Prepositions used with "mark"

"of mark" or "by mark"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases mark of is used

Types of marks made by each subject.

Thus there are five types of marks-on-paper.

A merit list is prepared in order of marks scored.

Scholarships and stipends are awarded on the basis of marks obtained in the examination.

Prohibition of registration of marks identical with standardization marks as trade marks.

Verse 37 has been cutout of chapter 8 of Acts and verse 28 has been removed from chapter 15 of Mark.

Now, combine ACER with the crazy eyes of Mark McGough Whitlam, and there was no way the Roos were going to sneak past us.

It is best to cover everything in the report? photographs are a really good idea if there are heaps of marks and damage.

One big cat, spotted by a roadside between the villages of Mark and Burtle, in Somerset, was said to be as tall as a car.

At the moment I am working full time as the Curator of Mark My Word which is India's First Content and Design Conference.

In 20% of cases mark by is used

In a deposition conducted by Mark J.

By Mark Arike All it takes is one person to say no.

How my program passed the Turing Test by Mark Humphrys.

Steve Williams the former St Josephs &; Drummoyne second rower was and did have has jaw broken by Mark Shaw.

Notably, 504 million shares held by Mark Zuckerberg are eligible, but he declared that he wouldn't sell them.

With Nic Kerdiles not eligible to play, LaBate has been playing on Wisconsin's top line that is centered by Mark Zengerle.

Joe Duignan's cleverly lofted ball into the box was met brilliantly by Mark Gannon's header, giving the goalkeeper no chance.

The Hillmen bounced straight back and Josh Ollerenshaw in the Curzon goal needed to be at his best to keep out a goal-bound effort by Mark Battersby.

In 12% of cases mark with is used

But what a job he did with Mark and his sorrow.

Don't know what's wrong with marks out of ten, personally.

I have to agree with Mark -- there is balance, if not a slight skew to the conservative.

With the movie coming out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, we caught up with Mark Andrews, one of the film's directors.

Raewyn Morrison rode home for Cycle Obsession, with Mark Leishman (Cabin racing) narrowing the margin by the finish.

In defiance of this act and as a way to cloud it from her mind, Sarah randomly tries to take up running with Mark (okay.

The other panellists debating with Mark Thompson were Lord (Gus) O'Donnell, the former Cabinet Secretary and Polly Toynbee.

Do they stick with Mark Hughes or do they twist and bring in a new manager? Hughes is not a manager that gets instant success.

Here is an interview with Mark at the Future of Talent, Technology &; Social Recruiting #SRTech12 on September 25th in London.

Well, I've worked with Mark Ribot, and in Musician magazine, I think, he's listed as one of the hundred best guitarists world-wide.

In 11% of cases mark to is used

But perhaps we should point out to Mark: It's a German paper.

Also notice that the notes to Mark 16:9-20 mention that this.

Rogen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, to Mark and Sandy Rogen.

Voters gave the seat to Mark Meadows, a Republican real estate developer, who defeated Mr.

The connections between Ayoub, WICS and Gaddafi seem to have been unknown to Mark Steyn's lawyers.

Spectator, July 24 (thanks to Mark ): Now, the American people are starting to wake up to the truth.

Not even my Mother reads it! Return to Mark Lenahan's webpage Friday, January 05, 2007 My First PC Very nerdy post this one.

The study into why we lie was carried out to mark the DVD release of spy thriller ' Safe House, ' which stars Denzel Washington.

To Mark: Sorry, far from it, we just have a combined hundreds of years experience of doing business in this sad country of ours.

And scholars suggest that the reason that the name Bartimaeus was known to Mark is that he became a prominent member in the early church.

In 9% of cases mark in is used

Apolia in Mark 14:4 refers to wasted perfume.

This enabled us to build great trust in Mark.

Jesus is pretty clear on the point in Mark 10.

Georgia (10-1) reached 10 wins for the eighth time in Mark Richt's dozen seasons as coach.

