Prepositions used with "minister"

"of minister" or "by minister"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases minister of is used

Inspections on behalf of Minister.

Abolition of immunity of ministers from prosecution.

A full list of Ministers can be found by clicking here.

Perhaps you are having trouble playing two roles -- that of minister and that of counselor.

This raises fundamental questions about the respective roles of ministers and civil servants.

In Italy the prime minister is also referred to as the president of the council of ministers.

The time has come for the Committee of Ministers to accept, acknowledge and allow to codify such a Right to (a clean.

A tribute was also read by director of culture, Sidney Bartley, on behalf of minister of youth and culture Lisa Hanna.

Irresponsible advice from that most hapless of ministers, Francis Maude, to stockpile fuel in jerry cans, was dangerous.

In 17% of cases minister by is used

This call was made by Minister of Health, Hon.

The more finely balanced judgments have to be made by ministers themselves.

This was revealed by Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon.

The contract was signed on November 16 by Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon.

The ceremonial clothes sometimes worn by ministers, are just like a uniform, by tradition.

New details of gifts received by ministers show the PM has kept the freebie for ' official use '.

The Liberals and Labor much prefer the royal prerogative exercisable by ministers, or even a kitchen cabinet of cronies.

People who did not go to church and did not know basic Christianity when questioned by ministers or vicars, were punished.

Mr Herrick said that it was not possible to comment on or question the quality of the decision-making process by ministers.

The emphasis on choice was something that was repeated ad nauseam by ministers in an attempt to sugar the bitterest aspects of the Bill.

In 15% of cases minister to is used

A message from the WHO to Minister of Health Dr.

Holy Spirit, I ask You to Minister to their spirit at this very moment.

We will be providing full advice to ministers on this within the next few weeks.

We need to give some more time to Minister and his team to finalize the five year plan.

They owe no loyalty to ministers, not even the temporary loyalty which civil servants owe.

Letter to Minister Paul Magnette Dear Minister, Dear Paul, Before long you are flying to Rio.

He was the second Jamaican Pastor to Minister at Salem United Church and he presently resides in Kingston.

The IPC would be replaced with a Major Infrastructure Planning Unit within the Planning Inspectorate to provide advice on new infrastructure projects to Ministers 10.

The protesters are to congregate near the Clock Tower and march to the Kachcheri, Jaffna to hand over their memorandum expressing their concerns to Minister Douglas Devananda.

In 6% of cases minister for is used

The dilemma for Minister Phillips is to find persons who meet all three criteria.

I think it is just another term for Minister of Propaganda, a term which you hear and straight away think of Goebbels.

And right now, with the oilsands being on top Environment Canada's priority list, it would only make sense for Minister Kent to be taking over its operations.

In fact, FM should not have provided this relief instead he should have increased salary/perks for ministers because increase in cost of living is to pinch them more.

In 5% of cases minister from is used

Responding to requests from Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney T.

We have heard different explanations and criteria from different ministers and even different criteria from Minister Reilly.

Local Government Division officials admitted that they are allotting the seized rickshaws according to recommendations from ministers and MPs.

Ministers have no part in decisions made in individual FOI requests, and the Department does not seek guidance from Ministers when responding to FOI requests.

But complaints from ministers, though they may be rejected publicly, usually cause consternation -- particularly if there is a licence fee settlement in the offing.

In 5% of cases minister with is used

Subcommittee was formed with ministers as members.

Killings by the LTTE continued through to the recent past, with Ministers D.

A government was established, with ministers of state, and Ajdir was declared the capital of the Rif Republic.

Under FoI, a case was brought by The Guardian to force the disclosure of the Prince of Wales's correspondence with ministers.

We have been able to get extensions for the occupants ' tenure on the Island and we continue to work with Minister Steve Thomson toward a longer term solution.

The Secretary-General discussed with Minister Peiris the arrangements for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting which will be held in Sri Lanka in November next year.

In 3% of cases minister as is used

She must resign as minister full stop.

Following Fianna Fil's return to government following the 1965 general election O'Malley joined the cabinet as Minister for Health.

He was an MP -- the first MP to represent Alberta -- until 1921, serving as Minister of Interior and Superintendent of Indian Affairs.

Jack Lynch, who as Minister for Finance had to find the money to pay for it, was certainly not consulted and was dismayed at the announcement.

Kanda was forced to resign as minister of state for home and urban local bodies in Haryana in the face of public outcry over Geetika's suicide.

In 3% of cases minister between is used

The checks and balances between Ministers and bureaucrats have all disappeared in our system of government.

My vision of civil service accountability is one which re-defines the relationship between ministers and their departments.

Candid personal correspondence between Ministers Blythe and FitzGerald with their wives reveals that they were intensely happy with the move.

It was claimed on Monday that hundreds of thousands of homes may be left without flood cover due to a row between ministers and the insurance industry over how future flooding bills would be covered.

In 2% of cases minister among is used

A debate is under way among ministers, kicking around the alternative vote (AV) system, which allows voters to name their second as well as first choice.

In 1% of cases minister on is used

A group of MPs, led by the Conservative Claire Perry, has called on ministers to go further.

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