Prepositions used with "officer"

"of officer", "by officer" or "for officer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases officer of is used

Powers of officers appointed 40.

Just look-up and save the list of officers that appear.

At any one time only 12% of officers are on the beat, he said.

Valuable contributions of officers after their retirement are referred to in detail.

But due to the lowest number of officers in years, we can't always fulfill our mission.

Nyamweya added the welfare of officers would be well taken care of by a UDF government.

He joined the Nigerian Army becoming one of the group of officers who took over from the departing British officers.

During the same period the Royal Australian Naval College for the training of officers was opened at Geelong, Victoria.

The meeting was then suspended to allow regional groups to consult further on the election of officers to the ADP Bureau.

At that time, General Luna urgently needed instructors for the training of officers at the Academia Militar in Malolos, Bulacan.

In 13% of cases officer by is used

All three were freed on police bail after being quizzed by officers.

He said he was taken into custody by officers from the Major Investigation Task Force.

The department also has been criticized over a number of cases alleging abuse by officers.

It continued to see use by officers serving at Starfleet Command on Earth or in other diplomatic service as late as 2374.

Raping young girls in what very much looks like sex tourism enjoyed by officers and men splashing a lot of cheaply earned money.

The conservator may be another pre-need company, by officer or officers of such company, or any other competent and qualified person, firm or corporation.

These men were well armed and drilled, and if they had been commanded by officers trained in the military service, they would have made excellent soldiers.

Management and conduct of polls In the USA, the registration and the polls are conducted by officers under the Secretary of State of each one of the 50 states.

The conservator may be another insurance company doing business in the Philippines, by officer or officers of such company, or any other competent and qualified person, firm or corporation.

In 13% of cases officer for is used

There was no room for officers who didn't lead by example.

He said the ministry was talking to the Treasury to build houses for officers.

Worse, members are precluded from voting for officers of the organisation or on the fee structure.

He said that he would initiate relevant training for officers to enable them to perform their duties better.

Under the shipboard personnel chart or even the Crew Lists itself, there is a column for Officers, Staff and Crew.

Also the act passed in the same session for the better providing suitable quarters for officers and soldiers in His Majesty's service in North America.

I am not suggesting that these past events, and their likely mental availability for officers and stewards at Hillsborough, justify their response -- clearly they do not.

Not all of it was directly relevant to the kind of wars that we were later to fight (1965, 1971) but much of it was good general education necessary for officers of our age and service.

I accept that this is a challenging period for officers and the force as a whole, and I understand that there is some suspicion about the changes we have made and are continuing to make.

In 9% of cases officer to is used

Beginning in the year 2366, a new uniform variation was introduced to officers serving in Starfleet.

For such officers, transforming them to officers of good behavior contradicts their imbedded conscience, expectations and experience.

They arrested him at the scene and charged him with obstructing justice, accusing him of lying to officers to prevent the suspects from being arrested.

The badge was originally issued to officers and men who were discharged or retired from the military forces as a result of sickness or injury caused by their war service.

In addition to the five campaign medals a badge was available to officers and men who had been honourably discharged or had retired as a result of sickness or wounds from war service.

Another valuable benefit is the incorporation of ' police culture ' into the training that will strengthen the public's trust and knowledge on areas related to officer and public safety.

In 8% of cases officer with is used

Police said Ferrer refused to comply with Officer Dimbleby's commands to get out of the vehicle.

The streets were crowded with officers in robes of ceremony, mounted on horses richly caparisoned, each attended by a great many footmen.

That conviction explains why he spends so much of Twitter's time and money going toe to toe with officers and apparatchiks both here and abroad.

In 3% of cases officer at is used

It said that officers have been arresting people linked to disorder in the area earlier in the week.

Moore, who was said to have been clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, shouted abuse at officers trying to deal with disorder.

While visiting the fair at Officer's Club in the city on Friday, a large number of tax payers crowded to get TIN and prepare income tax file and paid taxes.

In 2% of cases officer from is used

This is done through visits from officers from the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 1% of cases officer including is used

Write down everything you remember, including officers ' badge and patrol car numbers, which agency the officers were from, and any other details.

In 1% of cases officer on is used

That would make it 14 days after the last entry on officer Santiago's log.

In the future, Sri Lankans will have to depend on the mercy of the OICs of the police stations and even on officers of lesser ranks.

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