Prepositions used with "muscle"

"of muscle", "to muscle" or "for muscle"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases muscle of is used

Its not just a big ball of muscle and power.

Think of muscle being like a blob of Blu-tack.

He complained of muscle cramps or growing pains.

KR) Coffee makes clenched fists all down my arms -- little knots of muscle and stress.

Heavy training is not only optimal for strength gains, but it can also be used to accrue a serious amount of muscle.

Fascia A sheet of fibrous tissue that encloses muscles and groups of muscles and separates their several layers or groups.

Obviously that produces a better tone of muscle, faster healing of wounds and when you're still growing -- a rise in height.

This is a substance that occurs naturally in the cells of muscle tissue and is involved in the generation of cellular energy.

In 14% of cases muscle to is used

HGH is also related to muscle diseases.

Warm water 20 minutes, contribute to muscle relaxation and ease pain.

Calcium is also important to muscle and nerve functioning, blood clotting and blood pressure.

No, that was a sound for you and me, for people who needed to muscle a ball, to discipline it.

Like two stags they locked horns for months, each as desperate to muscle the other one out of business.

Exercise: Regular exercise can lead to muscle toning in the throat and subsequently snoring can be reduced.

The restrictive items of clothing can also limit neck movement and lead to muscle tension in the back and shoulders.

Benefits To Muscle Building By: Jeremiah Jacobs A thing that is extremely difficult for many people is building muscle.

In effect, it can give sprinters a boost because it gives extra power to muscle cells that are required for fast, forceful actions.

The earliest crushers were hand-held stones, where the weight of the stone provided a boost to muscle power, used against a stone anvil.

In 12% of cases muscle for is used

Starters Help And Information For Muscle Building By: Dona Oquin.

What Food Items With Protein Should I Eat For Muscle Building? By: Pearlie Barren.

The combination of protein and carbohydrates in yoghurt are also great for muscle growth.

In order for muscles to contract over a long period of time necessary to constantly rebuild ATP.

I also love making rice bags to either heat in the microwave or freeze and use for muscle or joint pain.

You've most likely read a variety of training articles, each of them claiming to have the best formula for muscle growth.

Although it is an excellent remedy for muscle training and bodybuilding, it is uniformly efficient for low weight individuals in adding size also.

This is a problem because the growth hormones crucial for muscle growth and recovery are released during deep sleep (Rainey, 2011, DrinkAware, 2012).

Training with high weight recruits what are known as type IIb muscle fibers, which are the densest fibers and have the most potential for muscle growth.

Thai massage is ideal for muscle relaxation, flexibility, increasing mobility, strengthening joints, and aiding within the treatment of chronic joint pain.

In 6% of cases muscle in is used

Phytates replenish the energy supply in muscle called creatine phosphate.

After surgery there may be an increase in muscle weakness in some patients.

The Koreans wanted to know whether hesperidin also has an anabolic effect in muscle cells.

I must have gained close to ten pounds in muscle mass, and dropped my 1 mile time to below 7 minutes.

Therefore, they did not do enough exercises and total sets for each muscle group to experience decent gains in muscle mass.

Precision lies in consuming foods with protein that helps in muscle build up and provides a quick solution towards fat disposal.

Different muscles respond differently; with any dose, certain muscles get stronger, others do not change, and still others become weaker.

By constantly changing the training variables, this method prevents stagnation and better promotes gains in muscle strength and muscle mass than changing training every few weeks.

In 4% of cases muscle with is used

Then these bones are covered with muscle cells.

Here are three mini-workouts, each one inspired by the Urbanathlon, which feature long runs interspersed with muscle challenges.

Whatever your level of familiarity with muscle building, you can always learn more information and better methods of getting the body you want to see in the mirror.

In 3% of cases muscle by is used

This pain can be reflected in the lower back, legs, or by muscle spasms.

Other herbs such as valerian and kava can help if pain is being caused by muscle spasm.

In 3% of cases muscle on is used

Ideal Foods To Put On Muscle By: Kurt Hennigan.

He's only eight, but already I see boys in his class piling on muscle, thickening their frames, becoming more solid and robust.

Now here's the thing even if your goal is increased size and you are TRYING to put on muscle it is difficult, even more so than fat loss in my opinion.

In 2% of cases muscle as is used

This in turn leads to physical reactions such as muscle tightening, changes in breathing rates and heart rate etc.

Neither, it turns out, was risk of total ' serious adverse events ' (this includes not just heart attacks, but ' side-effects ' such as muscle damage or liver damage).

Yet there is wide agreement in the medical literature that such measures are seriously flawed because they do not distinguish fat from fat-free mass such as muscle and bone.

In 2% of cases muscle into is used

This means that hesperidin forces stem cells to develop into muscle cells and not into fat cells.

In 1% of cases muscle than is used

If calorie needs aren't met, some protein from the diet will be used for energy rather than muscle repair and making body proteins such enzymes and immune compounds.

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