Prepositions used with "movie"

"of movie" or "in movie"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases movie of is used

So, it a much more an epic type of movie.

Also, as a student, I did a couple of movies.

But then, there were a few numbers of movies.

Now he's trying to rescue the Terminator series of movies by bringing in Terminator 5.

These stills have brought curiosity on what kind of movie ' Jackal is Coming ' will be.

The problem with these types of movies is that they have a huge tendency to be fragmented.

This low budget mockbuster has nothing to do with Jimmy Cameron and yet still achieves all new levels of movie cheddar.

Writing an article trying to go against popular opinion in order to come across as a higher intellect in the world of movies.

We can still read out Tom Hanks ' list of movies and number of movies, although it would involve linearly scanning our Movies.

Being fond of movies as I am, it's increasingly difficult to find an artful movie that deals with these deep existential issues.

In 24% of cases movie in is used

Kiss? That's how it happened in movies, I thought.

We sounded the way WWII medical tents do in movies.

And this scene would be shown in movie theaters and watched by patrons in movie theaters.

Other than that I do my own searching on the net after hearing things in movies, ads etc.

Bright shervanis worn by actors in movies too became a trend in many marriage ceremonies.

You see more of it in movies -- in the Coen Brothers ' A Serious Man, for example (no relation to Joseph's first book).

Don't care about your religion, your fashion sense or your taste in movies, as long as you have a passion for critters and cuisine.

The role of a director in movies is similar to that of a designer's in games in that it is, in its purest form, entirely ephemeral.

As much as I've enjoyed rediscovering the art of music in movies, I can only hope to inspire the same type of admiration in someone else.

In 9% of cases movie for is used

Movies For movies, I've it creating just the.

They do it for movies, records, books, video games, whatever.

It also has Universal Studios, an adventure filled theme park for movie buffs.

Especially for movie lover with tight budget and hectic living, this is a great way to live.

Heres a few screenies of my Ember settings for movies: TV Shows For Tv Shows, I've it creating.

I go for movies every week with my friends and all of them are interested in the action movies.

The major awards for movies and books are more often than not wrong, or at least no indicator of quality, from my experience.

I'd been there a couple of times before for movie showings and Chris Rock, but the the atmosphere at the Lloyd show was really different.

In 8% of cases movie to is used

Take her to movies, restaurants, etc.

You said we are rated third when it comes to movies.

Some of them don't even have to be limited to movies.

From indie and freeware games and apps, to movies, ebooks, music and a whole lot more.

The January 29 show was recorded and broadcast to movie theaters throughout the country.

For sure, the startup has taken a different approach to movies and isn't trying to become a.

Dupieux has finally proven to movie goers that he is capable of a film that is bizarre and actually good at the same time.

Practically every aspect of media is available for advertising, from print to outdoor advertising to satellite channels to movie theaters.

These are not questions that should be written down during the screening, as the students should be allowed to give their full attention to movie.

When people hear it, they usually love it -- as they do by the millions when the MET in New York transmits operas directly to movie screens around the world.

In 5% of cases movie Like is used

Even SRK is making south like movies.

When you post certain features like Movie Nerd 2.

My mind had calmed down and I was able to pursue my stories -- running them in my mind like movies.

Topics like movies, television, music, favorite videos and so on, dominate longer and deeper conversations.

The zombies themselves are sneaky, acting like movie velociraptors; if you can see one, there are at least two more that you are missing.

The longer screen also allows for more natural media viewing when watching content (like movies or television shows) that were filmed in a 1.

The bars look like movie film, the idea is that they look like two films on a table that need to offset to match the motion that occurs in the film.

It really depends on what profile your company works, as the ones that offer different packages, like movies, music or software, need to have in mind a bigger transfer rate than the average sites.

It has a multiple perform to hold the recording data, however, when you might have kept files just like movies in these types of electronic digital disks you can't alter or perhaps adjust the idea.

In 4% of cases movie on is used

On movie making, i do nt want to offend anyone, but new editors kinda destroyed the movie making scene look.

The perception about the American people is often based on movies, novels, news coverage or just word of mouth.

JP: Yes, I run a little company called Visual Artefact, which we set up in the late 1990s to provide historical consultancy on movies.

Burns said they mitigate the risk on movies by using incentives to bring down production costs, with foreign pre-sales and careful marketing.

My mission continues focusing in the near future on movies, sondtracks and who knows what and where but I will always rebel on against injustice, raceisim and whatever skisim.

In 4% of cases movie with is used

Fans who like gazing at players with movie star good looks.

Be a voice about what's right and what's wrong with movies today.

With movies, as with most things, it's all about my own personal reaction to it.

All the wonderful memories, my dad had with me and its nice to evolve it around with movies.

Jason was obsessed with movies from the 20th century, she supposed it referred to one of those.

With movies, Hollywood movies, what happens is that you're given a script and then they might want to change the ending.

There is also a small movie theatre with movies playing on board, and these are screened on the in-cabin televisions a few days later.

At its essence, the film is a quiet, sweet, and emotive rendering that will aim to make you fall in love with movies as much as Katsu does.

I don't bother myself with Movie sub folders, I just have them all in the same Movies folder, but some people do recommend it, I'd nearly sure Ember has the option if you look.

In 3% of cases movie about is used

Instead we talked about movies and TV shows, books and records.

A search performed reveals X number of people talking about Movie A.

It was clear that the workers were passionate about movies and about creating an atmosphere where film lovers would feel at home.

For fun, Justin Bieber and One Direction get my vote! WHAT ABOUT MOVIES? I love thrillers and movies with lots of guns and actions.

I think the most fun I had reading about movies this year was the tweeted reactions from the first Avengers screenings, in which so many enthusiastically expressed their delight.

Surprisingly, those who do use the internet to vent or rave about movies tend to be those over 25 years old, not the younger set who grew up with an iPad or iPhone in their mitts.

In 3% of cases movie from is used

So Minolta borrowed an idea from movie and video lenses, and used the T value.

I think that will give you a thought of how i am as a person I have no experience from moviemaking.

Eclectic Method has super-cut some of our favorite scenes from movies that turn a predictive eye to the future.

He said you really have to know a big deal and remember scenes from movies to answer those quiz questions fast.

Bonus is the fact that it also received positive reviews from movie critics who loved both the music and the story.

There will be plenty of excitement to lap up, from movie screenings, exhibitions and workshops hosted around the city.

The same year Jobs started NeXT, he also bought a struggling computer animation studio named Pixar from movie mogul George Lucas.

With clips from movies, games and sports events, plus live performances, the conference highlighted Sony's ' lens to the living room ' solution for 3D production.

I was focused on celebrity-based sites and search engines for free, which I will push on by celebrities from movies and books, I have a ton of traffic from the room was.

In 2% of cases movie as is used

KustomNote also generates snippets for music albums and songs as well as movies.

Besides that children can snatch wonderful Facebook covers of the world's famous dancers as well as movie stars.

Passbook Passbook is a new app that keeps track of all your passes and tickets, such as movie tickets and flights.

Contemporary forms of simulation, such as movie rides and themed environments, evolved out of traditional forms of fiction.

Entice technology-experienced and young potential home purchasers by such as movie trips and spectacular opinions of your dwelling.

The proposed changes would significantly impact the way Canadians are allowed to interact with copyrighted works stored in digital form, such as movies stored on DVDs.

Siri has also had some work done, now offering her services as a source for sports scores and schedules, as well as movie recommendations based on Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

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