Prepositions used with "marriage"

"of marriage", "in marriage" or "for marriage"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases marriage of is used

But about the pressures of marriage.

Discuss here on 40 years of marriage.

Didn't particularly dream of marriage.

There is no discussion about changing the view of marriage for heterosexual couples.

The woman bought our house and after 22 years of marriage, we went our separate ways.

After 15 years of marriage, Maggie finally persuaded her husband to give her a child.

There is a period of ten years when the church records of marriages at the German Evangelical Church are missing.

This is especially the case as the benefits of marriage could have particular benefits for gay and lesbian people.

This is the story of Nisha whose husband after eight years of marriage and two kids dumps her for a younger woman.

However, later with western influence, the legal registration of marriage has become an important part of weddings.

In 15% of cases marriage in is used

In marriage it is for better or worse.

That's about giving and taking in marriage.

Some their problems start early in marriage.

It is natural order for male &; female in humans to be brought together in marriage.

It doesn't necessarily have to end in marriage or eternity or some other definition.

There can be a certain loneliness in marriage that is more painful than being alone.

There is a vital place in marriage for sexual attraction, but a marriage can not be built on sexual attraction alone.

As to the question of equal rights in marriage, I feel the need to defend what I think is a minority to which I belong.

Woman was created to be a suitable companion for man, and a single man and a single woman were to be united in marriage.

I won't say I don't have one or 2 quarel with my hubby which is so normal in marriage but we have the best relationship.

In 11% of cases marriage for is used

This is why it is best kept for marriage.

Khalil-ur-Rehman proposed her for marriage.

We live in a toxic environment for marriage.

I still believe sex should not be part of dating and that it should be reserved for marriage.

The ' modern ' woman on the other hand does not mind cohabiting while she waits for marriage.

Gay marriage will doubtless further weaken, and justify weakening, state support for marriage.

Those supporting the marriage amendment, like the organization Minnesota for Marriage, are taking the same approach.

States issue marriage licenses, and should be empowered to vote in their own state about those eligible for marriage.

When the time came for marriage, she was married in a simple ceremony to her first cousin, Abdullah ibn Ja'far Tayyar.

I also think it's very worrying that he is continuing a relationship with you whilst pursuing other girls for marriage.

In 7% of cases marriage about is used

S and Canada are talking about marriage.

All I've ever heard about marriage is that it's hard.

A priest had preached enthusiastically about marriage.

About marriage; Everyone is permitted to marry, providing certain criteria are met.

I always discuss about marriage with John but he replies me with, we will soon get married.

GoldenGateCA: You know, all these people saying bad things about marriage Loading comments.

When I mention Shelly, people think she's my wife and when I say no, they ask the inevitable question about marriage.

This seems to me to be true even if you don't think that it matters one way or the other what Jesus taught about marriage.

One day a young man approached me to talk about marriage but I told him I was not interested in that line of conversation.

Infact I'd wager that there are more cliches floating around about marriage than any other topic (except for maybe death and taxes.

In 7% of cases marriage to is used

The typical threat to marriage was adultery.

The biggest threat to marriage isn't same sex marriage.

I have had the best of men but it did not lead to marriage.

Deciding if you're ready to make the commitment to marriage is only half the battle.

When this relationship is elevated to marriage, it changes to another ball game entirely.

The Christians, Muslims and other communities also have caste consciousness within them like when it comes to marriage.

Your definition of what is fundamental to marriage (ability to create children) is patently ridiculous and you know it.

She touches on all kinds of things - from raises to marriage, to mothering, but always in a light, surface-skimming way.

It should be clear from this discussion, that since sexual relations should be confined to marriage, contraception is so limited.

In 4% of cases marriage after is used

Love wanes after marriage, as it is.

We havent decided where to live after marriage.

Two people get into physical communion after marriage.

You should continue to respect your wife's intelligence and capabilities after marriage also.

Share your problems Even after marriage you should maintain the bond you share with your wife.

