Prepositions used with "meaning"

"of meaning", "for meaning" or "in meaning"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases meaning of is used
    Their futures had been sapped of meaning.
    Math is presented in a context of meaning.
    Every communicative act is an act of meaning.
    It's just a cliche of action cinema, used without sensitivity and drained of meaning.
    I learned that words like honor and dignity have a depth and breadth of meaning I had never before imagined.
    Its been six months since arriving back on my native soil, and this dream is still revealing layers of meaning.
    The issue I have with meaning of life questions isn't to do with life, but with the concept of meaning, or purpose.
    As soon as I recognized the difference between the two hands of the father, a new world of meaning opened up for me.
    Vague shadows of meaning had flickered at the back of his mind, but there was nothing he could get any firm grasp on.
    One would bring a feeling of meaning and purpose in life, the other would continue to make life harder than it should be.

    In 15% of cases meaning for is used
    But it is the hope for meaning that propels people to continue working even when times are dark.
    Everything goes through an intense process to see if it is valuable to them and their quest for meaning.
    Nor look for meanings which have no relevance to your life or to the lives of the Qur'an's first believers.
    Nor look for meanings which have no relevance to your life or to the lives of the Qur'an's first believers.
    JG: it is the production of narrative and search for meaning, t through the assemblage of things that are linked.
    We long for meaning and sense to our trials, to know and be assured in some small part that our suffering is not in vain.
    Our re-imagining will involve that ongoing search for meaning, the questioning of perceived wisdom in the pursuit for truth.
    What other betterments could the quest for meaning bring to a company or are there even some downsides to it? What do you think? Thanks Toby.
    Before two people can effectively talk to each other they have to share a common language (a common set of symbols, common grammar, common schemes for meaning, etc).
    These purposes however should not be mindless, indeed they should be questioned for meaning as early on as possible in the life-cycle of a company and in people relationships.

    In 14% of cases meaning in is used
    It has become vacant in meaning.
    I believe they are parallel in meaning.
    Radical art is a form of agency over against a trade in meaning or in objects.
    Note the differences in meaning between: An ancient-history teacher and An ancient history-teacher.
    That's a far simpler statement and much more direct in meaning (if the meaning was what you believe).
    These five codes of conduct are deep in meaning and are like aphorisms for us to reflect as well even today.
    The magistrate thought that the passage was unmistakable in meaning and that it was intended to be vulgar and filthy.
    One thing is for sure, both ' facts and truth ' and ' democracy ' have little conformity in meanings across the Mercosur nations.
    It has been alleged that during the Soviet days, differences in meanings of Turkish words in different republics were encouraged.
    Its contents are broad in scope and deep in meaning, drawn from lectures and interviews that took place over a period of two decades.

    In 8% of cases meaning with is used
    Say it with meaning, say it with power.
    Leading from the Front! Yes, this is loaded with meaning.
    A strategic story is memorable, adaptable and imbued with meaning.
    The poet's approach to language is to pack sentences with meanings.
    Well if they want to engage their fans with meaning, maybe this will do the trick.
    One thing does not follow another with meaningful results unless it is required to do so.
    Our thinking also shares with those academic Greeks a fascination with existence more than with meaning.
    The issue I have with meaning of life questions isn't to do with life, but with the concept of meaning, or purpose.
    Thereby only, they have wrote all the realizations and understandings they got as songs with meanings hidden in them.
    This truth does not take away the knowledge of loneliness, but it puts it in its proper place and fills it with meaning.

    In 6% of cases meaning to is used
    On the other hand, an infinitive is the verb preceded by to meaning, to do something.
    It has kept me tethered to meaning and purpose, but it certainly wasn't always that way.
    Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.
    Words offer the means to meaning, and, for those who will listen, the ennunciation of truth.
    We use such physical gestures and facial expressions naturally and intuitively to convey and respond to meaning.
    The rules are blind to meaning; rather, the rules apply in terms of the grammatical categories to which words belong, i.

    In 4% of cases meaning without is used
    And only NOW do I understand that those last two years of trying to put some boundaries have been a joke, because actions without meaning are nothing.
    The dualism which banishes the event into wordlessness, that is meaninglessness, would rob the word of its power to convey meaning as well, for it would then stand in a world without meaning.

    In 1% of cases meaning from is used
    meaning can only result from meaning.

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