Prepositions used with "mp"

"of mp", "in mp" or "for mp"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases mp of is used

Reduce the number of MP, s to 100 3.

In Shrlkrlshnadas - - Tlkara v, State of M.P.

The above is the approximate time of MP at any other meridian.

This post harks back to a previous one about Andrew Marr's criticism of MPs ' communications skills.

I want to take this moment to thank Gerry and our team of MPs in Christchurch for all their hard work.

Process: Take down the time of MP of the Sun: Name it Local Mean Time of MP Convert the Longitude into Time -- Long.

Immediate dismissal, never being allowed to run for ANY elected position of any sort, EVER, and forfeiture of MP pension.

No cost essential modification previously had marketed was first a factor that Blizzard previously had dubbed all the amounts of MP.

We have a talented team of MPs who are representing New Zealanders from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island.

It recommends that the number of MPs be reduced by 200 and that a parliamentary official be appointed to look into individual grievances.

In 13% of cases mp in is used

On an average, 88 per cent of teachers were present in Karnataka, 65 per cent in UP and 67 per cent in MP.

Also, having both mastered Ballad + Aura, it is of my opinion that the decrease in MP consumption is minimal.

Aaliya confides in MP that she is very lonely and has no one in her life and so she decided to commit suicide.

And barely 22 per cent in UP and 33 per cent in MP at the end of grade 4 can read a simple sentence compared to 73 per cent in Karnataka.

More than 50 per cent of the teachers have a college education in MP and UP unlike Karnataka where 72 per cent of the teachers have a grade 12 degree or less.

In 11% of cases mp for is used

All facilities and services for MPs at Westminster are closed at 5pm on the day of dissolution.

Cheers dude, appreciate the suggestions! I actually got it for MP Trilogy, so I have that already.

Unfortunately too, for MP 's, a whopping 82 per cent said that politicians were unfair with disabled people.

What does dissolution mean for MPs? When Parliament is dissolved every seat in the House of Commons becomes vacant.

Posted In the old days of daily services, the two Anglican churches in my home town had different hours for MP and EP.

When we got there we waited around for MP to arrive, then suddenly this Ford 351 roars into the dirt car-park and screeches to holt in a blaze of rocks and dust.

In 8% of cases mp by is used

Jenner won his case and he walked in to the House of Commons to a standing ovation by MP's.

Jarvis was given the award by MP Bob Zimmer, after speeches from MLA Pat Pimm and Senator Richard Neufeld.

I was shaping Terry's twin fin models was for our wholesale markets and he suggested a trip down to Merimbula to get some Guns hand-shaped by MP.

MP Andrew Dismore has blocked attempts to clarify the law on self defence in Britain being proposed by MP Anne McIntosh, because he thinks it would be ' vigilante law '.

In this case what the Police eventually did was submit to Court a ludicrous statement by MP Silva saying that he does not remember the incident that led to Premachandra's death.

In 8% of cases mp to is used

This time Aaliya will fake committing suicide to get closer to MP.

From grass roots committee to MP nominations, it is just a game of money.

McDonald today insisted that their procedures were fair and reasoned, but also stressed that they would listen to MPs ' complaints.

We are seeking to provide appropriate support to MPs and their staff to help them to make the right decisions within the new rules.

Isn't it ominous that it was the Agriculture budget that couldn't be debated and passed due to MPs ' laxity? Ours is a country where 85 per cent of the population depends on agriculture.

In 6% of cases mp on is used

Unfortunately I find your comments amusing and your abilities displayed on MP not impressive.

One moment she is unleashing her wrath on MP Duminda Silva, the chief suspect in the fatal shooting which led to the death of her father Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra.

In 4% of cases mp from is used

I have received several replies from MP's around the country regarding this matter.

However, if NZF don't quite make the 5% threshold, then National can almost govern with just a couple of extra seats from MP, ACT and/or UF.

In 4% of cases mp like is used

Related posts The voters voice was nor ever will be heard on this, sort of a bit like MP's voting for a salary or perks increase under urgency in the dead of night.

In 3% of cases mp over is used

The intervention comes amid new controversy over MPs ' expenses.

In 3% of cases mp with is used

The SI could be laid before Parliament with MPs getting just a few hours notice.

Set, of course, within the context of the restoration of the proper lobby system, although with MPs ' staff members having the same rights of access throughout the Palace of Westminster.

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