Prepositions used with "road"

of, on, by, for or in road?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases road of is used

Loads of road noise from rear of car.

Escape from the semi-death of road travel.

That was the end of road for this great artiste.

Shanghai, China (1999 ): A man trying to choke another man to death in a fit of road rage.

Don't speed up on straight stretches of road to prevent following vehicles from passing you.

A land devoid of roads and with temperatures that dip to minus 40 degree Celsius in winter.

He had been a promising table tennis player until he almost died in a crash six years ago on the same stretch of road.

These measures would be in the interests of road safety while contractors carry out off peak routine maintenance works.

This measure would be in the interests of road safety while contractors carry out safety barrier and resurfacing works.

That's not a bad idea, but do you realise that will take rom away from the area of road apportioned to drivers? Oh wait.

In 14% of cases road on is used

Sensible people don't ride on roads.

I like listening to it in the car on road trips.

Held signs up on roads and passed out literature.

If the amount of money spent on arenas were spent on roads &; sewers, especially in the U.

So in mathematics, as on road-signs, we measure the slope by a a ratio which is just a number.

They should be selling it to the roof they are spending more on roads than the last 10 put together.

Unless you are out on road, unless you're at work, and if you're at work stay at work, if you're at school, stay at school.

Many years ago I recorded Star Wars ' audio onto a couple of cassette tapes and listened to it several times on road trips.

I really enjoy how well we work together on road trips and so for us, a GPS would take away from our relationship, not add to it.

I had noticed that several other pilgrims mentioned the amount of walking on roads on el Norte, so that's something else to consider.

In 11% of cases road by is used

This includes by air or by road.

You can go to Bandarban from Chittagong by road.

The zone's clearly indicated by road markings and signs.

Area &; Accommodation The drive from Madrid to Las Golondrinas is about 3 hours by road.

For journey performed by road, the allowance will be calculated on the basis of bus fare.

Annoyed passengers protested, as the distance by road between the two cities is nearly 220 km.

The loses, everyday caused by road accidents, simply exceed the lose done by different terrorist acts all through the country.

Transfer by road through the scenically beautiful Great Rift Valley down to Loldia House, nestling on the shores of Lake Naivasha.

Travellers are strongly advised not to travel by road outside towns and cities after dark, due to the increased risk of road accidents.

Two flood trained teams (77 personnel) are moving by road fromNDRF Bn Kolkata with 02 medical vehicles to augment the flood rescueefforts.

In 10% of cases road for is used

That's important information for road trippers.

As for Road Rash, I can see a new game in the future.

In the first round of TIGER funding, only 57% of the money applied for was for roads.

Where Town Belt land is taken, it will be set apart for road, lifting the reserve status.

UPDATE: Taping up the vents of your helmet for road racing is now illegal under UCI rules.

Town Belt land can be compulsorily acquired under the Public Works Act for roading purposes.

Creature comforts for road use include XLR lamp connections for hooking up in the dark, and easy-to-read digital meters.

Similarly, we are also discussing using LED data transmission as the basis for a crash-avoidance system for road vehicles.

I am planning an event in Kelowna to mark November 21, 2012, this year's National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims.

Other issues to consider include how councils fund and pay for roads and other infrastructure associated with new subdivisions.

In 7% of cases road in is used


Kim Dotcom said unfortunately the Government wants to invest in roads.

The grey granite is extensively used in road making and as a railway ballast.

Cassady and Ginsberg signed releases for their pseudonymous inclusion in Road.

The package also includes a rise in road tax based on a vehicle's emissions in 2013.

Meantime, the accident resulted in a huge pile-up of traffic along the Old Harbour main road.

He knew how fortunate he had been ' Sam Mendes directed Paul Newman in his last major role in Road to Perdition.

Or rather, the main roads are bad enough that they are contributors to fear without helmets having anything to do with it.

Or rather, the main roads are bad enough that they are contributors to fear without helmets having anything to do with it.

In 7% of cases road to is used

Go to Road rules theory test quiz.

It was further shifted to Road No.

A modern motorway is all that matters to road users now.

This unique alternative to road transportation ensured ease of movement from place to place.

