Prepositions used with "memory"

"of memory" or "in memory"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases memory of is used

But the bed is full of memories,.

A whirling hurricane of memories.

I still occasionally run out of memory.

Another problem is that many applications open up by themselves, taking lots of memory.

She has been collecting all sorts of memories like those from members past and present.

The performance of memory-mapped file access, caching, and swapping, is greatly improved.

PHOTOBOOKS Imagine if Facebook shut down tomorrow you would loose a hell of a lot of memories well I know I would.

Memory storage: iPhone 5 has 32 GB of internal storage capacity, double than the 16GB of memory which HTC One S has.

Partly due to the reduction in strength of memory there is less intellectual control over the stream of consciousness.

The following information was included with the event: The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encountered an out of memory error.

In 26% of cases memory in is used

Exercise in Memory Psychic -- Concentration.

It is named in memory of Professor Magarey's mother.

It may fail to attach the respective process in memory.

This is the address where the code for the corresponding case statement lies in memory.

It will take a good visual brand utilizing sixty four MB in memory and sustains DirectX 9.

First things became past experiences to be relived again in days to come but only in memory.

I feel truly honored by the outpouring of love and warm sentiments expressed in memory of my beloved sister Jennifer.

The person afraid of storms will hold it in memory as terror, the person who enjoys them as an interesting diversion.

The client code is not concerned with whether or not the item is stored in memory, or on disk in a temporary location.

The downside of this approach means storing a copy of the stretched image in memory as well as the original source image.

In 11% of cases memory from is used

From memory there are two springs in there.

When these monks teach it's only from memory.

People in society usually speak from memory, he speaks the truth.

From memory I think he concluded there was a third of the effect published by the IPCC.

Agreed -- rubbish! I note a H/T is due to Angra (? from memory) in Weekend talk thread.

The disciples followed Christ as young men, and wrote the gospels as old men, from memory.

They should try to say from memory whatever words come next, right up to where you paused in step ' a ' just above.

I make them write out the separate parts from memory after which they should be able to reconstruct the whole piece.

Now, I'd citing all of this from memory, but in that period much or North America was experiencing very cold winters.

Also WHO, from memory, believes that up to 4000 people may also die from that direct exposure but will never be proven.

In 6% of cases memory down is used

Let's have a look back down memory lane.

Last night was a lovely walk down memory lane.

Thank you for the great trip down Memory Lane.

What it lacks in originality more than makes up for it in sincerity and a walk down memory lane.

The Four Lads Take a trip down memory lane with this famous four-part harmony singing group from Toronto.

Hey guys Maureen Okuthe here it feels nice going down memory lane n yr right saba was a terrible one Mrs.

You could get your hands on more classics than I can even begin to list here, so it was an incredible trip down memory lane.

Where were you 21 years ago or when you were 21? Join us for a stroll down memory lane and share how much has changed for you.

But now that I've got my dream job, I rarely find the appropriate occasion to frolic down memory lane with Wind Waker or Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Thank you for your walk down memory lane, even if nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen.

In 5% of cases memory to is used

I stored his name to memory and started reading his blog.

I won't know to pay attention or to try to commit every minute to memory.

And as an adult, just he and his father had the recipe committed to memory.

It is a beginning we ourselves can not recall, so we commit the story to memory.

If you read and commit to memory what I have explained to you you may presume to learn something.

His mind began to wander again, drifting to memories of the last time he was guarding someone like this.

If you spend a few minutes each day learning a couple of new shortcuts, it won't be long until you've committed them all to memory.

Many more of those gamers would much rather have some way to transfer their UMD games to memory stick or to the PSPgo's internal memory.

If all policies (1000 -- 10000 policies) are loaded in to memory, where the limited resources are available, there can be out of memory issues.

Of course, part of the class was memorizing prayers, including the religious commandments that we committed to memory without understanding them at all.

In 4% of cases memory with is used

We are rich with memories &; friends.

This class is very efficient with memory.

You don't have to be a parent to help kids with memory.

I could go throughout New York City, all over, with memories that go back to 1944.

My intention was to seduce him with memories of Marrakech and impress him with my pie-making skills.

Am a lover of smartphones but they alwys had a problem with memory but this one has more than space for you.

We both felt that if the effort was not made immediately there would be nobody still alive to help us with memories of Colossus.

Low levels of vitamin B12 have been associated with memory immune system becomes and the less likely we are to contract certain illnesses.

If you are not the type to meditate and are not inclined to come to terms with memories good and bad then you will not find much on this cd.

But, if you really want to give children a head start in life, why not give them a boost with memory training? I've seen myself how well it works.

In 3% of cases memory on is used

One other effect on memory should be noted.

Rather than relying on memory, make notes about the homes you visit.

It is thought that when the scribes were writing the text they often depended on memory rather than on their exemplar.

But as an expert on memory, and, in particular, on the malleability of memory, he knows better than to fully trust his recollections.

In bringing together this diverse-yet-influential body of literature, Howe presents a valuable resource for anyone interested in research on memory.

This gives the player some semblance of speed of play because experience allows them to not have to think, but react based on memory, or learned behavior.

If you have a rough idea of how many objects you are going to need then you can greatly cut down on memory resizing by calling the reserve(n) function ahead of time.

But the thing is, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for and you can't put a price on memories and those abalone puffs will live in mine for a long time to come.

The multi-domain CogTr targeted on memory, reasoning, problem solving strategies, visuospatial map reading skill development, handcraft making, and health and physical exercise.

In 2% of cases memory by is used

He's pained by memories of better times.

Technically everyone has been taken off guard by memory sticks.

Even followed the road (by memory) to the Finke und Mekhart VW garage where I bought two cars from.

When the British left India in 1947, India continued to be haunted by memories of the Bengal Famine.

Our research was driven by memory, or personal engagement with events in the past and in contemporary times.

This explains also why experiences seem new: they are observed without the feeling of familiarity caused by memory images.

The Nitro JavaScript engine takes advantage of the multiple processor cores on your Mac, reducing pauses caused by memory allocation.

The past once was present, but is gone now and can not be retrieved (only partically and poorly recreated by memory) and the future is not here yet and can not be known.

In 2% of cases memory for is used

As it is for Dreaming, so too for memory.

An exalted Jihadi Rioters in Mumbai making a Photo shot for memory line.

Some implementations may want to make this tradeoff for memory or performance reasons.

The applications of this result go beyond programming The Matrix for memory conscious computer overlords.

As for memories of her crime, ' ' I had periods of feeling rotten, but they got further and further apart.

Awareness serves as the background, the base for memory, and memory can not have any trace of its absolute beginning or final end.

In 2% of cases memory into is used

The installation system will then load the kernel into memory.

A movie would hit theaters after the sex scandal has faded into memory.

In addition, the user will find this module FM-radio with the ability to save favorite stations into memory.

Already the difficulty of our three very physical challenges is beginning to fade into memory, in a glow of African gold.

Independence on technology Dependence on technology None of these A dense index, if fits into memory, costs only disk I/O access to locate a record by given key.

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