Prepositions used with "land"

of, on, for, in or over land?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases land of is used

Canada is about 3% of land area.

Yes motherland is a piece of land.

Recently he sold about 20 acres of land.

The story usually begins with the entire draining process of acquiring a parcel of land.

Saurav was not sanctioned a plot of land for his Cricket Academy by the Mamata Banerjee.

The transfer of land and the displacement of the poor must be done gently and carefully.

Athukorala, Minister of lands, Irrigation and Mahaweli Development and another reported in 1993 SLR volume 1 page 283.

Built on a 10-acre piece of land in the leafy Karen, the complex cost the taxpayers a total of Sh400 million to build.

Perils in the air Use of land on account of urbanisation has led to our losing/degrading ecologically sensitive areas.

In 14% of cases land on is used

Flags on land fly at half-staff.

I pity you, in space or on land.

On land, things don't move so quickly.

By that definition, anybody who squats on land owned by other will have rights to the land.

Although not necessarily very speedy on land, they were competent, especially the tailess ones.

Stop settling on land you do not own in the West Bank, and allow Gaza proper access to the ocean for trade and import.

The first houses in Spencer Hill were built in 1879, as was Berkeley Place on land owned by one Edward Berkeley Phipps.

The laws and usages of war make a distinction between enemies ' property captured on the sea and property captured on land.

Major focus of this afforestation was limited on land stabilization in the past but less addressed to climate change impacts.

In 5% of cases land for is used

Navy Seal boots are designed for US Navy SEALS for land and water OTB operations.

One look at the trailer for Land of the Lost told me to run from that ticket line.

His work has been published by the Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi; Oped News.

Overall, the tribes would have suffered the same fate because of greed for land and gold at the.

However it can take millions of years for land masses to steady after their weights have changed.

The Commission also misses a key point -- all land-based biofuels compete with agriculture for land.

This was to compensate the tribe, the Ngati-Hikairo, for land which had been taken from them in the war.

The most successful answer for land that does not produce because of the wickedness of the ancestors, is evangelism.

Newspaper items in this section kindly provided by Mr John Wearne, Bingara, grandson of the former Minister for Lands.

In 4% of cases land in is used

Changes in land tenure in the Butana.

In Land tenure in the developing world, ed.

What to do: Place nurseries in land without termites.

However his name was not in land registry deeds which generally have the names of all the owners.

Accessibility is a nice metric since it is modally neutral and even allows for shifts in land use.

For example, the proceeds from the sale of livestock could be reinvested in land or machinery without losing the relief.

The UDC's scope of activities also encompasses significant commercial interests islandwide, mainly in land and buildings.

These facts stand out repeatedly in the following graphic account of the interweaving of sea based strength in land conflicts.

Dan Ozu said the government is to be blamed for unwholesome practices in land allocation which is linked to the high cost of housing.

In 4% of cases land over is used

They can glide over land and water.

I walked over land guarded by the UPDF.

He saw two creatures flying together over land.

He did not see one fish fall back into water but two flying creatures fly off together, over land.

Large rural influxes create tensions over land use and can strain urban governance and carrying capacities.

France secured unrestricted property rights over land with a view to enforcing market-oriented agriculture.

Weakening occurred as Katrina moved north-northeastward over land, but it was still a hurricane near Laurel, Mississippi.

Pursuant to certain controversies over land acquisition for SEZ development projects, the GOI issued new guidelines for SEZ in 2006.

There is a way to alleviate tensions over land use by changing incentives while allowing proper protection of our treasured green spaces.

There is some difference if the storm is over land or water in how the storm will act, but it does not stop lightning from being generated.

In 3% of cases land by is used

Models successfully reproduce temperatures since 1900 globally, by land, in the air and the ocean.

This allowance enables them to visit communities that are difficult or impossible to reach by land.

I think the dips might save you if you fall on a hole or crack and u get support by land on your elbows.

The banks were thickly overgrown right down to the water's edge, making travelling by Land Rover extremely difficult.

