Prepositions used with "mystery"

"of mystery" or "in mystery"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases mystery of is used

One could say, the Hall of Mysteries.

Davies) International Man of Mystery, Author and.

Pinup Ghoul I like an air of mystery to a man, though.

Former service users can play the role of mystery shoppers with support and training.

It also adds an air of mystery to the picture, as if you have a good secret only you know.

To me, Bosch tied it up as it should've - with a bit of mystery, and with a bit of laughter.

The mystery of mysteries rested on its beauty - it awed, but terrified not; it was the Incarnation of the Sublime.

Various celebrations, dances, games, tournaments, performances of mysteries, carnivals and parades took place there.

Following a meditation on the four sets of mysteries, Daniel sang and played a little song that fitted with the theme.

In 20% of cases mystery in is used

Death is always shrouded in mystery.

O the miss in mystery; the hiss in history.

The origin of Vahanas is shrouded in mystery.

There is no power to create in mystery and absence.

Its bloody history is steeped in mystery and intrigue.

Fear prevents my thoughts from becoming concrete, and I am immersed in mystery.

We also believe in being practical; something that is shrouded in mystery to hipsters.

The early history of Explanatory Statements is just as shrouded in mystery as the history of EMs.

Much of the world of suicide is cloaked in mystery; something the bereaved are forced to wrestle with.

In 5% of cases mystery to is used

But only one serial in history ever devoted itself to Mystery, Crime, and Suspense as its central theme.

I can't give anything else away except to say I consider myself an adept reader in regards to mysteries but this story truly fooled me.

To mystery buffs, she was the author of two Victorian detective series admired as much for their moral resonance as for their rich period detail.

In 5% of cases mystery with is used

Sylla was replaced with mystery man Ellesah Mensah, formerly of AshantiGold SC.

There will also be an Easter Egg Hunt on the grounds of the hotel with mystery prizes and lots of delicious chocolates to be won.

However, the draw offer in a position full of life with mysteries yet to be revealed has got to be the most abused rule in all of chess.

The landscape is no longer deeply recessive, charged with mystery and fervour; it is flat, planar, like a sequence of stage flats, before which the figures themselves seem modelled as a frieze.

In 2% of cases mystery about is used

One of the things I love about mystery play cycles is that the tragic and awe-inspiring exist quite comfortably in close proximity to the comic and even slap-stick.

In 2% of cases mystery by is used

The disappearance of Ilias Ali is not so much surrounded by mystery.

In 2% of cases mystery without is used

We are just entertainers, and without mystery, our art is nothing.

I am frankly growing fearful that a world without Mystery is a world without promise.

In 1% of cases mystery for is used

In actual fact, we have no tolerance whatsoever for mystery.

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