Prepositions used with "literature"

"of literature" or "in literature"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases literature of is used

Yet we have a large body of literature out there.

That opened me up to the endless possibilities of literature.

One teacher in particular inspired in him a love of literature.

Will Self is like the Stewart Lee of literature BTL - He completely divides posters.

Photo: Courtesy His entry into the world of literature also came through a challenge.

One can consider this and Greene's 48 Laws the yin and yang of this type of literature.

In so doing, it has already chosen a place for itself which does not simply follow from the study of literature.

For him, the age of Romanticism was less an age of church music than it was one of literature about church music.

History of Publication Not unlike many classics of literature, Frankenstein went through a process of transmission.

Man Mo Temple - Central Man Mo Temple is a picturesque tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo).

In 26% of cases literature in is used

Yet that is not found in literature.

In literature birth is dealt with sentimentally.

In literature, we aunts are a controversial bunch.

My father and brother both were established in literature and social work in the area.

Swollen rivers, tidal storms, and tsunamis make their appearance frequently in literature.

Tutor of English (2) Bachelors degree in literature with experience of 2 years in teaching 2.

Yeats wrote: ' the prose parts of that book were to me, as they were to many others, the coming of a new power in literature '.

Vampires, in particular, have been featured so often in literature that, in my brain, these books have begun to bleed together.

I have degrees in literature and music and have always been hopeless at maths, but it turned out I have a talent for computers.

To be sure, some people are called to a serious vocation as a professor in literature, philosophy, and the arts, and that's fantastic.

In 8% of cases literature to is used

His postmodern CV leaps from neuroscience at Columbia to literature at Oxford; he dresses like a Palo Alto geek.

A stress not on writers but on people, and a fidelity to literature itself, demand political and economic transformation.

The former media included reference to literature, foreign cities, and classical music that would baffle most of today's public.

However, even subtle differences in the structure of ones own compounds compared to literature compounds can mean success is elusive.

The board awards 10 prizes per year, each celebrating improbable research in fields ranging from medicine and psychology to literature and peace.

Basic Literature Circle Model - A flexible approach to Literature Circles that does not require the use of extensive handouts and assignment booklets.

Parkes says that Lemony Snicket? s tale follows the tradition of literature dating back to the classics and carrying through to literature and film today.

And sometimes we might like to look at interesting things that happen to literature when fact is integrated into narrative -- and all the questions of truth and ethics that arise as a result.

In 6% of cases literature for is used

He won the Nobel prize for literature in 1913.

The word for literature in India is Sahitya, i.

He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1948.

A similar case could be made for literature, architecture, music and sport -- as well as industry and finance.

For literature I am just going to read an Inspector calls one more time because I missed the lesson we read the book.

This means that English, German, and French are by far the most important languages for translation, particularly for literature and books.

Awarded the Grand Prix for Literature by the Academie Francaise, The Diary of a Country Priest was adapted into an acclaimed film by Robert Bresson.

In 4% of cases literature on is used

My mind should be on literature.

He has lectured on literature and hip-hop culture at Fordham, Pace, City College and NYU.

After one talk, the speaker, Professor Moses Brown, owner of the Boston School of Oratory, asked him to give a summer course on literature.

There are also essays on politics, essays on drugs, essays on literature, essays on Buddhism, a lot of essays on Kerouac, lil ' prefaces to Burroughs.

In 2% of cases literature about is used

Across the elite publications reviewing books and writing about literature, men outnumber women on editorial boards, as book reviewers and as authors of books reviewed.

In 2% of cases literature from is used

Runoff ratio for different land use classes will be estimated from literature.

In a very real sense it's what SF is all about and draws heavily from literature for its inspiration.

Again, It Came From Outer Space? Really? What in the world does that have to do with SF from literature? It's a monster movie, aimed at drive-in theaters.

An additional task of greater impact for biologists could be the automatic generation of pathways from literature input, which has been a manual activity up until now.

In 2% of cases literature into is used

He is a contemporary figure, and his writing has been turned into literature textbooks in Malaysian schools.

He is interested in literary journalism, and for this blog he writes on the topics of society and the environment, with frequent meanderings into literature, science and politics.

In 1% of cases literature as is used

Complementary approaches, such as literature search and benchmarking are also used to complement survey data.

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