Prepositions used with "ocean"

"of ocean" or "in ocean"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases ocean of is used

Looking out you could just get the first glimpse of ocean.

It lies in 25 to 35 meters of ocean and is teaming with fish.

With the under water scooter you can now explore miles of ocean without breaking a sweat.

A very small barge broken up into three or more pieces and harboring a profusion of ocean life.

But the continuing struggle for the control of ocean routes remained the most important of all.

In the middle of ocean between the sky and earth there are several platforms which are hanging in the air.

Go through these glass doors and out into the (usually) blazing heat of the car park on top of Ocean Terminal.

Landmass distribution: Shifting continents (continental drift) causing changes in circulatory patterns of ocean currents.

An entire globe of ocean: plankton, algae, craw- fish, and treasure, an answer swimming in Her maw, truth's great potion.

In 16% of cases ocean in is used

Guice and Walker both reside in Ocean Springs.

The recent increase in ocean acidity due to human activity in releasing carbon - about 0.

Due to a change in ocean currents he believes that Britain's climate may actually improve.

After kicking off in Ocean City, Maryland, earlier this year, the action has finally come to San Francisco.

Fears have been raised over the creation of nuclear hot spots in oceans and seas (Aumento and others 2006).

Unfortunately, marine environmental problems often occur in ocean areas under active management and regulation.

Erich Hoyt, the book's author and IUCN's cetacean specialist, examines current and future developments in ocean protection.

It is true that the concentration of these so-called biomolecules per litre of water is lower in oceans than in roadside ditches.

Now, with new information on everything from invasive plants to changes in ocean temperature, the partnership will work on an update.

In New Jersey, the ASPCA's disaster response team is helping conduct water and land search-and-rescue for animals affected by the devastating storm in Ocean County, NJ.

In 8% of cases ocean to is used

Well, people would still flock to Ocean City.

However, within these regions several different types of weather may occur depending on an area's location in relation to oceans and large landmasses.

Some pilings were left standing, which have since been removed so as not to present a navigational hazard to boats, according to Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan.

The Chongchon River, northernmost of the strategically important west coast streams, is blocked to ocean shipping by drying mud banks which extend far offshore.

Summary Being a combined event with anything from Optimists to ocean going yachts makes the TOTGR very unique amongst Asian regattas and certainly one of the biggest in the region.

In 7% of cases ocean for is used

She dey swim for ocean now, she don lost patapata.

Tip for ocean swimming, if yo get snagged by a riptide do not swim against it, its futile.

Claussen is the former Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

Nuclear plants located on the coast are linked to the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services in the city.

The observed large-scale change in freshwater flux has potentially important implications for ocean circulation and climate.

Jane Lubchenco is under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and the administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It is a comparatively new voice for ocean conservation, educating and engaging the sailing and boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans.

In 7% of cases ocean on is used

This storm surge is coming on oceans that are higher than a few decades ago, indeed more than a foot higher than a century ago.

Rah Akaishi volunteers for Pangeaseed, a Japanease Shark conservation organization that helps raise awareness on ocean conservation.

He had picked up a sound knowledge of marine motors and boat-building while working for the British Phosphate concern on Ocean Island.

It functions as the Secretariat of the National Council on Ocean and Coastal Zone Management (NCOCZM ), an advisory body to Cabinet on ocean and coastal zone affairs, and its Committees.

It functions as the Secretariat of the National Council on Ocean and Coastal Zone Management (NCOCZM ), an advisory body to Cabinet on ocean and coastal zone affairs, and its Committees.

In 6% of cases ocean at is used

It is constantly being formed and destroyed at ocean ridges and trenches.

A busy day was in store for the organisers and sailors at Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya.

He has spearheaded new initiatives at Ocean Park, where he has been Chairman since 2003, transforming it into a world-class venue.

Kevin Scott, the leading force among the big Platu fleet and activities at Ocean Marina, predicts a huge fleet in contention for the Coronation Cup.

Recently Chin Kar Lok and Angela Tong Ying Ying were reportedly to wed on November 13th at Ocean Park's Panda exhibit and the wedding ceremony will take place on the 15th.

In 6% of cases ocean by is used

Eggs are spread by ocean currents everywhere.

Presented by OCEAN Style and The Tryall Club.

Sea-water temperatures at both poles are primarily governed by ocean currents that transport warmer water to colder environments.

I still can not -- see -- the relevance of your criticism as bleaching IS exacerbated by ocean acidification, a by product of AGW.

The game was ported by Data East to the Sega Mega Drive in 1990 and by Ocean Software to various home computer platforms during the same year.

In 5% of cases ocean from is used

A solar-powered machine removes salt from ocean water so he can drink it, but only when the sun shines.

These habitats are areas of high diversity and are critical fish spawning and nursery areas that provide other vital ecological services, such as shoreline shelter from ocean swells.

They had a dairy extending from Ocean Beach Rd to Franklin Rd and straddling Martins Lane (whose name probably bears some connection to the maiden name of William Alfred Stirling's wife Amelia.

In 5% of cases ocean like is used

It also ignores the other adverse impacts of increasing CO2, like ocean acidification.

I see the capitol, Washington DC, New York City, vacation places like Ocean City, and everywhere in between.

To begin with there are the buildings shaped like ocean liners, the artificial river beaches, gothic warehouses and fish markets.

Just like Ocean, the enigmatic Canadian known as the Weeknd first got people's attention via free mixtapes, dropping a trio of them last year.

They determine it must have been a huge big EMP (electromagnetic pulse, kids, like Ocean's Eleven if you must) and that all electric things all over are out.

In 4% of cases ocean with is used

Let's start with Ocean, who has been in the lead for quite some time now.

Eff Jimmy Carter, The Clinton own this with oceans of blood spilled, and today BHO continues with the legacy of socialist progressive liberalism.

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