Prepositions used with "lord"

"of lord" or "by lord"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases lord of is used

The gospel of Lord Mitt Romney.

King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Master of Masters.

The full text of Lord McAlpine's statement can be found here.

King Janaka (father of Sita, the holy consort of Lord Rama) was a king and a householder.

But I bet the powers of the Senate could be stripped away much like the UK house of lords.

He became the head of Lord Shiva's Gana (army) and hence Ganapati or Ganesha (Pati = head).

Buddhists commemorate the important events that took place in the life of Lord Buddha on this Vesak Full Moon Poya Day.

Be that as it may, we will not enter into an argument whether the story of Lord Rama is a historical fact or otherwise.

Mr Messham told the Sunday Express:? When I saw a picture of Lord McAlpine for the first time on Friday, I was mortified.

Paul B I'd a great admirer of Lord T, a true representative of working Britain 's, who instinctively knows what we thinking.

In 19% of cases lord by is used

What then happened was laid out last year in the investigation written by Lord Woolf.

And on the heavenly planets ruled by Lord Indra, one day equals six of our earthly months.

In a let-ter to the Prime Min-is-ter by Lord Arthur Balfour dated 19 th Feb-ru-ary 1919 LB he states:.

Worse, a storm has erupted over a voice message left on a councillor's phone by lord mayor Jeff McCloy.

On 16th October, 1905 Bengal was divided by Lord Curzon and this event further infuriated the activists.

And what was the requital? A proclamation by Lord Ellenborough, stigmatising the conduct of Lord Auckland.

The proposals by Lord Steel, the Liberal Democrat politician, could form the basis of worthwhile developments.

In a later memor-andum addressed to Lord Curzon by Lord Balfour on 11 August 1919 a sim-ilar notion is repeated:.

Soon after the corporation was founded in the 1920s by Lord John Reith, Britain was consumed by the General Strike.

In 15% of cases lord to is used

Chandra prayed to Lord Ganesha thereby.

In this way individuals can come closer to Lord.

And I am glad I am still praying to Lord Muruga and Siva.

To assure that it does not hurt our emotional feeling, so deeply attached to Lord Shiva.

Salutations to Lord Ganesha who removes all impediments and ensures blessedness and success.

Worshipful homage unto Lord Rama, divine incarnation of the Supreme Deity, Bhagavan Narayana.

Then Brahma and Mahavishnu repented for their mistake and prayed to Lord Shiva for forgiving their sin worshiping the shiva li.

According to my Malay Muslim friends I was sure destined to go to hell if I kept praying to Lord Muruga and his father Lord Siva.

What happened to Lord Lucan? Only when this is revealed by those that know, will Lord Lucan's children, be free from this dreadful legacy.

James Dingemans QC will examine the evidence and speak to Lord Triesman, who made the allegations under Parliamentary privilege on Tuesday.

In 8% of cases lord at is used

If it does, they may win at Lord's.

We had to rediscover that edge before the first Test at Lord's.

But he scored a century at Lord 's, and bowled India to a victory in Australia with 6 for 41.

A 6-wicket tow in his comeback match at Lord's in 1982 enabled Pakistan to mark a momentous win against England.

But do nt forget MJ has excelled in England and that is why he has 2 test tons at Lords and 3 ODI tons too there.

When Ricky Ponting scored his hundred at Lord 's, a couple of our players made a special point of walking across and shaking his hand.

It gives me no pleasure to say that because Pietersen is a special player and England will be weaker for his absence at Lord's on Thursday.

It wasn't until we reached the final Test at Lord's in August that we had anything resembling a tight finish, whether the ball was red or white.

In 4% of cases lord for is used

In the end how much money can any one person spend for Lord's sake.

This is not to suggest that England should have picked him for Lord's.

The outcome is good news for Lords reform because it underscores a pragmatic truth.

As for Lords reform Labour will I am sure put it in its manifesto but not the botched scheme Clegg wanted.