Others will do it because they want people they befriended after marriage to see them get married again.

On this reading, Deuteronomy 22:13? 21 is concerned to clarify the paternity of a child born shortly after marriage.

She still hopes she is going to be a housewife after marriage, I of course will remind her of the reality we will be facing.

If compatibility was a real issue then people would just go through marriage after marriage until they find the right person.

In 4% of cases marriage before is used

Sex before marriage is still obtaainable.

I've even heard of the line being crossed before marriage.

You're not supposed to do it before marriage OK? It's not good.

Like the white dress, a veil used to symbolize a woman's purity and virginity before marriage.

As for sex, it's not so clear she would have disapproved of sleeping together before marriage.

I for one always wanted to be 30 at least before marriage so i could give the best to my family.

Even her old-fashioned insistence that she didn't believe in sex before marriage became another unique selling point.

What Not To Do When Cohabiting It is not unusual in Kenya for a man and a woman to meet and become friends before marriage.

However, both spouses should agree on the amount disclosure that they feel comfortable with and is necessary before marriage.

Sometimes we perform actions that we later on regret, and this is an example of a relationship that went too far before marriage.

In 3% of cases marriage on is used

I was so grateful for Harville Hendrix tape on Marriage as a Spiritual Path.

But many people believe that some families break the laws on marriages without knowing it.

When it comes to children, family payments are not based upon marriage, but upon whether you have a child.

Contemporary Canadian perspectives on marriage are a whole lot different than what they were in the 1500s.

You need to make sure you are not treated as someone who came to US on pretext on marriage and now living separately.

She is the host of Ghana's number one radio and television talk show on Marriage, Love and Sex called ' Odo Ahomaso ' on Adom 106.

Watch how Romney reacts when a Vietnam vet asks about his stance on marriage equality: Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.

Also, friends, especially if they are of the same age group, may give the wrong advice on marriage, due to their own inexperience in the area.

Many will be offended by what they believe are the intolerant, narrow teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on marriage.

In 2% of cases marriage by is used

I have changed my name by marriage.

A culture may ascribe or by marriage.

And she is not only Conrad Hilton's great-granddaughter, she is also Elizabeth Taylor's grand-niece by marriage.

Further to that, AG Gani Patail and CM Musa Aman's brother, Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, are related by marriage.

He was the uncle by marriage of the Welsh King, Coel Godhebog, who is believed to be the Old King Cole of the Nursery Rhyme.

I don't wish people to think who I am by marriage, or that I am married at all; it would be so awkward while I lead my present life.

Anonymous Posted: 18/05/2004 14:05 I have an aunt by marriage in hospital at the moment &; she has put a nephew down as her next of kin.

Funding was initially provided by the Royal family, but soon to include the Rothchilds (related to Lord Northcliffe by marriage) and the Rockefellers.

These arguments are not negated by marriage breakdown, the early death of a parent, the adoption of children, de facto relationships, or the practice of step-parenting.

From Trivia/Anecdotes: Oliver Reed was related by marriage to fellow actor Edward Fox, who was once married to Reed's cousin Tracy Reed, daughter of director Carol Reed.

In 2% of cases marriage into is used

Divorce rates peak at three years into marriage.

It may be that you have carried this belief with you into marriage.

With love and comittment human beings turn mating into marriage and family.

It, s so unfortunate that these trend of infidelity is eating deep into marriages.

People come into marriage with difference expectations which are not consciously expressed.

People run blithely into marriage, never thinking that they will be the ones to get divorced.

It's important for Muslim couples to walk into marriage with proper information about sex and sexual etiquette from an Islamic perspective.

The following is a look at some of the guidelines or tips that will help all couples getting into marriage find ideal songs for beach themes.

Most women now go into marriages these days with the mind that the husband must cheat, so they say as long as he is performing his duties, close your eyes.

What about the boy? Who checks his virginity? Does it even matter? Ideally, both the boy and the girl should go into marriage not having had sexual intercourse before.

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