Maybe TIGER is just making up a fraction of the shortfall that transit has compared to roads.

Maybe TIGER is just making up a fraction of the shortfall that transit has compared to roads.

Similarly, there are more deaths due to road accidents in Namibia, per million people, than any other country in the world.

The constant movement in water trucks and equipment has caused widespread destruction to roads, bridges, and access routes.

Aircoach services to/from Dublin Airport, through Dublin City (Ballsbridge &; Leopardstown ), will be disrupted due to road and street closures.

Most of the work will be carried out in the verge to minimise disruption to road users and the scheme is due to be completed by Friday 1st April 2010.

In 5% of cases road off is used

These two together cost me 14 days off road.

Also take some binoculars for viewing when not allowed off road.

That one was fixed at a service with no additional time off road.

At that race I decided that riding bikes off road fast was officially the best thing ever.

Luckily I've done off road training in my 4x4, so I knew what to do to keep on going safely.

A Defender would be off the scale! From an ex off road instructor - Tony Vangrove from Yorkshire.

Our driver feigned cooperation with their directives and once the bandits were off- guard, undertook rapid evasive manoeuvres off road and into safety.

We followed them off road and heard the sound of one of them coming across what he hoped would be dinner and the other wild dogs closed in for the kill.

Nevertheless, as I cycle in situations where they are most required (ie country roads around corners, at night, at speed off road etc) I am sure to keep wearing them.

I am waiting for my second instance of this issue to be resolved and have just been advised it was a stretched timing chain after 26 days off road this time and 6 days the first time.

In 4% of cases road from is used

Injuries from road traffic crashes resulted in an estimated 1.

And please do it before you observe many more dead bodies dangle from road side trees.

In areas including Midleton, Douglas and Cobh, fallen trees had to be removed from roads.

The thick construction dust over Jaffna, however, is from road construction: armed with $423.

Lets see this data from road racing that shows that cyclists who have suffered DIA as a result of a crash either: a.

Of course, in Thai-land, this means there are boat-loads of fatal-ities from road acci-dents and insane drunken rev-elers.

If you take the prior permission from Roads and Highway Department you can spent a night in the rest house on the top of Chimbuk hill.

It was a Friday and transport was off from roads because of a Strike called by pro freedom leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani against the detention of minors.

Don't reward them with shows! You do realize that they use the same formula to pick chefs on those shows as they do to pick people from road rule and real world.

Surveys: Surveys that ask questions about injuries resulting from road traffic crashes are ideally suited for estimating the population incidence of non-fatal injuries.

In 4% of cases road with is used

In addition, we have a serious problem with road congestion in major cities.

People were observing strike with roads presenting deserted look, while few Vehicles were seen plying.

The island will be 115 hectares (284 acres) plus an intermodal yard and a widened causeway with road and rail expansions.

The problem is that anyone who thinks that a smartphone with road maps is adequate for navigation won't have any navigational skills.

There are problems with road crossings at pinh points on its route west and south to the most southerly part of Argyll at Campbeltown.

It has operated its twitter account since September 2009 and has over 13,000 followers it feeds with road accident updates and driving tips.

They passed their first test with a win over Oregon State, but it won't get any easier the next two weeks with road games at Oregon and at UCLA.

Absolutely, apart from the odd graze or fracture, or the odd mental health issue associated with having your bike stolen and being aimed at by drivers with road rage.

The highway largesse and transit frugality must change: we must be more strategic (fewer earmarks, to start) with road funds and less stingy with worthy transit systems.

In 2% of cases road as is used

There are various layers that can be turned on, such as roads and borders.

Infrastructure such as roads, telecommunications, and electricity are inadequate in rural areas and impede agricultural growth.

Public infrastructure such as roads, security, pipe borne water always attract the hailing of the people if the Government provides them as at when due.

Alongside cult classics such as Road Rash 64, Robotron 64 and WCW/NWO Revenge, it's the reason why my N64 machine has been in use since I got it in ' 98.

Again, the experiences of Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh demonstrate the power of rural infrastructure such as roads, irrigation and electricity, to improve growth and reduce poverty.

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