Prepositions used with "medication"

"of medication" or "on medication"?

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In 35% of cases medication of is used

He briefly wondered if she may have been on some kind of medication.

You can still give blood when you are taking some types of medications.

This condition needs a type of medication that a only a vet can prescribe.

Examples of medications that may contribute to asthma are aspirin and other NSAIDs.

Examples of medications that may contribute to asthma are aspirin and other NSAIDs.

INESS is to study the safety and effectiveness of medications that are in routine use.

The intricacy of human chemistry means finding the right balance of medication can be very difficult to achieve.

Medical Approaches The symptoms of stress can sometimes be relieved by the prescription of medication by a doctor.

For some people there is no other solution for their insomnia and they need to take some type of medication for it.

Additionally, beta blockers, a type of medication used for heart disease and hypertension, may cause asthma symptoms.

In 21% of cases medication on is used

I didn't though because I was on medication.

I was just put on medication for mine yesterday.

I am on medications to help with the constant pain.

My granddaughter was put on medication about 2 months ago for pretty much the same issues.

Not on medication yet, but had to remove caffeine, reduce fatty foods, and reduce salt as well.

I have been on medication for years and in recent months have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

When he was well and on medication and I was oblivious to his condition he was the most loveliest guy I had met.

Who obviously not saying sure there on medication they're leading daily lives that are as normal as can be possible.

My mother was worried sick and tried to ring the psychiatrist up because she was afraid of me being put on medication.

This is important for older patients who may be prone to drug interactions if they are already on medications for physical illness.

In 14% of cases medication with is used

Most can be successfully treated with medication.

Two men had diabetes, which was controlled with medication.

For me personally, I'd only now able to cope with medication.

It is not wjib on the man to provide her with medication or to pay the doctor for his treatment.

This can however, be treated with medication to ensure that the condition does not advance further.

Jessie Ray, a newly admitted patient, has a seizure disorder which is being treated with medication.

Treatment with medication Medications are mainly helpful for people who are more seriously affected by mental illness.

I played the trial and error game with medication and set a goal of just getting through each day without having a panic attack.

For instance, if a woman having problems with the maturation and discharge of an egg, she will suggest treatment with medications.

Some studies have suggested it is even more effective in older adults and avoids many of the side effects associated with medication.

In 11% of cases medication for is used

Resistance to infection is adequate so that no illness results and there is no need for medication.

Matyas has been selected the 2012 recipient of the NIDA Avant-Garde Award for Medications Development.

Furthermore it may be possible for a more effective dietary intervention to reduce the need for medication.

When patients with high blood pressure begin a vegetarian diet, many are able to eliminate their need for medication.

Sometimes people who don't know someone in pain can't see the need for medications to help them get through daily life.

Sometimes people who don't know someone in pain can't see the need for medications to help them get through daily life.

Only after the patient paid the amount for medication and doctor treatment, will the computer system allow patients to pick up their drugs.

In many cases, it's the nursing staff that pick up on things like difficulty paying for medication, nutritional issues, and living situations.

Isn't that stupid? To be willing to kill myself rather than ask for medication to ease my pain? Fortunately, my doctor suggested I try pain medication.

A recent report suggests that regular dietary counselling and a low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet can help control diabetes and avert the need for medication.

In 7% of cases medication to is used

Access to medication which may be in short supply in less developed and low income countries.

Refer you to a psychiatrist If you are severely depressed or if you are not responding to medication your doctor may decide to refer you onto a psychiatrist.

In 4% of cases medication in is used

Pruritus can also be induced by certain medications, in which case cessation would relieve the symptom.

At present, it comprises eight volunteers qualified in medication, counseling and spiritual development skills.

Chemical Exposure Exposure to chemicals, whether intentional as in medications or unintentional as in fiberglass, may cause generalized itching.

As the hospital's resident expert in medication there is clearly a key role here for the hospital pharmacist in improving medicines reconciliation.

In 3% of cases medication about is used

I don't eat meat or dairy Where did I say anything about medications or foxes? Perhaps mummy could explain big words like vegan to you.

The weird thing I find about medication is, I have my good days and bad days while taking them but I have extremely bad days if I miss taking one.

You won't be deprived of food you love and you won't have to stay on medication if you choose not to (please consult your doctor before making decisions about medication).

In 3% of cases medication by is used

Some symptoms are managed by medication or service animals.

Surgeons normally have to cease to operate once the diagnosis has been confirmed, even if symptoms can be controlled by medication.

Very severe, continuous, or increasing abdominal pain that is unrelieved by medication, rest, a hot water bottle, or a heating pad.

Extreme swings of the actual disease state must be controlled by medication (traditionally some compound of Lithium but now with others as well.

In 3% of cases medication from is used

Remedies for back pain vary from medication to surgery and my way through.

Remedies for back pain vary from medication to surgery and my way through between.

But many who are morbidly obese and in need of a new organ do not qualify for transplants because of the increased risk of complications from medications and surgery.

In 3% of cases medication without is used

Remission is the complete elimination of symptoms without medication.

I really am working hard on this, trying to do it without medication.

If you ' re searching on the internet on how to have to boy without medications, you ' ll find to lot of websites giving you the detailed information on diet plans.

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