Prepositions used with "man"

"of man", "for man" or "to man"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases man of is used

That was the type of man he was.

It shows what kind of man he is.

Children of Men is simply amazing.

Very handy!!! Watch that when you pick the brains of men, that they have a brain to pick.

Thus I can only say I've been quite disappointed by the responses of many of these women.

He said contrary to Lewis ' claims, there was not a group of men just himself and Beenie.

However, lest we think piracy belongs to the era of men in wigs with parrots on their shoulders, I have news to report.

This is a story of feuding nations, of creatures that have no concept of mercy and of Men that have nowhere left to go.

Every remnant of man's sin, every sign of iniquity, every last trace of evil will be devoured by the heat of this fire.

He will come to death, an image of the splendor of the kings of Men in glory undimmed before the breaking of the world.

In 15% of cases man for is used

I have looked for men all around.

Suffering for man will never end.

This commandment is for men alone.

If you want anything from this collection, visit a fabric store selling fabrics for men.

There is far more support for women with EDs, PTSD and depression than there is for men.

PLR Products are a wonderful way for men and women to start making cash without needing to generate their own product.

Through culture men gets traditional interpretation for many situations according to which he determines his behavior.

Maori ate less (863mg for men, 711mg for women) and Pacific Islanders lagged even further (men 693mg and women 604mg).

In 13% of cases man to is used

Man answering to man and himself.

He should stick to men's subjects.

Man to man, 1 v 1, win the battle.

The sanction for their enforcement is spiritual reward or curse according to man's deeds.

It is a truth that the continuation of the human species is due to man's being forgiving.

When they reach 16, they are given to men, but some will have previously been sex slaves.

The Marathon will shut more than 20 miles of city roads and typically requires more than 1,000 police to man the route.

Stripping the gospel down to its bare essentials, it makes Christianity accessible to men and women of today's culture.

Staying married to man that cheats is not easy especially when he has lots of money to throw around and is a politician.

This seems to have been a matter of pride; a refusal to accept that woman was created to be a helpmeet or helper to man.

In 7% of cases man by is used

The power of a woman is feared by men.

SUCH activities should not be done by men.

Women at taxi ranks groped and pulled by men.

Diyagalla Ella Falls This was a beautiful water fall which had been completely wiped off by man.

Citizens feel cheated when they are misled by men who are claim to be speaking for the Government.

This is symbolized by man's effort to stand upon The Moon, which is made of symbolic Green Cheese.

There is a toilet on each of the space shuttles and on the International Space Station that can be used by men or women.

Jesus did not come to die as is often assumed by many but to bring the Truth, to explain to men the will of God, his father.

When it is available, animal traction is used mainly by men for primary tillage and inter-row cultivation of the family plot.

Both feature fearsome caricatures of African American matriarchs played by men in drag, but Perry at least seems to like women.

In 6% of cases man in is used

She adored self-confidence in men.

It is more common in men than women.

This we see both in man and in the Devil.

Crudely, it's seen as biologically innate in men, and an inevitable burden women must bear.

He was a realistic dealer in men, a master of games who understood the importance of ideas.

Rosacea is a condition that causes the face to flush, and symptoms tend to be worse in men.

Thus while in apes the baby can drop straight down &; out, in man the baby must rotate as it winds its way down &; out.

Treating hereditary hair loss in men and women requires serious considerations regarding not only efficacy, but safety.

This would be a giant leap in man's occupation of space and it could come soon after construction of the first elevator.

The solution to low herbage yield during drought periods may lie in man's ability to control weather through cloud seeding.

In 6% of cases man with is used

Then you have a problem with Man.

It is especially related with men.

I find i'd a lot more open with men.

The message I got was just about messing with men and included not a word about awareness.

Often, this is the first time women will have had a discussion with men in a public forum.

I love to communicate with men, I find they really do love to talk and express their opinions.

There were times that she slept with men for money (that she didn't need) or to be taken to the hottest party scenes.

Yes, it is a source of shame for England that we make our daughters examples of promiscuity by mixing so much with men.

Compliment Him-A Surefire Way to Flirt with Men Men love to be admired and have their ego stroked, especially by women.

I find the best relationships I've had with men have been when I've lived abroad, being forced to find a support system.

In 4% of cases man between is used

Difference Between Men and Women; 11.

The first marriage was between man and woman.

Readership is distributed evenly between men and women.

You and I know that jealousy is one of the most potent forces between man and woman.

Many trials enroll too few women to be able to study differences between men and women.

Mowgli had not the faintest idea of the difference that caste makes between man and man.

That is actually quite true but before we catch them, we also need to create a sense of trust between men and women.

Typically men in the US don't want to be perceived as gay, so any touching between men is usually not gentle or soft.

Our culture influences which categories we become interested in, which explains the differences between men and women.

He came to establish a relationship between man and God, and also to remind man to discharge the rights due to others.

In 2% of cases man among is used

Among men this fungal infection is quite common.

Noblest among men are the tamed, who endure abuse.

There is no better person among men except these two.

It represents Jesus Christ before he took on Himself a body to live among men (Jn 1:1-2).

This is doubtless very little, it is the last refuge of intellectual agreement among men.

The number is the number of a man, computed after the usual manner among men, and it is 666.

The second set of stone tables represents Christ, who did not break the law when He came to earth to live among men.

In those findings the most preferred colors among men are blue, green and red; brown and purple were the least liked.

Now we'll admit it depends on the individual but there is a tendency among men to argue that they are better at driving.

There is One though, not a religion, that tells us God came down, lived and walked among men as a Human, showed us the Way to Him.

In 2% of cases man from is used

Apart from man, the Stoat has no natural enemy.

Jeff The gods do not deduct from man's allotted.

Therefore, looking for gratification and love from men.

Some labour to hide their sins from man but they stubbornly refuse to let all the sins go.

They acquire consideration from men and women in diverse age and of any kind of profession.

They join Joan Angel Roman who we got from Man City, I think this guy really could have a future.

We're very keen to hear stories from men, women, and the parents of children who may wish to compete or currently do.

Foreign players or no, the youth programs at PL clubs produce enough home grown ones, from Man U and Arsenal to West Ham.

I have learnt this religion from men naturally, just as inevitably all people will have to have learnt their relifion from men.

In 2% of cases man On is used

He's given up on men who have daughters.

Sheesh, there has been a lot going on man.

It originally ran on Men Who Lead Well (www.

The Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus found himself short on men during the late 1080's.

If it breaks down, keep half an eye on Man City's Adam Johnson moving to North London on loan.

Mossberg Bumped Our dictatorship doesn't depend on men with guns but men with pens and pocket protectors.

If he was gay, and called it ' the boyfriend ' mode, would that be a slur on men being crap at games? *Well, there would be.

Some focused on women, others on men, the elderly, people with mental illness, people with HIV, refugees and the unemployed.

Particularly pleasant is that despite the focus being on men and their issues, the women are well-drawn, rounded characters too.

If you had spent half the advice on men, you never know some could have understood what self restraint and respect for women meant.

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