Prepositions used with "mother"

"of mother" or "for mother"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases mother of is used

It is the work of Mother Nature.

Take care of mother and father 5.

He knows I am that kind of mother.

According to a famous saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh ), paradise lies beneath the feet of mothers.

In case of mother, she is to be appointed guardian of the minor children under the Guardianship Act.

Although birth may be seen as a separation of mother and infant, babies need anything but separation.

This is a great time to look inward to calm and cool my own Heart Fire, and move into the nourishment of Mother Earth.

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI Giambattista Valli explored the flora and fauna of Mother Nature in a cinched waisted 1950s offering.

Referring to Husain's painting of Mother India, Justice SK Kaul had quoted Pablo Picasso and said, ' Art is never chaste.

Anyhow, exception is the case, when the life of mother, foetus, or both is in danger, or there is risk of severe foetal deformity.

In 19% of cases mother for is used

I wonder if this program is only for mothers.

For us, every day is truly a day for mothers.

Birth in the US can easily start at $30,000 for mother &; newborn.

When applied; the technique reduces the need for blood transfusion for mothers at risk.

Bronte businesses catered to many last minute shoppers for Mother's Day and to the Moms.

However, for mothers with depression, either postpartum or ongoing, this relationship is altered.

What I'd like for Mother's Day: To have a relaxing day hanging out with my family where I don't have to do anything.

What I'd like for Mother's Day: I always love it when they prepare breakfast for me (with the help of their father).

This is not a problem for mothers; it's a problem for the family because childcare policies in the UK are very poor.

She looks at seasonal- and age-related nutrition, with particular attention to nutrition for mother and child, from conception.

In 14% of cases mother to is used

The video was leaked to Mother Jones magazine.

So wives should not be compared to mothers and sisters.

Mother G replied to Mother G Sat 17 Nov 12 (10:11am) Thanks to you all.

The annual report, released as always in the days leading up to Mother's Day by the U.

These images make us understand how vulnerable we all are to Mother Nature and her fury.

Big Ears lover replied to Mother G Fri 16 Nov 12 (08:36am) You are as solid as a rock Mother G.

She quit her job as a pharmacist to venture into a new business line that is now a second home to mothers in Eldoret.

His humble, selfless and peaceful service to mother Ghana should be at the forefront of all our thoughts at this time.

Many of these sacrifices are offered to Mother Kali, but there are also local village deities to whom this is practiced as well.

In 2010, nearly 3,000 specially trained ASHAs will make three postpartum home visits to mothers within the first week after delivery.

In 8% of cases mother from is used

Then, there was the emotional abuse from Mother Superior.

Here's another quote from Mother Teresa (and also one from her good friend, Fr.

I always wanted my blog to be about beloved books passed from mother to daughter.

I get phone calls often from mothers because they know I have been through that valley.

Our customers range from mothers and fathers, aunties and uncles, Godparents &; friends.

Disease can also be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or while giving birth.

Leasing an RV is a great way to get pleasure from mother nature during the day, then again entire a transportable condo at nighttime.

I know it's transmitted from sex, from mother to child, from blood transfusions, from playing with sharp blades and needles and things.

I always used to rely on energy gels, but in light of all these new theories and philosophies need to find something from mother earth instead.

Often undiagnosed or untreated, syphilis is passed from mother to child -- even when mothers take part in prenatal programs to prevent the spread of HIV.

In 7% of cases mother with is used

Reconnect with Mother Nature, ASAP.

The number of children living only with mother grew from 8% (5.

With mother at home, juvenile delinquency would decrease rapidly.

When your Mother passed away she suckled the Gracious One with mother's milk.

Working outdoors and contact with mother earth, have also healing properties for body and mind.

American writer best known for his autobiographical Life with Father (1935) and Life with Mother (published 1937).

You can't go marketing micro-brewed beers in a neighborhood park your car packed with mother and father and children.

India is in retreat with mother india crying and agree or not it will be very painful transition before good times come.

Other snaps of the mum enjoying a hen party with mother Winnie, 58, and celebrating a relative's wedding are now priceless.

