Prepositions used with "meeting"

"of meeting" or "in meeting"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases meeting of is used

Compress the majority of meetings to 45 minutes.

V) and finally the nature of meeting (in column No.

Minutes of meetings should follow a specific format.

The great strength of meetings like this is the energy and enthusiasm they generate.

They attend lots of meetings, send out lots of e-mails and give the occasional presentation.

Wolf's Law of Meetings: The only important result of a meeting is agreement about next steps.

Section 3 Notice of Meetings The annual meeting shall be held at a time and in a place determined by the executive.

FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS Normally, the committee will meet four times per year, in March, June, September and December.

We had two nights of meetings at the church and many people from around the area, who were not Mennonites also attended.

Following almost two years of planning, the conference became a space of meeting, prayer, dialogue, listening and learning.

In 18% of cases meeting in is used

A challenge he never minced words, in meeting.

I used to sit across from a young guy in meetings.

Both meetings are on Tuesdays, 7-8:30 in Meeting Rm 2.

Practice and research Research the companies that you are most interested in meeting.

With all this time in meetings, it is important to ensure that the time is well spent.

Careful planning and follow-through can ensure that the time spent in meetings is time well spent.

Studio executives have been huddled in meetings since Monday, sifting through potential scripts that can be tweaked.

In meetings, they sit cross-legged and at ease, Masters of the Universe in their leather and wood adorned reception rooms.

In meetings where you are working with a predominant type, adapt your delivery methods to what works well for them (not you).

It works in meetings, works when I'd out partying, but i kept all that insecurity inside- and that did NO good in the long run.

In 11% of cases meeting at is used

About 100 showed up at meetings in Taupo and Wanganui.

His presence at meetings conferred a singular dignity and charm to the proceedings.

We do not serve water in individual bottles at meetings, seminars, conferences and functions.

There are far too many professional part-time directors, earning a tidy living by just turning up at meetings.

Procedures in almost all Francophone schools, give priority to Queer or woman speakers at meetings or General Assemblies.

With the exception of the secretary-general, Bilderberg participants are obliged to remain silent on what goes on at meetings.

With shiftwork, this provision is especially important to ensure full attendance at meetings and that all committee tasks are carried out.

Never again shall we as Ah Counters or Grammarians, show up at meetings without our glass and knife or our dutifully selected word of the day.

Despite their numbers, many do not attend meetings, do not have the courage to speak at meetings, and even if they do, what they say is not heeded.

In 11% of cases meeting for is used

The fixed time for meeting will be tomorrow at noon.

Most rappers feel that showing up late for meetings must be some kind of cool.

Being a Capable Leader A capable leader is critical for meetings to be effective.

This is true as much for thesis writing, in my view, as it is for meetings and presentations.

During the early days there were many trips to Accra for meetings and to get materials for the school.

In six months, she has been to Ottawa at least four times for meetings with MPs and press conferences.

He gives a clarion call for meetings in his apartment in order to discuss the many variations on death threadbare.

The centre has a lounge area for group meetings, desks and work spaces for personal work and enclosed spaces for meetings.

Obama rejected requests for meetings from Netanyahu and from the president of Egypt, claiming that he didn't have the time.

But I've only to reflect to see that under this latter head must come in -- then and there -- the question of the last occasion for meeting.

In 11% of cases meeting to is used

The guy who quit 40 years and still goes to meeting, good for him.

As I said originally it led to eighteen months of study and going to meetings.

Where we play films, negotiating terms, talking to distributors, going to meetings, talking to film festivals.

Men stayed at home with their children for a change, and their wives, the captive housewives, went to meetings.

They're not passive participants, and they come to meetings having done what they said they would at the end of the last one.

In the childhood we always used to get an advice to sleep well before the exam, after growing up the same thing applies to meeting.

As far back as I can recall and in pictures from early Christadelphian days, it seems that all the women wore hats of some kind to meetings.

My day usually consists of me running from meeting to meeting, then after work, hanging out with friends and meeting new faces via fashion and art events.

And so it was that I accompanied him to meetings with various people he thought of as Dudley loyalists, whom he urged to speak out against the Referendum.

You can make sure you show up on time to meetings, not have to worry about finding a parking spot, and get plenty of attention as well when you use chauffeur cars.

In 4% of cases meeting during is used

All group members are active participants during meetings.

Nevertheless, I picked up a few tips that I found important during meetings and interviews: 1.

Procedures for Meetings It is quite evident that there are certain special procedures used during meetings (e.

For example, you can send SMS messages during meetings, conferences or similar situations in which talking over the phone would not be permitted.

Even worse is that some male staff whine like children during meetings about supposed unfairness, but the director of the place does not tell them that such public grumbling is unacceptable.

In 3% of cases meeting from is used

Free from all the busy-ness of the business world, free from meetings, phone calls, e-mails and the rest of it.

My day usually consists of me running from meeting to meeting, then after work, hanging out with friends and meeting new faces via fashion and art events.

On Friday, May 20, the workers went on strike and all weekend Bustamante travelled from meeting to meeting exhorting the people to stay focused and united and stay on strike for better wages.

The Launch was the culmination of CBC's week long delegation to Sri Lanka, aside from Meetings with His Excellency the President and Minister of External Affairs, CBC delegates also met with Hon.

In 2% of cases meeting between is used

The APC lasted throughout 1984 with postponements and long delays between meetings.

Or you could use this as a way for your board and investors to interact with the CEO between meetings.

He has well structured sessions with great worksheets to work on between meetings that really make you stop and think about, you.

The Administrative Council shall be empowered to act for the Society and its Executive Committee in all matters in the interim between meetings of the Executive Committee.

In 2% of cases meeting On is used

On meeting and talking to people bless them in their health, their work, their joy, their relationships to God, themselves and others.

Also, bans on meetings of more than three people, for fear of political agitation, made public dances dificult, and the dancing went underground.

William Wrigley Jr On meetings with an overseas sales representative complaining that they were always being interrupted by employees We had had plenty of talks.

In 2% of cases meeting through is used

About 17,450 presented their views through meetings and public forums while 29,180 offered their opinions in writing.

She says it's long been recognised that most learning happens informally, through meetings others who are trying to absorb the same knowledge or skills and by trading experiences.

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