Prepositions used with "measure"

"of measure" or "to measure"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases measure of is used

In a precise exercise, of measure and proportion.

The Government stepped in with a further raft of measures.

The content and the definitions of measures were ambiguous.

Your periodic UAI survey provides you with just as periodic a set of measures of them.

A variety of measures have been taken to minimize the hotel's impact on the environment.

Standard Deviation A unit which is used to measure the spread or scatter of measures around the mean of those measures.

The evidence suggests that the best results are achieved when a comprehensive set of measures are implemented together.

If you've read Chris Nieratko's takedown of Measure B you already know the specifics of the law and the opposition to it.

In many cases, the height of a building is supplied to the Council using only one unit of measure (either feet or meters).

In 25% of cases measure to is used

Another way to measure a frequency is a delay line and phase detector.

A sample and hold circuit can be used to measure at specified moments.

The unit commonly used to measure refrigerating effect is the ton of refrigeration = 3.

This is an instrument that is used to measure the water content in a specific substance.

This axiom is the cornerstone of the assimilation of probability theory to measure theory.

They correlate neither to usage nor to quality and should not be used to measure the market share of distributions.

Standard Deviation A unit which is used to measure the spread or scatter of measures around the mean of those measures.

This is turn creates a number of different ways to measure interactions and value by looking at metrics in a new light.

The output of the phase detector is used to keep the oscillator at exactly 100 times the frequency you want to measure.

In 7% of cases measure beyond is used

I pray that you are blessed beyond measure.

And in faith God blessed him with healing beyond measure.

In grace He shapes our lives and blesses us beyond measure.

They are self indulgent, advantaged and spoilt beyond measure.

Luckily, I have no need to fix You or Mould You, because you are already Perfect beyond measure.

Exasperated beyond measure by those he led, but willing to give his life for his people -- for God's people.

Your assertion is that some things are beyond measure, and I again would contend that you haven't given a good example of anything that is.

When you start looking upon your government as your adversary, that it is corrupt beyond measure, that the legal bribery of our legislators is only going to spiral out of control.

Rather, it was a sometimes slightly insane portrait of a country that has changed almost beyond measure since the last time it hosted the Games, in the grim postwar summer of 1948.

Further, when Bill Clinton signed the Galss-Steagall Act out of existence he gave the green light to banks to plunge he economy into disaster while enriching themselves beyond measure.

In 6% of cases measure on is used

Inflation measures are constructs.

In the meantime, any advice on measures to.

Ngongi spoke extensively on measures that will make agriculture attractive to the youths.

And risk setting a precedent that will impact on measures to cut pollution in other cities too.

It is clearly untrue that AGW is based on measures of temperature and CO2, ie correlation only.

The Ministry is spearheading the event, which will focus on measures geared at tackling child labour locally.

The Taskforce is expected to make recommendations to the Government next year on measures to achieve the Government's goal of a 25.

From a social perspective, the productive society focuses on a learning agenda and on measures to reduce poverty and assist the unemployed.

Ahead of the chancellor's Autumn Statement, we are bound to see further concentration on measures of public borrowing, growth forecasts and inflation assumptions.

We must therefore dedicate ourselves to finding consensus on measures to revitalise it, so that it fulfills its mandate in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.

In 4% of cases measure for is used

According to this, there is no support for measures that perpetrate discrimination in sex.

Environmental monitoring would be undertaken to identify the need for measures to prevent exposure to dust.

Rogues not only alienate motorists, but undermine public support for measures that would make city cycling easier and safer.

He did it without any pre-event fanfare, it was set up without the team knowing and it wasn't done for measure of self-aggrandizement.

Sometimes even the problems are pleasurable, as was the case at a performance of Measure for Measure at Shakespeare in Central Park last year.

In 3% of cases measure in is used

The newcomer has grown in measures quite significantly though.

But one thing I am sure of is God gives and takes away in measure.

Yet to put in measures that would reduce pollutantswould probably save money.

The index did however show small deterioration in measures of employment, housing, household budget and net worth.

By week 10, the differences in measures of body weight, body fat, and waist size between the CQ-IG combination group vs.

From the above definition it can be realized that for the objectives of the various goals to be achieved, certain measures have to be put in place.

All of them point to weaknesses in measures which currently exist in police stations or places where individuals are taken for questioning when suspected of having committed offences.

In 3% of cases measure including is used

A Republican House will be able to ram through conservative legislation on simply majority votes, including measures to shrink government and cut taxes.

A consultation on regulations relating to FDPs, including measures to verify and define the content of an FDP, was carried out between March and June 2010.

In 3% of cases measure per is used

Decide whether the music has 2, 3, or 4 beats per measure.

The number of counts per measure is constant throughout a tune.

The single and double jigs have an even number of counts per measure.

This figure shows progressions as a list of chords (read left to right as if reading a paragraph ), one per measure.

But it is more likely that the conductor will give only two beats per measure, with a dotted quarter (or three eighth notes) getting one beat.

In the same way, three eight may only have one beat per measure; nine eight, three beats per measure; and twelve eight, four beats per measure.

In 3% of cases measure with is used

The CPI is broadly -consistent with measures used internationally.

This is done with measures to reduce domestic demand, both government and private.

In 2% of cases measure by is used

For He whom God has sent speaks the words of God; for God gives not the Spirit by measure to Him.

The powers will be balanced by measures to prevent false claims in order to get material removed.

A tightening of the budget, which has enormous implications for domestic demand, must be accompanied by measures that promote growth as well.

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