Prepositions used with "medicine"

"of medicine" or "In medicine"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases medicine of is used

The problem is not a lack of medicines.

They used many kinds of medicines from plants.

Stockpiling of medicines by Health departments.

Adequate storage conditions and handling of medicines procedures were also assessed.

Herein lies the art which is integral to the practice of medicine as applied science.

A historic study was published by workers at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine in 1999.

Professor Frank Bowden Frank Bowden is Professor of Medicine at the Australian National University Medical School.

Stem cell therapy is a field that doctors feel could change the realm of medicine forever, but it is controversial.

Otherwise, even our Ayurvedic System of medicine could be in peril if drug companies start genetic experimentation.

Malaria-control strategies include the use of medicines, insecticides, and insecticide-treated screens and bednets.

In 18% of cases medicine In is used

We saw the same thing in medicine.

My parents did not work in medicine.

In medicine, it's called performing triage.

We've all heard of the placebo effect in medicine, but you take this idea even further.

These devices have applications in medicine, materials science, geology and other fields.

Albert Szent-Gyrgi (Winner of the 1937 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research on vitamin C.

A degree in Medicine is awarded after 5 years of study with an additional year of internship, which is compulsory.

Natasha Campbell-McBride holds a degree in Medicine and Postgraduate degrees in both Neurology and Human Nutrition.

The young woman was Dagmar Berne, who in 1885 was the first woman to enrol in medicine in an Australian university.

Surely, it doesn't demonstrate any admirable art in medicine: merely bad science or inadequate science or no science.

In 7% of cases medicine to is used

But there's tons of pathways into medicine.

I heard HSC mark is over 90 to go to medicine.

He introduces quantification into medicine in his De Gradibus.

BBC NewsBig Pharma doing more for access to medicine in developing countries than two.

That applies to medicine, but it also applies to physics and chemistry, and engineering.

I felt I could get in big trouble if the doctors there saw I wasn't 110 percent committed to medicine.

You lambast people without a specialist training in medicine for thinking they can know anything pertaining to medicine.

We urge contracting States not to sign or ratify ACTA unless all concerns related to access to medicines are fully addressed.

The authors encourage countries to make full use of existing flexibilities in international law to advance access to medicines.

In 5% of cases medicine for is used

The viewpoint appears to have implications for medicine.

Between 1951 and 2000, 32% of Nobel Prizes for Medicine went to Jews.

I'd failed to get the points for medicine, and wanted to leave Ireland, so I went.

Alberta is considered the core area for Medicine Wheels and likely started about this time.

Dorothy Ngozi Oyekwe opted for Medicine and trained as a Doctor at the Universities of Lagos and London.

A massive 29% of all black applicants to Oxford apply for Medicine -- compared to just 7% of all white applicants.

Professor Sir John Gurdon won the Nobel prize for medicine which he shares with a leading Japanese stem cell scientist.

From this emerges the comment that for medicine as an art, its chief and characteristic instrument must be human faculty.

So I expanded my nursing studies with pre med and after I get my bachelor in nursing I'll go for medicine and become obgyn.

Knowing the imminence of disease and the scarcity of treatment, he had been saving it to barter for medicine or food for himself.

In 2% of cases medicine into is used

But there's tons of pathways into medicine.

He introduces quantification into medicine in his De Gradibus.

To get into medicine at Sydney you first have to do a science degree.

Still, she has chosen to stay her course in her bid to get into medicine.

Crazy you! I hate chemistry classes as well and that disqualified me from getting into Medicine.

Also, i do nt want to waste my time here, i really want to get into medicine school, and somehow the thought of me not getting into med sch just made me even more stressed.

In 2% of cases medicine on is used

The money will be spent on medicines and other necessities of the habagat victims.

Al Razi, with the help of Samanid wealth, wrote his famous work on medicine during this time.

However, only several volumes of The Comprehensive Book on Medicine have survived into modern times.

The Comprehensive Book on Medicine is also the earliest book dealing with the decubitus of a patient.

The Comprehensive Book on Medicine was also the earliest book dealing with the decubitus of a patient.

Many pensioners have to spend a colossal sum of money on medicines, as they are in the autumn of their lives.

He focused his phenomenal intelligence on medicine and at the age of twelve he claimed to be on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer.

Up to a certain point judge-made laws on medicine and bioethics have followed national paths, developing rules of judgement linked to specific real-life scenarios.

The trickle-down effect here will be the fact that this will make it even harder to provide healthcare to the millions in a country where out of pocket expenditure on medicine is so high.

In 2% of cases medicine with is used

Her name rhymed with medicine and I thought that was very funny (Laughs).

Though my mother was terribly aching that day she strongly against to be treated with medicine in hospital.

The only exception granted is where you place Law as your third choice with Medicine and Dentistry as your first two choices.

Can Diabetes Medicine Control The Condition? The first essential for treatment with medicine is that you have a type 2 condition.

Do you need to be licensed to working in the field of engineering in Ontario? A As with medicine and law, you require a licence to do certain engineering work within the province of Ontario.

In 1% of cases medicine as is used

Sunnah which partake of technical knowledge such as medicine, agriculture is not part of Shari'ah according to most scholars.

After all, do we really want 30 per cent of entrants into professions such as medicine and teaching to be dependent on alcohol? Surely they.

These women were very well educated about the local area, and knew how to find and use an enormous number of different plants, both for food and for other things such as medicine or making bags.

The Arabs were more advanced in areas such as medicine, mathematics, philosophy and had preserved many of the Greek / Roman texts from the former Byzantine Empire and the Great Library of Alexandra.

In 1% of cases medicine from is used

Libero Kristen Moncks, who transferred from Medicine Hat College this year, had 16 digs in her home debut with TWU.

A very common reason for hair loss is due to disease or as side-effect from medicines used to treat a medical condition.

Higher quality materials and crystals could be manufactured allowing for improvements in everything from medicine to computer chips.

The board awards 10 prizes per year, each celebrating improbable research in fields ranging from medicine and psychology to literature and peace.

At the same time, ELIXIR will help Europe's research community translate these discoveries into innovations in a host of important sectors, from medicine to agriculture and the environment.

In 1% of cases medicine like is used

The professions like medicine and law became businesses.

The profession has become very specialised just like medicine or engineering.

Rs 198,291 crore comprises tax breaks/duty for mass consumption goods like medicine, toothpowder, candles and kerosene.

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