Once you learn enough about them BY MEETING THEM (for lord's sake!) you will be in a better position to judge and decide.

Now, almost three decades later, I am sitting in a restaurant in Chelsea, waiting for Lord Coe, as he now is, to arrive for lunch.

For Lord Brahma, the highest of all the demigods, his day equals one thousand cycles of the combined four ages of Satya, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali-yugas.

Clegg may not be telling the truth when he pretends that Lib Dem support for the new boundaries was always conditional upon Tory support for Lords reform.

As the deadline approaches for Lord Justice Leveson to make his recommendations on press regulation to the government, the public debate gets more strident.

This is an occasion for the people to express their regard, respect, love and reverence for Lord Rama by presenting dramas and pantomime shows depicting scenes from the great Ramayana.

In 4% of cases lord with is used

So she reincarnated as Parvati and was reunited with Lord Shiva.

As Mr Deighton was sharing a platform with Lord Coe, the Locog chairman.

In 1844 the Ragged School Union was formed with Lord Shaftesbury as its chairman.

He held Lord Rama to be one with Lord Vishnu and at a place as an incarnation of Parabrahma.

I hadn't grown up with The Hobbit, I hadn't grown up with Lord of The Rings, anything like that.

But the reason why is nothing to do with the NHS, or with Lords reforms -- Clegg's other fight.

Ganesha Shankh -- This conch shell is associated with Lord Ganesha and is used to help one do well in their studies.

Here he went shooting and fishing with Lord de Freyne, the O'Conors of Cloonalis and the county gentry and partied with them in the evenings.

I have had a number of discussions with Lord Freud and his office, drilling down on how some descriptors written into the initial draft were inadequate.

In 3% of cases lord in is used

King Henry was rescued and met with his queen in Lord Clifford's tent.

Scholarship in the bible is like scholarship in Lord Of The Rings, it's understanding storytelling.

Do you want to bet that in Lord McAlpine's future obituary there will be a mention of this incident? You bet there will.

Brownian, OM December 26, 2008 Scholarship in the bible is like scholarship in Lord Of The Rings, it's understanding storytelling.

The equivalents in Lord Of The Rings are generally much simpler, we suspect in part to try and maintain the more serious mood and more cinematic look.

My mind therefore started thinking, how to place the picture of the epic on a different footing without lessening the faith in Lord Rama, and naturally I prayed to Him and to Satgurudev.

In 2% of cases lord from is used

Cameron quotes from Lord Turnbull, the former cabinet secretary.

No body from Lord Coe, the PM extra down will ever talk about the real financial losses.

I see that one of the first statements from Lord Hunt, now brought in to oversee the PCC, is that it is not a regulator.

It is believed that Bhasmasur had sought a boon from Lord Shiva that if Bhasmasur would put his hand on head of any person, that person would burn to his death.

He looked at her as if she was an Orc from Lord of the Rings! This confused Bella like hell because she knows that she takes a shower everyday so she definitely doesn't have B.

In 2% of cases lord like is used

Anyone else notice this? Sounds like Lord Bill.

He was very much like Lord Krishna in that sense.

For the most of us living like lords of the manor we have no right.

Most of his supporters are believers in the absurd conspiracy theories of people like Lord Monckton.

Such a person can act like Lord Visnu and defeat demons by arguments and preach the cult exactly according to the principles of sastra.

Films like Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit should pay a percentage of the profits to NZ as a return to NZ for funding the films, just like any other backer.

In 1% of cases lord on is used

Boys became pages and had to wait on lords and ladies.

It's like reading the notes on Lord of the Flies for your exams rather than the actual text.

We are equally distressed to see the ridiculous and attention-seeking Sally Bercow on Lord McAlpine's hit list.

Too much of overprotesting is being orchestrated against Ram Jethmalani for his alleged comments on Lord Ram, etc etc.

Legend has it that when Anthony de Mello called on Lord Brabourne to request for a piece of land to build a stadium, he made the governor of Bombay a rather undeniable offer.

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