Prepositions used with "oil"

"of oil", "in oil" or "for oil"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases oil of is used

Keep Skin Clean And Free Of Oil.

He took up the art of oil painting.

But when the price of oil drops, e.

The end result is a sort of compounding effect that requires ever-greater amounts of oil.

Controlling regimes which control the oil is more important than the actual price of oil.

The group felt the price of oil was headed lower because of increasing sources of supply.

Fort McMurray and it's minning industry is not to blame for ALL of the emmissions or the use of oil and petro-products.

Nigeria is the prime example of a country whose booming agricultural sector went into decline after its discovery of oil.

In either case, however, the price of oil will continue to rise as long as the current market structures remain in place.

Another memorandum of understanding is between KMG and DKG-East, Hungary's leading manufacturer of oil and gas equipment.

In 12% of cases oil in is used

Saute garlic, ginger, and onion in oil.

She works exclusively in oils and mostly on linen.

We're scared about huge hikes in oil and gas prices.

In oil platforms, for example, radio waves are not allowed because they can cause sparks.

If we ask in oil and other studies, then we need the same money trail in climate science.

Are not allowed to eat any food that has been fried in oil, as it will effect your menses.

Despite every world economic sign pointing to a required drop in oil prices, the market simply continues to be overpriced.

In the wake of the sharp rise in oil prices, most industrialized countries experienced this in the late 70s and early 80s.

Morrison tried to send news to Tianjin by writing it on a piece of thin paper then soaking it in oil to make it waterproof.

What was presented was that since the 1970s, every significant spike in oil prices has been followed by an economic downturn.

In 11% of cases oil for is used

Later for oil Iraq was attacked.

Risks from Exploration Even exploring for oil is risky.

West Texas Intermediate, the benchmark for oil in the U.

I want a future without subsidies and tax breaks for oil and gas companies and polluters.

Just needs to be taken to a garage for oil and filter change four times a year regardless.

However, some two-stroke outboard engines have two tanks: one for gas and another for oil.

Standard operating procedure for oil companies working in locales far from prying journalists or vigilant authorities.

Shell's first attempts to drill for oil off northwest Alaska were halted after a day, stalled by encroaching ice floes.

National Parks would be sold off to the highest bidder and would be opened for oil and gas exploration as well as deforesting.

In 7% of cases oil with is used

We ordered bread with oil and balsamic.

Heat the pan with oil under medium-high heat.

Overall, the market remains well supplied with oil.

These are some basic points that must be given proper care while working with oil paints.

This ingredient works by unclogging the pores with oil and dirt without leaving the skin dry.

To clean themselves Romans rubbed their skin with oil and scraped it off with a tool called a strigil.

The shepherds anoint him with oil, demonstrating their faith that God has forgiven him and will restore him to health.

They were newly painted and papered, newly furnished, and hung with oil paintings borrowed from the local art gallery.

If you have problem skin, this would be ideal as it won't aggravate blemishes or block pores and also helps with oil control.

Adherence to the Kyoto Accord has much less to do with oil companies and much more to do with you and I as individual consumers.

In 6% of cases oil to is used

They say no to oil and gas exploration.

Gas is also a cheaper and cleaner alternative to oil.

The only accurate price signal is that relating to oil.

But you neatly avoid any personal responsibility by deflecting all blame to oil companies.

Deficit or surplus of water would create stress to oil palm and adversely affect yield of the crop.

The BJP lost not due to poor economic management but refusal to oil the machinery needed at the time of elections.

That was the key to energy security; that way no one country or even a group of countries could disrupt America's access to oil.

It is possible to be critical of some of the companies ' practices without being opposed to oil and gas extraction in its entirety.

The question is whether Stansberry's very poor record with regard to oil supply prediction ought to be the basis for our energy policy.

But also we have the ability to also take advantage of extractive industries, you know, the resources sector in regard to oil and gas and minerals.

In 5% of cases oil on is used

All was going well till Aaron came off on oil in Dublin port.

Most positions concentrating on oil rig are usually physically aggravating.

As with most financial problems, the predictions on oil prices for 2009 vary.

It is a different world in terms of supply and demand on oil than existed five years ago.

