Prepositions used with "credit"

of, on, for, in or by credit?

Word Frequency
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In 57% of cases credit of is used

Our system of credit is concentrated.

I have to give a lot of credit to my mam.

Types of Letters of Credit not permitted.

The profligacy of the Ahern/McCreevy/Cowen era was built on the back of credit excess.

We are proud members of the Ontario Association of Credit Counseling Services (OACCS).

However, you may find that you have been denied a line of credit because of bad credit.

The Court also has the power to call meetings of creditors and/or contributories in order to ascertain their wishes.

Letter of Credit (L/C ): All importers must accompany a copy of the L/C to ensure that payment for the import is made.

Interest rates were generally around 20% which is fairly typical today for the likes of credit card and consumer debt.

If a financial system is unsound, it can only be so by the possibility of overextension of credit, and paper currency.

In 11% of cases credit on is used

I don't fill in my SIN number on credit apps for that reason.

If you don't buy on credit you will never have credit card debt.

Holy life when they buy things on credit and refuse to pay back.

I know what you're saying Rhody, i'd not saying newbies should go out and max up on credit.

The provisions for the kitchen were purchased on credit from shops at Haldwani and other places.

As soon as you have that light bulb moment you need to stop spending on credit cards immediately.

This presupposed that the deduction available is only trade discount allowed in invoices and not on credit notes given later.

If they couldn't afford to pay for it up front, they paid the retailer on credit, just like they would with any other purchase.

If you are using more than this, it can show that you are living outside of your means or relying on credit as part of your income.

In any event, these things are bought on credit mostly - and more debt, borrowing and inflationary cycles are not what people need.

In 8% of cases credit for is used

Medical gases can not be returned for credit.

For credit card payment (paypal, Google Checkout ), there is a 3.

I was the only one of 23 writers not to arbitrate for credit when it finally got made.

They conclude that creditor-friendly laws and efficient courts are strong compliments for credit.

If you are eligible for credit counseling, you will also participate in steps 3 &; 4 shown below.

Note that some small businesses (such as bed &; breakfast houses) may want to apply a surcharge for credit card use.

Special gas mixtures can not be returned for credit and if any order is cancelled by you a cancellation fee may apply.

When considering the application for credit cards, ensure that you establish when you can manage to have one particular.

Capital One's Classic Credit Card: Good if you've been turned down for credit but want all the benefits of a credit card.

In 7% of cases credit in is used

Elsewhere in credit markets, bonds of Boston-based Iron Mountain Inc.

We just put the card in credit before we left and used it like an ATM card.

Within four years, the local branch was in credit balance with its parent company.

The website, it is alleged, was also involved in credit card fraud on a massive scale.

The academic workload is measured in credits with 60 credits being a typical annual load.

Second, a guarantor should be careful when an enhancement in credit limit is being granted.

From the accounting perspective in credit unions the ratios look bad if there is no shares but looks better when there is 4k in share.

Not just in credit the way, on the emotive strains into the act, may result in likelihood health conditions, that should be eliminated.

The reality is that most small business startups are heavily in credit card and personal dept before they ever sell their first product.

In 6% of cases credit by is used

It was paid in full by credit card.

Payments may be made by credit or debit card.

Pay by Credit Card or PayPal on secure servers at PayPal.

Alentus accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express as a means of payment by credit card.

If you're a one-off customer paying by credit card, you can skip the phone number if you wish.

You may be asked for either a deposit or full payment and you can only pay in cash or by credit card.

We decided to test this new offer to a small segment of existing weekend service subscribers who pay by credit card.

They already pay for their subscription by credit card, which is a requirement for the bundle offer we were introducing.

You pay by credit card and either print out your ticket on your PC printer or pick up tickets at the station in Malaysia.

The payment was made by credit card, so I thought that payments made this way online were covered for situations such as this.

In 4% of cases credit with is used

Students should also exercise caution with credit cards.

To ensure a place, phone 8576400 with credit card details (cost 25).

Here's a little piece on our flag (with credit, below, to the author).

Back then, it would've seemed like a pretty safe proposition to buy the TSX with credit.

When things went sour they shorted the very securities that they had created with credit default swaps.

That it works with credit card payments without the need for a PayPal account in many countries is of course a plus as well.

They bought more house than they could afford and bought stuff with credit cards and did not pay off the balance each month.

Facts that can be confirmed is the only means of making accurate determinations but the geniuses with credit cards have no clue.

These can be brewed in the cauldron or bought with credits, and are for sharing with your friends to give them a surprise gift.

This will mean no deposit will be needed, help to improve the overall cash flow of your business and even help you with credit control.

In 2% of cases credit as is used

After that you can deal with any less urgent debts such as credit card debts, overdrafts and other loans.

Alternatively, their website says you can topup using PayPal as well as credit cards, but I never personally tried that.

Stagecoach will not store personally identifiable information such as credit card or address details in the cookies we create.

There are already many different forms of consumer credit for people who want to buy something in installments, such as credit cards, bank loans and store credit.

Many online firms ask consumers for personal details, such as credit card, bank details, home address etc, all of which could have disastrous consequences for the consumer if not held securely.

Consolidating personal debts such as credit cards or car loans onto a home loan can make sense provided repayments are at the same rate as total outgoings before the lower-costing loan, she adds.

In 2% of cases credit from is used

This kind of loan program is free from credit checking.

It uses data, mostly from credit markets, to reach an objective risk assessment.

In case the bonus funds were not transferred from credit to balance during 1 year, they will be deducted from trading account.

In 2% of cases credit like is used

Banks can also promote and sell their products and services like credit cards, loans etc.

That would mark a turning point in payment method, much like credit and debit cards did so many years ago.

A sales rep never asks for things like credit card numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, and so forth.

By ' such rights ', I meant other rights like credit card, bank accounts and other such rights which H1-B holders have, but H4 don't.

It is the act of providing a link to a fake website that looks just like the real one in order to ' phish ' for personal information like credit card numbers.

In 2% of cases credit to is used

Access to Credit Access to credit facilities in the sector is 37.

But that switch may be hard if cuts to credits and benefits are crippling low-paid households.

A much cheaper way to borrow compared to credit cards and other extreme options like payday loans.

Banks act purely as intermediaries for entrusted loans, and hence are not subject to credit risks.

The para-medics started CPR, found a faint pulse, and rushed her to Credit Valley Hospital, 10 minutes west.

Known as math error authority, this authority applies, retroactively, to credits claimed on original and amended 2008 returns, as well as to claims yet to be filed.

Please remember, all purchases are subject to credit card authorisation and billing address verification which may take place after initial confirmation has been given.

To secure these motivation it not needed we have enough amount of money or neither can hope to believe it is by means of some resource in short span of time in addition to credit.

These skills include engineering, procurement and supply-chain management skills, as well as financial, commercial and the whole range of business skills from planning to credit management.

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