This force marched up the Sinai Peninsula and camped at Ascalon waiting for further reinforcements by sea and by land.

However, Raynald, the feudal lord of Kerak (South of Amman) in Transjordan, continued to harass Saladin by land and sea.

Exports to the Central Asian Republics via Afghanistan by land route would, however, be subject to declaration on form? E?

After heavy bombardment by land, sea and air, Gaddafi's forces retook the city on 10 March, and began pushing the rebels back.

Folks travelling from Malaysia or Singapore by land must firstly reach Hadyai which is the center point of connection to Krabi.

In 2% of cases land as is used

The main factor causing the disappearance of wetlands is human activity, such as land reclamation.

As said, Thailand is known as land of smile, but to me Thailand is a country known as land of Buddha Smile.

For this to be sustained, the changes identified -- relating to areas such as land markets, rural infrastructure, extension services etc.

So, before you choose a solicitor, ask about their professional fees and other costs you have to pay, such as land registry and search fees.

Funds channeled through this account may be invested in shares, government securities, debentures, units in Unit Trust and in real assets such as land and building.

Therefore, the residents will have to pay Rs 200 per square metre as development charge and an additional Rs 575 per square metre as land cost plus other penalties.

A lesson learned from the PRASET experience confirms that rapid results from politically sensitive issues, such as land tenure, can not be expected (Schoonmaker-Freudenberg 1996; PRASET et al.

Bilia explained that the event brought together land stakeholders such as land officers, land surveyors, city planners as well as land commissioners and registrars from all districts in the country.

In 2% of cases land from is used

And from Land Bank, it goes to ATM, to Globe.

They decided to ride from Land's End to John O ' Groats.

The Alan Johnston case concerned timber from land reserved or granted under the 1906 Act.

Using threats and intimidation, they chased the homeless from land around the golf course.

DEC does not have the capability to monitor mine discharges from land based mines into rivers and the seas.

Other new countries were created -? Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland were formed from land lost by Russia.

The only inputs to economic activity is energy; either surplus production from land, or the mining of energy such as oil.

According to Wikipedia, with the exception of Easter Island Hawaii is farther away from land than any other landmass on Earth.

It will need skills ranging from land management and wood processing, through to international marketing and business management.

Extending far from land and exposed at low tide, the mud banks which trapped the French frigates a century ago remain a hazard for the unwary.

In 2% of cases land to is used

Mangrove forests are important for coral reef ecosystems close to land.

Access to Land: A falconer must have an adequate and reasonably convenient area for flying.

This is early testimony that the sun of Christianity rose in the east, to lands Jesus migrated to.

Not all twelve survived the filming but those that did have been returned by Pinewood Studios to Land Rover.

Or I can go to Lands ' End, where for $49 I can get their excellent quality Hyde Park tailored-fit shirt for $49 (before sales).

Outside Europe, the translation occurred even earlier as missionaries brought the Gospel to lands of the East and likely beyond.

I'd say these shirts are comparable to Lands ' End Canvas, which are $5 less at retail (and often on sale - right now you could buy one for $21).

Check that you have permission to land use Another legal status to open a home business, is not having the permission or license commercial land use.

In 2% of cases land with is used

And, with land being filled in for construction, it may well be that the.

Landed: A property with land, can be a bungalow, semi-detached or terrace house.

Density correlates well with land mass and both Anambra and Imo are small in land mass.

For that purpose, the Bishop had a grievance that Tamils in the Vanni area are not allocated with lands.

He's been involved with land use and urban renewal for 20 years, both as a professional and as a personal passion.

The development offers 10 two (2) bedroom units with land to add your own creative touch or to expand on your property.

Country living (or for me, single family home with land living) won't make you happy by itself; contentment must come first.

Throughout the 1990s, the PT was the party in Congress associated with land reform proposals or the fight for a higher minimum wage.

Update: The first of two community meetings on what to do with land next to the Mexican American Cultural Center is occurring tonight.

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