Prepositions used with "music"

"of music", "to music" or "in music"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases music of is used

The jangle of music stayed too.

I grew up on that type of music.

Tuadzra was the Director of Music.

I knew the man who lived in the OF MUSIC section of the GREAT NORTHERN SCHOOL OF MUSIC.

The first dose of music will be when ether bride is entering or walking the beach isle.

Parents do come to me to find out what kind of music we are going play at parties (etc.

On the morning of 19 May 1961 The Sound of Music was considered by 1961 theatricals to be completely beyond the pale.

When a group of musicians play together, they mix themselves, and it? s the same when I? m programming and arranging.

The award-winning jazz singer, pianist and broadcaster and her trio present a fabulous evening of music and repartee.

I take Constant Lambert's view about the invasiveness of music in today's world (and he expressed this in the 1930s).

In 15% of cases music to is used

I will, sometimes, listen to music.

Even listening to music was a no-no.

You can listen to music if that helps.

We went back to mine, took some drinks in my room and lay on the bed listening to music.

I kept myself awake by drinking coke and listening to music with the bedroom window open.

In Judaism, the Torah was set to music as a way to remember it before it was written down.

Nevertheless Storm noted despite his strict adherence to Islam, he permitted his wife to watch TV and listen to music.

The Q plugs into TVs or speakers so its owners can listen to music or play video from their Android phones or tablets.

Thanks to musicians and bands like Bangla, Habib and the legendary Maqsud ul Haque, today, folk music has been revived.

The new site will be pitched to music artists, photographers, designers and other creative folk, AND to all their fans.

In 13% of cases music in is used

Simplicity in art but a jewel in music.

There he excelled in sports and in music.

In music, it means a quickening of tempo.

Being in music you're quite segregated from everyone and you're always busy doing promo.

Although most common in music, examples of collaboration are found throughout the art world.

His involvement in music was constant but it was something he would never consider a career.

When you are in music school or art school you are fed this notion that you aren't meant to move to New York or to L.

I have no idea what Kelis is doing these days, I used to rate her but she seems to have no interest in music anymore.

So, as I graduated from The Queen's School, I told him I wanted to pursue a career in music and he guided me through.

Sistema Aotearoa now has more than 180 children enrolled and attending regular classes in music instrument instruction.

In 6% of cases music for is used

Yazid had a passion for music and alcohol.

I think it's such a healthy thing for music.

I am mad for music (House, Techno, Dance, Hip Hop.

She has also styled for music videos, commercials, magazines, TV and live performances.

I got to combine my love for music with my inherited freakish flexibility from my nanna.

In sharing my thoughts, love for music and food, I hope my blog will be more pleasurable.

It is Kiedis ' passion for life and for music that really come through and makes this such an enjoyable page-turner.

You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only.

People danced on the pier, aided only by three or four tilly lamps for lighting, and a melodeon and accordion for music.

What started as a passion for music and radio, led to a major career that would take him far beyond the nation's capital.

In 6% of cases music with is used

He decided to stick with music.

I fell in love with music at a very young age.

From then on, I started to experiment with music.

My deal with myself is that I am only allowed to run with music while on the treadmill.

So, ultimately, is it a musical or a comic play with music? Is it a 10-minute musical? 4.

Air Jordan remainlieve his heculture was usuhas filled with music: once well Godhas enchzerong.

With music, having acquired the technical know how, one must connect with something beyond oneself to be a musician.

Chief among these is Irish music and folk music of other cultures, along with music in the classical and popular vein.

In 3% of cases music about is used

Other people do know about music you know.

I dearly loved Oliver Sacks talking about music.

Naturally most of this conversation is about music.

If you haven't realised that commercial radio sux then you know nothing about music.

On the other hand, I know eminently intelligent people who can say nothing about music.

The thing about music is, as Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die once mused, it's like beer.

As well as being a staffer at NME for six years, I've written about music for The Guardian, Uncut, Q, Select and Kerrang!

At what stage did you both decide to get serious about music, to start producing and have your own label? It was around 2005.

I was the first ever guest on Radio 4's Saturday Live Inheritance Tracks slot, talking about music that reminds me of my family.

Don't complain if the class size is 50 kids to 1 teacher, don't complain about music programs or language programs or books, etc.

In 2% of cases music from is used

Usually from music blogs that Ms.

I steered the convo away from music as soon as possible.

The divorce of lyric poetry from music is a modern, western phenomenon.

We promote everything from music, video, press releases to events &; tours.

In ancient time, Yue education has a very wide range from music to dancing, from poems to painting.

For that to be possible, I took a little distance from music production and all other business activities.

So before I totally give up on TopSpin and all the work I've done here, I'd going to get help from Music Geek Services.

This money was not earned from music sales but music theft (wait, what?) so technically it doesn't have to go to the artists.

Long Live DIY!!! Down with the MAFIAA You have a misunderstanding RIAA is suppose to give money earned from music sales to artists.

I just know what I like and what looks cool! ++ So what other hobbies do the Strange Idols gang have aside from music? Julian: Well, I collect vinyl and books.

In 2% of cases music on is used

Many of my childhood memories are based on music.

This song is sure to get high repeat value on music channels.

A great deal of emphasis is laid on music, dancing and feasting.

I felt it was better to have a trade than a singing career so I turned my back on music.

On music; by chance I heard a couple of songs performed by 660 on Nat Radio this afternoon.

He played with everyone from Bob Dylan to Kris Kristofferson, and his impact on music is immeasurable.

The Romans Ancient Rome did not seem to place as high an importance on music compared to other ancient civilizations.

CEO Michael DeFranco saw the same communication breakdown working on music videos and films at his alma mater, Weslyan University.

For an introduction that concentrates on music appreciation and avoids music theory, please see Listening to Indian Classical Music.

It seems that everyone has a strong opinion about the new direction of social media, especially when it comes to its impact on music.

In 1% of cases music into is used

I used to be well into music, now I hate it.

So professionally I have been into music for six years.

That was when I completely threw myself into music then.

Their first love is usually music then they will come into acting, not an actor or actress suddenly going into music.

Infamous Fresh was born into music for his Grandmothers were members of the church choir which was a foundational aspect of his music growing up.

Considering it's free, it is very timely for today's youth which are very into music since most of them have their own iPod, iPhone and Android devices.

I do not need there to be a tree to paint one or to write about it or put it into music in some way, I only need to have seen one in the past to do that.

This song was a success and accomplished the purpose of an introduction into music that distinguished his creative writing skills to address national topics.

From the neighbouring space emanates the haunting sound of a recording of a string quintet playing Charles Gaines ' translation of four political manifestoes into music.

Hontiveros song we continue to sing at mass is really a rendering into music of a verse from the fourteenth chapter of the Letter to the Romans (Romans 14,7 to be exact).

In 1% of cases music Like is used

Every word greets our ears like music.

Jay: Yes, this is where magicians are mysterious, it's just like music.

It takes it over, fills it out, runs over, speaks for it, moves before it like music.

The net has not killed industries like music, it has forced business model innovation upon them.

Have your child take a seat in his room without any kind of stimulation around like music or a computer.

For selling things like digital downloads (like music files in an online music store) this option is not neccessary.

You get the impression that they are annoyed at people like music critics who try to squeeze them into a musical box.

The old capitalist model of copyright and goods distribution is fundamentally broken for anything, like music, or film.

Originating from Altassian, it's sometimes called a hackathon, sometimes prefixed with a descriptive noun (like music, history, or science).

Do you really have 16GB of Apps? Most people do n't, it seems like music and video must be taking all of that space, move THAT to the SD card.

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