Prepositions used with "milk"

"of milk", "with milk" or "to milk"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases milk of is used

Rose notes that it's every time they run out of milk.

He gave her a toy, a box of candy and a glass of milk.

I brought back the pump and showed her the amount of milk.

Algeria, a huge importer of milk powder and cheese, is also developing well for the IDB.

I also add a little bit of milk and flour into the broth after I've re-added the chicken.

It doesn't taste artificial and has the right amount of milkiness, but it's a bit too sweet.

Supreme Court upheld a Minnesota law that banned the sale of milk in non-returnable, non-refillable plastic containers.

Today it is often eaten for breakfast, with the addition of milk, and a small plate keeps you feeling full until lunchtime.

Consumption of livestock products for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) were even lower (12 kg of meat and 27 kg of milk per person).

Mr Lynskey was also secretary of the new Zealand Federation of Milk Stations and the New Zealand Sharemilkers ' Association.

In 12% of cases milk with is used

Apply lentil (masoor daal) with milk or curd.

Most often it is tea made with milk and sugar.

The young are fed with milk, (mammary glands).

Milk belongs in Class 29 which concerns itself, inter alia, with milk and milk products.

I always get an extra large tea with milk and a sweetener (guess I'd not quite sweet enough!).

Brymor ice cream is made with milk from Guernsey cows in the Yorkshire Dales and is delicious.

Traditionally, pearl milk tea is sweetened black tea mixed with milk or milk powder and chewy, sweetened tapioca balls.

You may think you'll be the only one turning up there with milk stains down your front and permanent bags under your eyes.

The pastry is then folded over along its longest dimension, brushed with milk and cooked until the pastry is golden brown.

They're already measured out for you and are about 180cals (est) when made with milk (though you can make it with just water as well.

In 11% of cases milk to is used

We are not looking to milk our customers.

The products range from chilli to cotton, and from fish to milk.

I didn't ask what pen they end up in when they're too old to milk.

How can it possibly work? It's like sending in a rocket scientist to milk a troublesome cow.

Indeed, when it comes to milk, some Irish farmers are salivating at the prospect of quota ending.

Get Council and Government to invest in the Cash Cow they are going to milk for the next 40 years!

AFK was said when I go to earn money to milk, and seems to be almost the same, I hope he's happy to play at the service station.

He relished wielding power over his people and his ability, through nuclear provocation, to milk and manipulate the outside world.

There are still decent and pretty ethical banks, and more utility companies are appearing who do not set out to milk the customer.

The taxi driver told one of them I was a student? the logic being that touts were there to milk the tourists, not the poor students.

In 8% of cases milk for is used

The price? Then we went to look for milk.

Babe asks for milk ALL THE TIME these days.

If you need to pay for milk, consider using your debit card.

By contrast, in Asia per capita demand for milk and meat grew by 2.

Globally, demand for milk products is predicted to grow by almost 2.

Your breasts may feel tender and lumpy which is the mammary glands gearing themselves up for milk production.

She would also be my companion on midnight raids of the kitchen for milk and cookies, and I'd share both with her.

Running gives me the reserves to handle my own personal stressors, so that on days when I feel the need to go for milk,.

There is also a paucity of chilling infrastructure for milk and a lack of modern abattoirs for the meat processing sector.

So if you're still in your pyjamas by midday, and couldn't conceive of popping out to the shops for milk, you're not alone.

In 7% of cases milk In is used

In milk, we are the largest (producers) by far.

The lactose in milk is a great source of energy.

It started with grain but now applies in milk and meat as well.

Breast milk or formula should be used as the main milk drink until your baby is one year old.

As an industry leader, DeLaval has been working to drive progress in milk production since 1883.

Mash bread (chapatti) in milk to make a paste to apply, see results in just 15 minutes after washing off.

Grind chirongi (sunflower seeds) which has been soaked up in milk overnight with few strands of saffron to get fairer skin.

It should not be used as the main milk drink during infancy as it is a risk factor for the development of iron deficiency anaemia.

In the 1900s, poor production processes led to a big deterioration in milk quality, as it was being fed to the growing population.

After graduating for PhD during 1998, I found that we are loosing our huge export potential; in spite of standing at 4th position in milk production.

In 3% of cases milk from is used

Milk was procured from milk federation, Bihar government and rice was procured from Food Corporation of India.

In Ireland we usually get calcium from milk, cheese and yoghurt, so vegans may need to take a calcium supplement.

There has been a link that has been found out that acne &; the allergenic proteins from milk could be the culprit to acne.

Though Gandhi is associated with vegetarianism and milk, he actually abstained from milk for a period of six years, considering it an animal product.

I saw the life quite clearly: a shabby railroad apartment, bookcases made from milk crates, fried-egg sandwiches, a portable black-and-white TV with tinfoil wrapped around the antenna.

Tip25- Easy tip but very very useful -My non indian frnds often ask me how to make soft chapathis- Tip for making soft chappati dough-While making paneer from milk, don't throw away the paneer water.

In 2% of cases milk as is used

Livestock are traded for other livestock, cash or livestock products such as milk and siege.

Those who could afford animal proteins such as milk, cheese, eggs or meat, should avoid pulses and leave them for those who could not afford anything else.

Practiced strictly a person does not even drink foods (such as milk and milk beverages) at other times but having sat down eats enough to last for twenty-four hours.

Margarine processing is necessary to ensure the natural canola and sunflower oils are combined with other ingredients such as milk, water and salt to develop a smooth consistency for spreading.

In 2% of cases milk like is used

Other dairy products like milk (especially brands that are vitamin-D enriched, which helps the body utilize calcium) and yogurt are also tooth-friendly.

In 2% of cases milk on is used

A Note on Milk Do you take milk? Add it to your cup before pouring the tea.

When born, the young are fed only on milk by the mother and soon learn to fish for themselves.

Placing it higher than the muscle includes a greater negative effect on milk production and the sensation of the area.

Of course, after they list the various chemicals, they state that doses of these drugs were too small to have any effects on milk drinkers.

In 1% of cases milk about is used

Who would have though a project about milk could get me so excited.

Very eloquent! And I wish I'd known more about milk sharing after my twins were born and didn't take easily to breastfeeding.

Oligarchs concern themselves about the rising costs of Mayfair apartments and yachts, while pensioners worry about milk, fuel and bread prices.

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