In Mark's gospel, it's the town to which the disciples set sail while Jesus went into the hills to pray.

I think he was in mark Hughes plans for the game against reading but arriving late and not let past the barrier, make sense.

Why is this significant? In Mark Sisson's The Primal Blueprint, he talks about his own birthday party and not eating a piece of his own cake.

It is quoted in Mark, where it is not part of the discussion with the Pharisees, but an additional teaching Jesus gave the disciples in private.

Northern Illinois Chris Chambers/Getty Images Northern Illinois also had a first-year coach last season in Mark Montgomery and look to moving in the right direction.

In 7% of cases mark for is used

Oilers Nation Setting lines in the sand for Mark Jankowski.

For Mark and Michael, music is the key to unlocking potential.

You feel bad for Mark, but at the same time, you want to win games.

This year, Leicester City Arts &; Museums service is planning an exhibition for mark this anniversary.

For Mark Andaya, trying to explain this is as fruitful as scoring a basket after the final buzzer has sounded.

We had great seats so we were close enough to the stage for Mark Foster to whisper sweet nothings in our ears (yeah, right).

Red Bull remain unbeaten in qualifying this season with seven pole positions for Sebastian Vettel and three for Mark Webber.

Di Matteo's wasn't expected but doesn't surprise given Abramovich's track record and for Mark Hughes the inevitable has happened.

It will ultimately come together for Mark Hughes and this side where they'll start winning games, but I still don't believe in their system.

Father: What difference does that make? SON: Well, there are so many of us in the class that when it's my turn for marks there aren't any left.

In 6% of cases mark from is used

Hear Jesus ' good news from Mark 9:30-37.

Excellent guide from Mark Pilgrim, still under development.

Most scholars think that Matthew learned it directly from Mark.

There are also keynotes from Mark Anzani, VP and CTO for System z at IBM.

We are very pleased to have a guest contribution to our blog from Mark Harrison.

This will include a welcome from Mark Anderson, Chair of the Right to Know Committee.

He won an apology from Mark Thompson, the recently-departed director-general and the BBC said it would show future programmes in full.

As reported last year, the company fielded a $600 million acquisition offer from Citrix, exactly 6 years after raising $350,000 from Mark Cuban.

The BBC then followed up a few days later with a full report from Mark Ward including several young hackers explaining their exhibits, plus a serious plug for the power of the Raspberry Pi.

In 3% of cases mark about is used

I've been finding myself thinking about Mark non-stop, in fact, for the past few mths.

Read the article about Mark's ramble in the West Bank in the Guardian by clicking here.

I don't have any feeling about Mark Halprin one way or another, but he is being railroaded.

Speaking about Mark's remarkable journey, Mr Turner said: ' We are now on the brink of something phenomenal.

What other things did you notice about Mark's cover letter? Kindly share your thoughts in the section below.

Especially the one about Mark; I was so startled by it that I got him to repeat it to make sure I had not misunderstood him.

So the friends I choose to surround myself with now are the ones that can laugh with me about Mark's life and cry with me about his loss, but are always, always ready to talk.

In 3% of cases mark like is used

Brad is more like Mark Singer than he is like.

More likely, I think, would be a story on someone like Mark Hauser, the disgraced primatologist.

Or you end up like Mark Hughes, paying peak value for players in fees and wages, most of whom will represent worse and worse value for money as their contract goes on.

In 2% of cases mark on is used

See on Matthew 24:32; see on Mark 11:8.

Results of NEET will rank students based on marks scored.

And it's been reported in the press that Sheryl Sandberg cried on Mark Zuckerberg's shoulder, which is not exactly what happened.

The fourth-ranked Yates jumped out to a 6-0 lead on Mark Martin at 165 pounds and rolled to a 7-1 win to cut it back to a one-point lead for the Buckeyes after six matches.

Beginning this year, interviews will be more student-led than teacher-directed, allowing students to share what they've learned instead of focusing on marks and assignments.

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