Prepositions used with "membership"

"of membership" or "for membership"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases membership of is used
    FIP offers two types of memberships: 1.
    Payment of membership fees (currently 850 EUR per annum).
    A culture may specify rules of membership to the society.
    The cost of membership of the Flying Doctors Society is currently US$ 40 per person.
    This all becomes guess work when nobody has the exact figure of membership or statistics.
    The Act accommodates all categories that can be called reasonable categories of membership.
    We see that sanctions mechanisms and suspension of membership and these various types of things, whether it's U.
    You can not rely based on what you read on the forums as only a fraction of membership ever use forums on any given site.
    Both churches were heavily in debt for building programs, and both had suffered substantial loss of membership for years.
    What Benefits Do Members Enjoy? The key benefits of membership of FIPS-Mouche are: Participation in all FIPS-Mouche events.

    In 31% of cases membership for is used
    There is a charge for membership.
    Disqualification for membership of the Council 7.
    The criterion for membership is an arbitrary level of vision, or lack of it.
    This group supported the June 1967 war and applied for membership of the Zionist Congress.
    For membership of the EU signals closure of the state question, and with it an end to border revisions.
    After such termination, the member may rejoin the Society only by applying for membership as a new member.
    If the Enrolment Committee denies my application for membership, can I resubmit my application or appeal its decision? Yes.
    Access to missions ' trips and associated training Requirements For membership To walk together we must be agreed (Amos 3:3).
    He also phrophesy to individuals abt prosperity u don't see dat? he doesn't beg for membership pple go there by their own wish.
    By the 1950s eligibility for membership was widened to include ' any British subject or American citizen of European extraction '.

    In 8% of cases membership in is used
    Included in membership to this exclusive club is the services of.
    According to a Yahoo's report, CHC's funds grew with the rise in membership.
    Today, tournaments are held in almost every one of the 96 countries in membership of the IRB.
    The truth is, AIPO can never be formed until IPORESP, who holds the dominance in membership, becomes APO.
    There has usually been a considerable overlap in membership between them, particularly the CUT, and the PT.

    In 7% of cases membership to is used
    Admission to membership of the Society is subject to the approval of the Management Committee.
    Anyone aspiring to membership of ' high society ' had better not look too hard at the most obvious likely reasons for such a preponderance of men among CKDu victims.
    Penalty u/s 271 (1) (c) -- disallowance of amortization claim written off in relation to membership fee paid to stock exchanges -- Held that: - As decided in Ananthraman Veerasinghaiah &; Co.

    In 4% of cases membership from is used
    B) NRA membership (and thus their revenue from membership) up.
    Most funding comes from membership dues and sales of Klan paraphernalia.
    These actions can be configured to track anything from membership activation to the purchase of items.

    In 4% of cases membership on is used
    And they will loose out on membership next freshers week because of this decision.
    The Mormons have publicly reversed their teaching on membership of African-Americans in the Church of Latter Day Saints and on polygamy.
    A non-member's opinion on membership benefits is valuable in that it may provide insight into what would convert a non-member to a member.
    We receive no government funding, and rely on membership fees, donations, sponsorship and community fundraising to continue our important work.

    In 3% of cases membership through is used
    Through membership you can gain international recognition and.
    We believe that maximum spiritual growth and development come through membership in these groups.
    By integrating the MUN into our affairs through membership of the EU bloc or treaties with the MUN, or a MHoC rep, the MHoC is no longer based on reality.

    In 2% of cases membership with is used
    Issuance of Bar codes is through GS1, an international non-profit organization, with membership in over 100 countries around the world.
    Once accredited with membership, you will be recognised worldwide as a structural engineer working at the highest level of technical and professional expertise.

    In 1% of cases membership regarding is used
    Questions regarding membership in NZSEE should be directed to the Executive officer.
    Regarding membership and participation in working group activities, please contact the Chairs.

    In 1% of cases membership upon is used
    We rely upon memberships and donations to fund our work.

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