Prepositions used with "manager"

"of manager" or "for manager"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases manager of is used

A lot of managers have to go through this.

In my opinion, China does not lack of managers.

Because of manager conflicts, I am no longer with Google.

So far it has felt as though I am being pushed around an ever increasing system of managers etc.

The combination of manager Joe Mercer and Coach Malcolm Allison was one that flourished immediately.

Bermudian winger Reggie Lambe was up and down but, as a find of manager Paul Mariner, could be back.

This has been perpetuated over the decades and attracted the type of managers who feel in control in such an environment.

In Brazil, the study revealed that 98% of managers are confident in their company's growth prospects for the coming year.

Last week alone, however, Leinster rivals Dublin and Meath both finalised appointments of managers just either side of the 40 mark.

To be of practical use, a classification of managers must be a compromise between the theoretically optimal and the practical solutions.

In 20% of cases manager for is used

Very useful for managers climbing the greasy pole.

This is what you can use for managers and senior staff.

On a final note -- those calling for Liam Brady or Roy Keane for Manager make me laugh.

Is honesty always the best policy for managers and HR? I think it depends how you define honesty.

This map is an excellent resource for managers of global Web sites and global marketing executives.

Welfare standards differ from one country to another, and that? s what makes it a difficult task for managers.

The business schools for managers have a set learning period, after which you become a graduate or degree holder.

It is crucial for managers to know how situational factors, such as employee autonomy bring about positive deviance.

In 13% of cases manager by is used

His leg was dangling as he was assisted to the dugout by manager Joe Girardi and trainer Steve Donahue.

Ryan Giggs, who was chosen ahead of Beckham by manager Stuart Pearce, plodded through the game aimlessly.

Data and evidence is then fed into a performance management system and monitored, on an ongoing basis, by managers and directors.

Using the agent based model framework, we model the stock and flow structure of the system and the decision rule used by managers.

But the decision has been made for footballing reasons by manager Fabio Capello, and Lampard was quick to show his support for Terry.

Bin database file can also be used by managers and business owners for the to assess online transactions whether they are on debit or credit cards.

At the same time, the empirical literature also suggests that internal monitoring by managers plays an influential role in affecting firm valuation.

NHS Warwickshire is cutting ' low priority ' treatments which include injections for back pain and any orthopaedic surgery must be first cleared by managers.

But before i proceed, i want to re-emphasize the point that the business schools attended by managers differ from the business schools attended by entrepreneurs.

In 11% of cases manager to is used

According to manager Zane Branson, Makau closed with a 2.

Management style Management style varies from fund to fund and manager to manager.

Minding the Bottom Line Once the money starts rolling in, bloggers need ways to manager it.

Around our 6 month anniversary, V got promoted to manager as she was the longest standing staff member.

However, the manager REALLY wanted me to stay and work my way up to manager (he made $150,000 at the time).

That didn't matter to manager (?) Martin - he went out of his way to accommodate our party of three (which included my 12yr old son).

The role differs depending on the office, but in all cases you'll provide key information and administrative assistance to managers, staff and service users.

As a result, the club needs to balance the books by sending a few players out on loan and also by selling some of the players according to manager Roberto di Matteo.

In this book, the nine Team Roles - now familiar to managers and management trainers all over - are explored further, adding value to the original Team Role concepts.

In 9% of cases manager with is used

I had many problems as a player with managers.

Players don't argue with managers, especially in public.

On the other hand he has screwed up both with managers and marquee signings like no other.

One thing you'll see on the TV is Fergie laughing and joking with managers whose teams Manure will probably beat.

Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge is nearing the Chelsea exit-door having fallen out of favour with manager Roberto Di Matteo.

In my work with managers what I see is a struggle to loosen their white knuckled grip on how things need to be done to finding fluidity and freedom in managing and leading.

But the east Londoners can smell an upset, with manager Dan Curtis asking his troops to take a leaf out of Leyton Orient's book following their last-ditch FA Cup win midweek.

In 5% of cases manager as is used

He asked for the appointment of Mr Septimus Short, accountant, as manager.

Management team All of the management team are also trip leaders as well as managers.

Also, news from Livingston that Gareth Evans will continue as manager for the foreseeable.

Herbert Blanche, who will act as manager, and the business will be conducted at the old stand on LaPlanche Street in Amherst.

He was best known as manager of The Sex Pistols and had briefly managed The New York Dolls prior to that and Bow Wow Wow afterwards.

Action was denied as it was thought any stranger acting as manager might seem to imply financial difficulty in the business, &; might cause it harm.

This hollowing out of work is seeing the dislook and feel of middle-wage! middle-skilled jobaloney such as managers! secretaries! or putting your unit together line workers.

In 4% of cases manager from is used

Personally I'd on the fence leaning towards the need for change from manager to the board.

The list below is made up of various recommendations from managers working in the industry, who know a lot more than me and the.

They made operational? exibility a top management priority and secured support from managers across sales, engineering, and key supply chain functions.

In the US, an out-of-school college graduate might make $50,000 and a manager $80,000-$100,000, so let's say it's a two to one ratio from manager to employee.

In December, 1970, it was reported in Spotlight that the Casino had split from manager Liam Ryan and were looking for a new manager, and found it difficult enough.

In 3% of cases manager including is used

Fox held various management positions with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG &E); in San Francisco, California, including Manager, Energy Efficiency Services.

This is important, because the rest of the project team, including managers all the way up the chain, won't fully support your work unless they understand what you're trying to do.

In 2% of cases manager on is used

Some of those earlier stories mentioned Loic Remy once again and the Marseille striker is known to have been on manager Harry Redknapp's radar in the past.

In 2% of cases manager under is used

To have Adel for another four years under manager Mark Hughes is truly awesome.

Under manager Connie Lynch, the trio drafted top musicians from several bands to form an eight piece powerhouse that promised a mix of country and pop for punters.

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