Prepositions used with "election"

of, On, for, in or to election?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases election of is used

God is in control of elections.

State Board of Elections, 393 U.

Again, another sign of election fraud.

In 1999 Newark MP Fiona Jones was convicted of election overspending and disqualified.

This process of elections would complete by December-end or in early January, he added.

But it is uncertain whether social media will have a major effect on the outcome of elections.

Repealed and rewritten 1988, Amendment 41 Governor and lieutenant governor elected jointly--returns of elections.

The BJP lost not due to poor economic management but refusal to oil the machinery needed at the time of elections.

No elector shall be obliged to perform military duty on the day of election, except in time of war, or public danger.

The Law minister said that in a country of India's diversity, one issue alone do not decide the outcome of elections.

In 25% of cases election On is used

Police on election prepardness.

Guess I know where I will be on election day.

Very similar how I felt on election night 2008.

On election day, over a million Kiwis supported our plan to build a brighter future.

On Election Day we had 20 times as many polling locations than we did on early voting.

ORCA, the much touted- computer system for tracking voters on Election Day, collapsed.

I am an expert neither on Mexican politics nor on elections so I wanted to join the conversation on this subject.

Hi everybody -- Jerard here with a guest blog post on election day in the USA! I sincerely hope you are voting today.

Democrats are in front in Florida, but must perform better on election day if they are to hold its 29 electoral votes.

In many states, it is illegal to turn away a legal voter on election day merely because the voting machines are broken.

In 15% of cases election for is used

Q ualifications for election as President 39.

All 135 seats in parliament are up for election.

It is democrasy to participate and try for election.

The Deputy Administrative Secretary is responsible, among other duties, for election matters.

There is universal suffrage, and anybody can stand for election regardless of party affiliation.

Every candidate for election to Parliament has the right to conduct his campaign freely and in accordance with law.

Standing for election under this banner, ACT won eight seats in the 1996 election, with not a Libertarian in sight.

She stood for election last year as a councillor in East London where she failed miserably to turn the borough blue.

In 10% of cases election in is used

We fight them in elections, and we fight to win.

Women do not have the right to vote in elections.

People need to get more involved in elections here.

And, finally, we're almost half way to the goal in Election Projection's 2012 Fundraiser.

Githu was involved in election observation in Kenya, Africa and other parts of the world.

She again came to power after her Party won a majority in elections held in October 1993.

The compromises needed to win in elections where money rules are treacherous traps for those committed to political reform.

The party is financially capable and as proven in past elections, they are well gifted in election operations and mobilization.

So, write an editorial about the substantive issues you disagree with, vote for other candidates in elections, look for the real watergates.

A country where the vast majority live in poverty while politicians run in elections with the sole aim of looting public funds is sad to see.

In 7% of cases election to is used

See, Ben, there are consequences to elections.

They're rarely wrong when it comes to elections.

Back to election issue, man proposes, God disposes.

I would love to see this level of attention given to election procedures nationwide.

Nader was polling about 4% of the vote prior to Election Day, and he ultimately won 2.

And be sure to come back to Election Projection often to see how the numbers are moving.

Republicans worry ththrough their presidentiing candiddined may not be locs to recover in the seven weeks prior to election.

If you are new to Election Projection, welcome! This website is dedicated to providing objective projections of upcoming elections.

With just over 100 days to election, Whispers checked in with the Center for Public Integrity to look at the top five of those 196 donors.

He's got to start doing it now, culminating at the Republican convention at the beginning of September, and then going on to Election Day.

In 5% of cases election at is used

The bell will surely toll for them at Election 2012.

It should definitely increase the turnout at elections.

So far here at Election Projection, Romney's has gained but 0.

So, you'll never see a race without a winner in the projections here at Election Projection.

I wanted to let everyone know what the plans are here at Election Projection for the next 2 days.

Once the polls start to close on Tuesday night, the fun really begins here at Election Projection.

But recently, Democrat Richard Carmona has closed the gap, even taking the projected lead here at Election Projection a couple weeks ago.

A 60-day sprint lies ahead of us, and what a race it should be! Right now the presidential numbers here at Election Projection give mixed results.

The election season closes out here at Election Projection with Democrats projected to retain the majority by the exact margin they now enjoy - 51-47.

Such a recalibration would allow the millions of Americans who believe in the core Republican tenets to give the party a real evaluation at election time.

In 4% of cases election by is used

Its only a by election for gods sake.

It's so easy to get disillusioned and discouraged by elections.

Finally, there's a by election in Corby, for the vacated seat of Louise Mensch.

There can indeed be more by elections than was originally planned and thus budgeted for.

I believe this highlights the merit of the projection formula used here by Election Projection.

But in just one year, half a century ago - 1962 - Teesside had three by elections in close succession.

Government is therefore not so much decided by election outcomes as by the often closed negotiations within the political class.

That means that, if they've done a good job, by Election Day they'll have a smaller and more focused group of voters to contact.

In UK's context, by election time, the ' new-ness ' of his brand will have worn off and he'll be seen as just another politician.

It is mandatory for all the candidates to file an Affidavit in form 26 as per the amended version issued by Election Commission of India.

In 4% of cases election during is used

They get argued about during election time.

That is not to say that the Kenya police necessarily act fairly during elections.

Basically the DECs provide support services to the returning officers (ROs) during elections.

Unfortunately, instead of pulling together during election season, we spread farther and farther apart.

Japan's right wing parties are expected to make significant gains during elections expected later this year.

It has issued measures to its Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) in the states during June 2010 to check paid news during elections.

Therefore, If elected he would have to worked harder than most to win over the people and would forever carry this baggage with him during election period.

How unfair and illegal is this? During elections times, we were told that pension anomalies would be rectified, but all these promises have been forgotten.

You still need to address my point that having a broad public mandate for the CUB requires more than virtually no promotion of the policy during election time.

Give each voter a 10-page ballot instead of the usual one or two page ballot, and the machine really will need preventative maintenance several times during election day.

In 3% of cases election after is used

The guy who manages to defeat himself election after election.

Sabah Sarawak will regain property trend in no time after election.

Instead, it is the duty of the leader to unite everybody immediately after elections.

Republicans control the House now, and are likely to hold on to their majority after Election Day.

In the end, the corellation between job approval and re-election will be unbroken after Election 2012.

That makes sense because it's more likely to have a registration surge on election day than after election day.

I tend to believe that politicians, in general, have no views except those that will win them election after election.

Aside from the obvious political manipulation of the tax denial to gain votes and then tax inserted after election victory.

The bishops ' assembly, which opened nearly a week after Election Day, also included discussions about religious liberty and marriage.

Shaath said there were European countries that might change their positions toward the UN bid after elections bring in more socialist parties.

In 3% of cases election before is used

The last train ride was to Boston on the night before election.

Then, only three weeks before election day, Roosevelt was shot.

Brown, pulled ahead in the polls conducted days before Election Day.

There's only a week to go before election day, but, walking around Washington, you'd never know it.

But I'd working, and, as mentioned, the Board of Elections closed at 2PM, on the day before Election Day.

Countdown: 8 days until Election Day With just a week and a day left before Election Day, President Obama is projected to win 290 electoral votes against just 248 for Mitt Romney.

I countered - and rightly so, I believe - that if Obama's job approval is in the low 40's come the weekend before Election Day, it won't matter who is listed below him on the ballot.

True, the hearing is just a week before Election Day, and many voters, especially those typically more conservative-leaning folks who vote absentee, have already voted and mailed in their ballots.

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