Prepositions used with "maintenance"

"of maintenance" or "for maintenance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases maintenance of is used

The buildings are in dire need of maintenance.

It doesn't need surveys of levels of maintenance.

The importance of maintenance can't be over-emphasized.

You will find that the oil change is about the most expensive part of maintenance.

This makes the system very energy efficient and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Many of the light poles revealed a lack of maintenance as they were rotting at the base.

The oil lamp used by Padre Tubby Clayton in the Upper Room at Talbot House is known as the Lamp of Maintenance.

Consider the plant's required amount of maintenance Different plant varieties require different amounts of maintenance.

With the passage of time, only 5 of these survived while 4 others, embittered by lack of maintenance were gobbled down by the lake.

In a way they are lucky to be selling as big homes require a lot of maintenance and my sister doesn't even help out with tiny things.

In 27% of cases maintenance for is used

It is a garment for maintenance and rest.

The basic water requirement for maintenance (see Section 5.

A spouse can apply for maintenance even if living with the other spouse.

Define clear responsibilities for maintenance of certificate contact information.

The plant's other unit, Salem 2, was already offline for maintenance when the storm hit.

By the way, I believe the jobs/courses website was up and down over the weekend for maintenance.

The calcineurin inhibitors (tacrolimus and pimecrolimus) -- is often used for maintenance therapy with varied results.

A pool may be closed for maintenance, or air conditioning may only be available at certain times of the day and/or year.

A full-sized Cessna is also housed at the Hawthorn laboratory, providing hands-on opportunities for maintenance training.

A parent, legal guardian, health board or any person holding legal status in relation to a child may apply for maintenance.

In 8% of cases maintenance to is used

Oracle does restrict patchsets and patches to maintenance buyers.

Due to maintenance activity, online services provided by MCGM will not beavailalble between 8.

In fact to reduce the problem to maintenance of law and order in itself profoundly miss the point.

In addition to maintenance, you need to be concerned about previous body damage, flood damage or lingering service problems.

This doctor believes Andy won't accomplish much before he gets to maintenance since cancer treatment is exhausting which makes it hard to push them in PT.

From processing technology to maintenance services, the movement and selection of materials, all show the support and respect of Tissot watches for green.

It is limited by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which requires due regard to maintenance of public order, health and morals.

Forestry and other major industries contribute significantly to maintenance of, and investment in, infrastructure including roads, rail and access to sea links to the world and our markets.

In 7% of cases maintenance on is used

Oversee and advise the CEO on maintenance of service and contracts.

Like all housing, high-rise accommodation requires spending on maintenance.

The vessel's crew worked on maintenance of oil platforms off Nigeria's shores.

Eliminate funding for new motorways, only spend on maintenance of existing ones.

Giving a lovely fragrance and at the same time low on maintenance being a hardy plant.

These results proved that multi-domain CogTr had a better training effect on maintenance.

There will also be opportunities for designers and service engineers who focus on maintenance, repair and after-sales support.

I would like to see reports on conservation of built environment heritage in Port Elizabeth, also information on maintenance and updating of.

There is also a great area for training on combines, a machine shop to work on maintenance procedures, and additional rooms for instructions as needed.

Spending a little time and money on maintenance now could avoid the cost of replacing your tank in the future, as well as the cost of cleaning up any spills.

In 5% of cases maintenance in is used

I think this is another aspect of the learning curve of being in maintenance.

This contributes to cost savings in maintenance -- fewer trips up the poles for workers.

The material and design of the belt conveyor play a role in maintenance, performance, and life expectancy.

When in reserve, they were borne on the Ordinary books of the dockyard and employed in maintenance of the ship.

The operator, leasing Casa Loma from the City, will be required to maintain public access, respect the heritage of the land and buildings, and invest in maintenance of the buildings.

In 4% of cases maintenance with is used

Stolen vehicles usually do not come with maintenance records.

As the stadium ages, with maintenance issues coming further into play, it.

With maintenance and training requirements, however, it can often only call on half that number at any given time.

The Nairobi player should be offered amnesty too by all the ladies he has impregnated as long as he comes through with maintenance payments.

In 2% of cases maintenance as is used

Thus, the need for laws that will ensure safety of the environment as well as maintenance of such infrastructure became sacrosanct.

The actual organizing of reports and also bills, monitoring of tasks, tracking of performance as well as maintenance of accounts become automatic.

In 2% of cases maintenance by is used

Crude petroleum output was particularly affected by maintenance and production difficulties.

The helicopter was fitted with dual controls which could be simply removed by maintenance crew or by the pilot himself.

I think that as these laboratory observations may not reflect the conditions in the open sea, the behaviour of his Glaucus could be greatly affected by maintenance in captivity.

In 1% of cases maintenance during is used

The blaze began during maintenance work when the crew was cutting through a pipe.

No attempt was made by PDG Helicopters, the helicopter's maintenance engineers, to forward it to Mr McRae or to update the manual during maintenance of G-CBHL.

Again, she chopped up his body, deep-froze the parts and eventually buried them under the icecream parlour, where they were found by chance during maintenance work last year.

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