Prepositions used with "ministry"

"of ministry" or "in ministry"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases ministry of is used

Linda, May God bless u and protect u for your kind of ministry.

While we mourn the end of this season we also celebrate over a decade of ministry.

I have met with my elders to discuss sharing out the responsibilities of ministry more.

Cost The next stage of ministry is when the calling of God becomes increasingly difficult.

Literature is a very powerful means of ministry; one which the Holy Spirit uses again and again.

It was a special time of ministry as people from all over the small town gathered to join the meeting.

He said there have been times when he thought that the struggles of ministry have been too much for him.

In 2008/9 I joined School of Ministry and graduated as a minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mrs Christina Lim Was Senior Assistant Director of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Christina joined HSA in Jan 2007.

He was in charge of Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Civil Aviation &; Tourism and Ministry of Youth &; Sports.

In 23% of cases ministry in is used

Learn to be in ministry together.

Glenn's goal must be my joy and success in ministry.

My goal must be Glenn Ogren's joy and success in ministry.

In the twenty-three years I've spent in ministry, I have witnessed the church chase one fad after another.

We studied at Moore College together and it is nice that we are spending these active years together in ministry.

Fr McSweeney returned home to Australia in late 2008 and is currently engaged in ministry at St Francis ' in Melbourne.

Schambach Revivals was born! Now he has his own radio and television shows, and is celebrating his 50th year in ministry.

It's a framework for taking this first step in training ourselves and the people we're in ministry with to be missionaries.

There is no point to having great transformation programmes when there is poor micromanagement in ministries and departments.

In 9% of cases ministry by is used

MAT is approved by Ministry of HRD, GOI as a National Entrance Test.

This is the first time when the conference is organized by Ministry of Culture, China, rather than LSC.

In other areas, education and services are provided by Ministry of Health posts in collaboration with World Neighbors.

FDI is permitted up to 100 percent in printing Science and Technology magazines/journals, subject to prior government approval and guidelines issued by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

This year The World Habitat Day celebration was organized by Ministry of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities under the patronage of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

In 8% of cases ministry for is used

Provides a tracking system for Ministry and School requirements.

You have to have a strong community for training people for ministry.

He combines this role with being the Director of the Newcastle School of Theology for Ministry.

She was also an invited speaker for Ministry of Education in one of their recruitment exercises in 2002 for art teachers.

Home Ministry Our Church is divided into small groups that meet in individual homes throughout the week for ministry and fellowship.

He retired to New Zealand in 2009 and continued to teach in the Newcastle School of Theology for Ministry in Australia until a few months before his death.

In 2003, She was invited to write an article for Ministry of Education - Art Unit, Curriculum Planning and Development Division and it was circulated to all schools in Singapore.

One of the arms of the mission is to reach the unreached, go where nobody goes with the power of the gospel to save souls, provide training for ministries, cloth them and provide medical needs.

In 8% of cases ministry to is used

By the time I signed to Ministry, I'd already played gigs - when I had my first No.

His job took him to several countries which has played no small part in his approach to ministry on the local scene.

According to Ministry of Food and Agriculture Facts and Figures Report (2009/2010 ), urban markets represent about 76 percent of total rice consumption.

In 6% of cases ministry from is used

JUI and saudi government did this for to remove kazmi from ministry.

She received help in the form of small loans from Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Development Agency to buy modern equipment and machinery.

In 3% of cases ministry on is used

We at Zion have focused on ministries here in Nebraska like the York Living Water Rescue Mission and Epworth Village.

In 3% of cases ministry with is used

Following your discussion yesterday morning my officials have clarified this matter with Ministry of Education.

When She was an Art Education Officer with Ministry of Education, she was awarded Outstanding Contribution Award (Individual) in 2002.

Does your deal with Ministry help with that - some people might try and grab as much as they can knowing careers often only last a couple of years.

In 2% of cases ministry at is used

The good thing is I'd a priority at Ministry, but then there's a very small team.

And then I hooked up with Metrophonic, which was a great move from Dave at Ministry - it helped my songwriting no end.

In 2% of cases ministry into is used

Of all the unfortunate concessions our people have made, their entry into ministries seemed to me the least offensive.

Prior to the ministry, he was manager of the pop singing group, The Righteous Brothers, he chose to go into ministry, into the Quaker church.

Here are the things from the book I wanted to share: I think back to when I was nineteen years old, when I initially stepped into ministry and had no idea where to begin.

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