Prepositions used with "name"

"of name" or "by name"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases name of is used

It is called by a variety of names.

It's not like we have a list of names.

The place has more of name then of quality.

My wife is Italian and she was called all sorts of names by kids when she was at school.

I have changed my name by registering a Deed Poll or Instrument Evidencing Change of Name.

The two camps had a variety of names, for themselves and each other, which changed over time.

This letter must be submitted with the Change of Name application to the Registry Agent to submit to Vital Statistics.

And it fits her perfectly! I'd biracial and my extended family is a mix of names considered white, black and neutral.

There is a single list of names that are used by all of the Bureau of Meteorology Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres (TCWC).

There is another set of names that is commonly used, particularly in classical music, to talk about harmonic relationships.

In 30% of cases name by is used

They are different only by name.

We do need help with baby names.

The child is never referred to by name.

The Bureau has so far identified by name 317 civilians killed in US attacks in Pakistan.

By contrast, he quoted the American and European counterjihad writers by name, notably Mr.

Second, even if it was, it's an opinion, not a libel against any particular person by name.

Search for your photos by name or bib number, y our photos will appear along with a link to download your certificate.

The film was adapted from a popular novel in that language by a celebrated writer by name Thakali Sivasangaram Pillai.

He asked for me by name and said he was from Windows Tech support and was calling to help with a problem with my computer.

Yes I know Forbes is not all sugar and spice, but calling out the Journal by name is still a noteworthy dog bite dog story.

In 12% of cases name in is used

This ECOWAS exists only in name.

You support marriage in name only.

So many dashes and ' in names now.

We also love to approve your comments with keywords in name but according to our comment system requirements.

This half-student, half-lawyer, half-American, half-professor and leader in name only is in for a rude awakening.

In effect austerity, internal devaluations and the likes are making the Euro a pan European currency in name only.

Hazrat Saad Bi Abi Waqas replied: I swear in name of Allah that I would not have become a ruler the way you have become.

Contessa, The old Dixiecrats were Democrats in name only, to show resentment for what was at that time the Party of Lincoln.

Obamacare is a slap in the face of PRACTISING CATHOLICS (John Kerry, The Kennedys and Pelosi are CINO -- Catholics in Name only.

Since XML allows - in names, the - operator (when not used as a UnaryExpr negation) typically needs to be preceded by white space.

In 7% of cases name with is used

So stop, already! With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua,.

A freezer of micro-brewed beer with names that alluded to hallucinogenic drugs.

We had a Roti Cani, Chapati, Tosai, and 2 others with names I already forgotten.

It sells ice cream around the country with names like Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey.

People turning to twitter with names such as rohypnol talking about how its her fault.

We expose this in the onMetaData callback as an array of objects with name ' chapters '.

Oxford University invites submission of 200 word abstracts to be sent, with name, address and affiliation, to: **40;995;TOOLONG.

Rovio, the corporate behind the popular game, Angry Birds, had released new version of Angry Birds game with name of Angry Birds Star Wars.

Additional Requirements: Passport renewals with name changes through marriage or adoption will need to include their marriage/adoption certificate.

On every creek and at every bend in rivers up and down the Gold Country, instant towns mushroomed with names like Fleatown, Hangtown and Murderer's Bar.

In 5% of cases name for is used

Search for names, places or keywords.

For names that don't change often, long time outs (e.

Foreign marriage certificates are not acceptable for name change purposes.

Check widget for names of winners) Today I have been quilling since morning.

Fees - $30 for name reservation and $40 for filing your statement of registration.

And when + is first one there is no need for name search? In build in dialer + is long press for 0.

Can we apply for protection for names, logos or designs which incorporate any of the Raspberry Pi Marks? The Raspberry Pi Marks are our property.

The assessment of requests for names with cross-language components or other linguistic attributes that are not covered by explicit IDN policies will be a component of the ENS dialogue.

In 2% of cases name as is used

We should not use the article the with: (1) Proper nouns such as names of people.

The police can generally ask non-interrogative questions prior to reading your Miranda rights (such as name, address, etc.

In addition to the typical queries such as name, address, contact number, marriage standing, job, interests, likes and dislikes, the application ought to include: 1.

Any personal data, such as name, address, phone, email details, supplied to Resene for the purposes of receiving newsletters, orders etc will be retained by Resene Paints Ltd.

In 2% of cases name but is used

I look at this situation and see Greece falling under an yoke again, a yoke that is imperialist in all but name.

We are already in a situation where same sex couples can commit to civil partnerships which are marriage in all but name.

One has to wonder why British Airways was so keen to merge, (a takeover in all but name ), with an airline, which was losing so much money.

Granting lesbian and gay couples nearly all the rights enjoyed by married heterosexuals, registered partnerships are a form of marriage in all but name and ritual.

There may be nothing that can be done about the fact that Hamas runs an independent Palestinian state in all but name and uses it to perpetuate a legacy of violence.

The Myth of Peace With Hamas There may be nothing that can be done about the fact that Hamas runs an independent Palestinian state in all but name and uses it to perpetuate a legacy of violence.

In 1% of cases name on is used

We have finally settled on names.

We were brainstorming on names and that was just perfect.

The chapter on names shall greatly interest those following the Nymwars Saga.

Slater has strong opinions on name suppression, some of which sound reasonable to me.

In 1% of cases name to is used

As for the mumbo-jumbo about London, murky references to names you will not.

YouthFest has played host to names such as T M Krishna, Sanjay Subrahmanyan, Bombay Jayashree, and the Priya sisters.

Fudge, Annihilationist Between the Testaments a tendency arose in Jewish literature to relate visions of last things to names and persons from the Old Testament.

While enduring a lifetime of name mispronunciation, Jon came across the Audible Name Tag, or ANT, and is now bringing awareness and dignity to names of all kinds.

Wise men will apply their remedies to vices, not to names; to the causes of evil which are permanent, not to the occasional organs by which they act, and the transitory modes in which they appear.

In 1% of cases name without is used

It is without name or theology.

And we can sit back, debate intelligently and without name calling and it pleases me.

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