Prepositions used with "match"

of, on, for, in or per match?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases match of is used

He already knows the danger of matches and knives.

These are the kind of matches we are looking for to use this system.

Put a lot of matches and gasoline in your cart, then smile at people 324.

All the top clubs have the same amount of matches to play so that is a stupid excuse.

Look at the number of matches we have won this season even after the teams defend deep.

J ust three points separate all four teams in Group J following the last round of matches.

One trouble defying solution ' s the distortion which the punishment kick inflicts on such a big amount of matches.

Tengus were popular in the last Alliance Tournament and so were unsurprisingly banned in a large number of matches.

A total of nine players from last season are under investigation of match-fixing and subsequently thrown out of the team.

So any melodrama in the last round of matches must come from Division Two, where three clubs vie for two promotion places.

In 10% of cases match on is used

Chad had only been on Match for a month or so.

Check out Erin &; Jude's success story below! We emailed each other here on Match.

That's exactly what he always makes you think of when you see him on Match of the Day.

The Old Andreans never relinquished their firm grip on match with a convincing 89 run win.

I had been on Match off and on for a few years and had met some nice men and even had a couple of relationships.

Every inch of Croke Park -- every sight, smell and sound -- reinforces certainties and calms nerves on match days.

Near enough every week there are three games on Sky Sports and sometimes a further two on ESPN; every weekend you can get highlights from the matches on Match of the Day and MOTD 2.

Whether it's the pressure being put on match officials to encourage entertaining games there's a flagrant and widespread abuse of a fundamental hurling rule and nobody seems to care.

In 8% of cases match for is used

But she didnTt want to forgo a social lifestyle completely, so she signed up for Match up.

The match created a huge buzz as the demand for match tickets caused a meltdown in the online ticket shop.

But as the game evolved, maps like Aztec, Nuke, Office, and Dust2 became the definitive battlegrounds for matches.

Fowler's getting a lot of criticism here, but let's remember he was a total Walker Cup stud and lives for match play.

After the LIVE game stay tuned for match reaction from Gigi Salmon, Frank Sinclair and Graeme Le Saux who will be in the US speaking directly to the players and manager.

In 8% of cases match in is used

With those I managed to start off 2-0 in matches, before losing to a rather decent Rakdos deck.

Play in matches to improve your ranking on the global leaderboards, or in friendly matches against friends or.

In his fifth consecutive season with The Robins, Elliott figured in City's 54 per cent possession of play in match witnessed by 13,000 people.

However, I remain convinced that there are questions at the back that will prevent the US from keeping clean sheets in matches where one goal could be enough to face elimination.

Police sources in Ahmedabad - a city with a history of bookies and cricket betting -- said they have had information about Seth's involvement in match fixing for quite some time now.

In 6% of cases match per is used

I wouldn't bet on Steven Fletcher contuing his run of one shot, one goal per match.

While there was a 20-goal fall-off in the total goals scored last term, an average per match of 2.

Y for yellow card: A total number of two hundred and sixty yellow cards were given, which makes it roughly four per match.

In 5% of cases match during is used

He hardly comes and talk to players during match.

They should stop loadshedding during matches as they did in the T20 World Cup so that people can enjoy the World Cup.

As the player continues to improve, the ability to plan tactics, then adapt his tactics as required during matches also improves.

I understand the police are now bound to investigate all complaints received, no matter how bizarre, even about insulting language used by footballers or referees during matches.

In 5% of cases match to is used

He'd been into wrestling since he was a kid, and regularly went to matches throughout the 70s.

In 5% of cases match with is used

Start typing in the To field, and Messages autocompletes the names you type with matches from Contacts.

When you view web pages with matches to your search, the terms you searched for will be highlighted in yellow.

The calcarine cortex in sighted subjects is spatially organized with matches to the retinal nerves or ' retinotopic.

South Africa's number one Test ranking is on the line in the series, which continues with matches in Adelaide and Perth after Brisbane.

With matches against L'Equipe and Chutspah to follow, Levy will urge his team to make a fast start against a Jewventus team with a new lease of life.

What the questioner meant -- and the journalist understood -- was, considering the Italian experience, why has the English game never had a problem with match fixing.

In 4% of cases match at is used

How about as a first move, we get rid of cheerleaders at matches? It's small, but it's something.

When you see the way their dad behaved at matches, you know he was not going to figure out how to be and survive in that world.

Arjuna had a unique insight into the game of cricket, he would look at match situations in a totally different light to most other cricketers.

Last weekend Voukefalas, which is fighting a ban by local league organisers to wear the jerseys at matches, played against Hercules, a team sponsored by the All Day Bar, an escorts bar.

How often are the Glazers, Stan Kroenke or Sheikh Mansour seen at matches, sharing the fans ' joy and pain? Or even Abramovich, who does turn up sometimes but skipped Tuesday night in Naples.

In 3% of cases match from is used

It is found in everything from matches to Coca-Cola drinks.

New York fans move around a lot from match to match and you can always get in there if you time it correctly.

The use of trusts is one way that people can secure their resources from matches against them or from individual bankruptcy.

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