I don't believe we are in disagreement on the negative impacts of price controls on oil markets.

There is also a draft bill on Oil Pollution to be administered by the Maritime Authority of Jamaica.

Unfortunately no-oil export have not receive the desired attention by the past administrations because of reliance on oil.

Investments in ethanol production can also give new work possibilities, technical development and reduce the dependence on oil.

According to 60 Minutes, Congress deregulated the futures industry in 2000 producing speculation on oil derivatives very profitable.

Italy could cover the sanctions imposed on gold and textiles but a ban on oil could have had a major impact on Italy? s war machine.

In 4% of cases oil From is used

In 2011 50% of state income came from oil &; gas.

Yet the plastic bottle in this piece? it's made from oil.

Once cooked, remove it from oil and drop it into the prepared sugar syrup.

And then fellows like Colby Cosh, Tyler Dellow, and Jeff from Oil on Whyte got involved.

Later the tallow candles were abandoned for sperm candles made from oil from the sperm whale.

It can also reduce gasoline consumption for transportation and also switch to natural gas from oil and coal.

To see some of their discoveries (and find out how you can own them ), visit the Abandoned Finds From Oil City gallery.

Aside from oil, the Spratlys is a major shipping route in the world by connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

Canada and the US have much to gain from oil sands development, and a fair-weather friendship will not benefit either nation.

But more bad news for them is I DO make investment returns from oil &; gas; and I spend some of it supporting renewable energy.

In 2% of cases oil about is used

Wall street bankers don't care about oil spills, or covering them.

It was about oil, about Israel and evangelical christianity in the White House.

Some are religious about oil changes, transmission services and brake inspections.

This war is about oil and drug profits and the next war on Iran -- don't kid yourself.

Some representatives from a Nigerian company came to Axim and talked about oil spill response.

The first paragraph about oil is very good, and leads into this point which I very much agree with.

There's something about oil and water simmered together that brings out the flavour in food, Maria says.

How was China looks like base on their map during that time??? It was clear under the sun that their MAIN INTEREST is all about Oil and Natural Gas!

People in a number of fishing communities have told me they want information about oil spill clean-up and compensation, but have not been able to get answers.

In 2% of cases oil by is used

Our military is the largest group of anything in the world, and it is driven by oil.

J, in the north, we also need to consider home heat, much of which is provided by oil.

But tariff revenues are collected by the government, while quota rents are collected by oil importers.

Present commercial energy consumption is mostly natural gas around 66 percent, followed by oil, hydropower and coal.

It has all the mod cons, heating by oil and lots of stoves around and is set in romantic surroundings, amongst trees and with a stream running by.

But the former head of the IMAJ said there are uncertainties in building because of the volatility of the cost of steel and lumber, influenced by oil prices.

The Ghana National Assembly ought to send a delegation, accompanied by oil industry officials, to Nigeria to listen to the Nigerian National Assembly debates on the issue.

Although Tower Bridge is now powered by oil and electricity, the original steam engines maintained by a dedicated team of technical officers remain in their original location for all to see.

For, Shell's operations are most spread across the Niger Delta than those of all the other oil companies combined, which explains in part why they are worst hit by oil pollution in the region.

In 1% of cases oil as is used

So when you save, you give up consumption of real resources such as oil, labour, food, etc.

It took six weeks for the sanctions to be organised and they did not include vital materials such as oil.

The common theme underlying it though has been the struggle to control access to important resources such as oil.

The only inputs to economic activity is energy; either surplus production from land, or the mining of energy such as oil.

About 20 per cent of the population live below the poverty line despite lucrative exports such as oil, bananas, flowers, cocoa and shrimp.

According to a Bloomberg News report, there are a number of other variables to element into that forecast, such as oil consumption in China and OPEC production levels.

Yemi Idowu is an entrepreneur and industrialist with business interest in various sectors of the economy, including electronics, Transportation, Real Estate as well as Oil &; Gas.

The two most commonly cited dark predictions include thinning of ozone layer resulting in global warming and energy shortage due to the depletion of fuels such as oil, uranium or coal.

Fifth, false accusations of disrespect mask the real motives; for example quarrels over maritime demarcation, in many instances, camouflage disputes over real or imagined resources such as oil.

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