Since the reproductive cycles of plants and animals are governed by these seasons, she was also identified with Mother Earth.

In 4% of cases mother by is used

Bristol is bracing itself for a further battering by Mother Nature over the weekend.

The release by Mother Jones of this video of Romney talking about his fundraising strategy at the Boca Raton, Fla.

This was acknowledged by mothers as giving them more capacity to meet work commitments without inducing additional stress.

In earlier parts of the movie, story take place as animals try to survive mass extinction events triggered by mother nature.

Today Kingston is a still thriving mecca even after facing continued social, political and yes, challenges by Mother Nature.

The importance of children seeing that work can be important for women as well as men was mentioned by mothers in particular.

Evidence emerged last week in a report by Mother Jones that Romney had maintained an ongoing leadership role at Bain beyond February 1999.

That explicit, daft feminism may be in decline, but its legacy is how boys are demonised -- often by mothers, and immensely in the education system.

It's an insatiable yearning to get back to the roots of this 600 year-old game, to experience those courses of old, formed by Mother Nature and the elements with only minimal assistance from man.

In 3% of cases mother between is used

Carrying a baby in arms naturally enhances the nourishing relationship between mother and baby.

The tragedy of the mixed marriage is that one is forced to take sides between mother and father.

With most mothers, dual understanding in the relationship between mother and infants develops in due course.

Gray (2003) found the most striking difference between mothers and fathers was the differing personal impact of their child's autism.

In Germany at that time it was hostility between mothers who were mostly pro Hitler and the younger generations of women were against fascism.

At the moment seems to be back the peace between mother and daughter, waiting to see what will happen the next time you come home after an evening.

This nursing relationship and intimacy between mother and baby that follows plays an important part in establishing a lifelong basis for the feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and contentment.

In 3% of cases mother like is used

Overall, the case seemed like mother of all hypospadias.

The ones who gave the most, like Mother Theresa, were also the ones who were most connected to their Divine wisdom.

Like mothers of school children, she is busy preparing them for school -- making breakfast and making sure they are ready when the school bus comes.

They behave more like mothers, smiling at the baby and gurgling - although young fathers are probably better at getting down on the floor for physical play.

Babich goes on to tell you how dangerous he is because when you take him in it is almost subliminally, you can not argue with him, you drink him in like mother's milk.

Living space ought to be much like Mothers and fathers consequently cheap uggs similar to Mom's absolutely are a exceptional handle when buying the little princess a gift.

The chief wins people by showing empathy and following truth; hence they are revered like mother which ultimately result in happiness in this world by distribution of wealth '.

It is the parents ' job to discipline their kids and if u feel so strongly about having Christian principals and values, stop preaching to the choir and practice living it, like Mother Theresa.

In 3% of cases mother on is used

On mother's day I am usually quite sad having lost my mother the year I started working for ActionAid Ghana.

Undue pressure is going to mount on mothers to consider alternative ways of raising money to take care of their homes.

The boy's twin also sits on mother's lap, but this baby is tiny, its emaciated form one-third the size of the thriving boy.

The study examines the relative (and combined) effects of these interventions on mother and child outcomes, and will follow children up until eight years of age.

The Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS ), which works in eight countries in Central and South Asia, East Africa and the Middle-East, focuses particularly on mothers and children under five years of age.

The Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS ), which works in eight countries in Central and South Asia, East Africa and the Middle-East, focuses particularly on mothers and children under five years of age.

In 2% of cases mother in is used

Comparative study of children in mother sole custody, father sole custody, joint custody with mother primary, joint custody with father primary.

Catherine Mayo, in Mother India, had commented upon the callousness of Indians, towards the plight of women when many worshipped the mother Goddess.

Taking a picnic is excellent as it allows you to be in mother nature, take in excellent Robert Griffin III Jersey food items and spend some time with an unique individual.

He stressed the importance of radio for dialogue in reaching those across country and especially those living in the diaspora - even if radio is a platform just to hear words spoken in mother tongue.

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