Prepositions used with "matter"

"of matter", "in matter" or "on matter"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases matter of is used

A perfect vacuum is the absence of matter.

They are like phenomenological theory of matter.

The only thing that is preserved is the pattern of matter.

If there are no distances between bits of matter (as in a singularity) there is no time.

One wonders if there is still something about the structure of matter that we are missing.

We have considered all of this and determined there are a number of matters which require investigation by the IPCC.

In order to use the electromagnetic field to curve spacetime you need to convert huge amounts of matter into that form.

Time is subjective because energy is subjective and energy is the container of time (as space is the container of matter).

Until now the enormous energies needed to winkle out the Higgs from the building blocks of matter have not been available.

In 24% of cases matter in is used

This is a basic property inherent in matter.

The courts are held to be supreme in matters to do with the law.

Even in matters of the heart, the laws of supply and demand apply.

Putting in matters up for grabs are nt extremely initiatives in one or other of individuals.

We are clearly told that they were stricter in matters of jurisprudence than in other hadith.

In matters of Momentum, you need to follow conservation, even when you can't always spot where ' some of it goes '.

This is a resolute vote for public interest litigation, and is of particular importance in matters of public concern.

Thus, when you are desperate in matters of keeping the child with you can at once talk to a custody lawyer in Riverside.

The code also requires Pashtuns to abide by the decisions of the jirga (council of tribal leaders) in matters of dispute.

In 22% of cases matter on is used

I try and educate the other girls on matters concerning HIV.

I wonder who is advising the President on matters like that.

On matters of faith and morals, Arinze is quite conservative.

With resort to the courts on matters of Law rather than fact or specialist expertise.

CAS is the senior advisor to the Chief of Defence Staff on matters relating to air power.

This means that decisions on matters should be take at the level that is most appropriate.

As I have argued before, all sorts of foreigners are paraded before us on matters of economic or industrial policy.

While I'd on matters political, I had a fascinating exchange with a very well networked Conservative activist yesterday.

Article 12 does not interfere with parents ' right and responsibility to express their views on matters affecting their children.

Numerous tracks were observed due to charged particles resulting from the impact on matter of the very highly energetic cosmic rays.

In 8% of cases matter to is used

Anti-matter carries the opposite properties to matter.

Such examination shall be confined to matters specified in the order.

Be mindful of how you respond or react to discussions when it comes to matters of the heart.

The review clauses in the EPA text relate to matters of detail, not to fundamental architecture.

But not just with respect to matters of ' aqidah or beliefs - as some people today seem to think.

When it comes to matters of ' appearing different ' maybe politicians of every hue run for the hills.

You to matters of blood and connection for easy viewing, send it to your friends or rate the song become popular.

For instance, as opposed to matter, the electron of anti-matter is positively charged and its protons are negatively charged.

Please know that we aim to keep our collective eye on the long range planning even as we attend to matters needing immediate attention.

Subject matter Proposals for MPIs and urgency motions are accepted if they relate to matters of Commonwealth ministerial responsibility.

In 6% of cases matter with is used

The law says that the council should continue to deal with matters in the normal way.

With matters getting out of control, Kotelawala as the chairman, stepped in, to bring order.

I force my dreamy brain, taken up with matters I consider more cerebral, to visualise seasonal vegetables.

Dealing with matters like this as an adult, without coddling, will ensure that Rob Pattinson grows as an adult.

However the administration twisted and turned, motive in this instance seemed bound up with matters of religion.

Because of their relatively large size, alpha particles collide readily with matter and lose their energy quickly.

The court also deals with matters referred to it by way of Case Stated from a Judge of the CircuitCourt or of theHigh Court.

When we deal with the interaction of light with matter we usually find it convenient to think of light as a stream of particles.

I enjoy representing the people of this fantastic electorate in the NSW Parliament and helping with matters of concern to them.

Saying that mass is inherent in matter is simply not good enough, especially when dealing with matter at the quantum (sub-atomic) level.

In 4% of cases matter about is used

They talked about matters of which they have little direct knowledge.

However, this should not prevent one from learning about matters relating to sexual behaviour.

These ethical beliefs are not as subject to change as opinions about matters of fact or theory, but they are subject to change.

He was fearless in speaking his mind about educational matters and challenged many a senior civil servant about matters of justice in this area.

His intervention has done its work: the issue is now in danger of becoming about matters of character and choice, rather than anything systemic.

These people are deeply suspicious of real democracy, and don? t believe that we, the people, can be trusted to make the right decisions about matters that directly affect us.

In 2% of cases matter from is used

And because they are too materially absorbed, the conception of retaining the personality after liberation from matter frightens them.

The two points in dispute were: (1) Whether the dead would be raised and exist in a future state; and, (2) Whether mind was distinct from matter.

But Christianity, the age of thought, was also an era of intolerable duality, of man separated from God, of spirit separated from matter, and thought from action.

Confess both - Acknowledge, or receive both as true; that is, that there is a future state, and that there are spirits distinct from matter, as angels, and the disembodied souls of people.

In 2% of cases matter into is used

So, I looked deeper into matters and came across the QWR information.

You are only supposed to provide her with a solution, and not to jump into matters and start helping her with everything.

I know that sounds silly, but think of the way you view our capacity to dive deeply into matters of spiritual or religious study.

So that what is on the perimeter of galaxies isn't a halo of dark matter, but energy condensing into matter, with increasing density the further toward the center of the galaxy.

By viewing life in terms of energy, we understand that our higher self coupled with our thought/mind action creates, and our actions/energy solidifies this thought into matter or results.

In 1% of cases matter for is used

Expansion of the universe, by expanding the available configuration space for matter, increases the potential maximal entropy of its contents.

Our city who thru him has earned various recognition for matters that has helped each one of us progress into the kind of citizens we are now.

In 1% of cases matter over is used

I got the idea from Amanda of Kind Over Matter http: //www.

Shortly after coming to Shirdi Baba displayed his mastery over matter.

When it is about issues and demographics people tend to value winning the issue over matters of character.

Roshan manages to return to the fore, and a tug of war commences between him and Zia over matters of influence.

Our race must perfect its power over matter before it can wisely select the ends to which it will apply that power.

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