentle abrasives.

In 2% of cases usage about is used

I enjoyed reading this post, this will make think about usage of photographs in web design.

In 2% of cases usage with is used

Also in reality -- the real costs of operating a network are aligned with usage and are not fixed.

In 1% of cases usage as is used

Does anyone seriously believe that prices will not rise as usage grows, and especially if India grows at 7-9 percent once the current downturn is over? Second, in a country of 1.

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