Prepositions used with "light"

"of light" or "to light"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases light of is used

It means possessor of light, i.

It's a nice play of light and shade.

They are the givers of light and life.

The energy is related to the frequency, the frequency is related to the speed of light.

The spheres of light anD the spheres of mass imPRove and evolve in a pure spherization.

According to E=MC2, mass gets converted to energy when it travels at the speed of light.

Some people took pictures on their phones and the results ranged from odd colours to pictures of large orbs of light.

In that way, we were able to tell the story in a very controlled environment in terms of light, sound and atmosphere.

Accordingly, Justice holds the keys of retribution (reward and punishment) that open the gates of the House of Light.

Its just only a week for Diwali/Festival of Lights and this Blogosphere is raining with all Diwali Sweets &; Snacks.

In 18% of cases light to is used

And this is all coming to light now.

It is a brain function similar to light.

It also brings to light our true motives.

It brought to light so suddenly something that I think we all felt but chose to ignore.

The incident came to light after an amateur video of the incident was uploaded on YouTube.

Jones Attuquayefio's plight came to light when the Globe Newspaper published the story of.

It had been rumoured that as many as two cases could yet come to light and that one of those patients is still alive.

She was forced to remain in Pakistan for three years until her husband's manipulation of the suspect list came to light.

Within the past several years, major faults have come to light in conditions of health goods and international made food.

Are you waiting until someone contacts you about buying your domain name? If so, this could take months to come to light.

In 3% of cases light in is used

HALT: Slight increase in light at spot number one.

Here the sun sparkled on an aquamarine sea bathed in light.

BALL (? ): Picking up a slight increase in light as I go over it.

How are they detected? When they travel across their sun, a dip in light can be perceived.

This would allow us to open the louvre shutters, let in light and use air-conditioning if needed.

Advances in electrical lighting allowed theaters to put actors in light and audiences in darkness.

Fantastic musicians surround Fraser's ' soul ' in musical clothing that can easily be shaded dark, embraced in light and worn warmly.

Best thing for him is to front up to these wfa events, get rolled fair and square and try to get in light for a big handicapp next year.

Following ' In Light ' comes ' Shadowed '; a fascinating juxtaposition that reveals the contrasts between the fading light and the arrival of the night.

Then they're sitting on some rooftop with the Chanel logo in lights, we're deffo still in New York, or maybe Boston, it just looks like Paris because it's so dirty.

In 3% of cases light with is used

The same is the case with lights.

Do something different with lights.

Though we have had shoes with lights in them for a while.

But when he glanced out his window, he saw the windows of the church ablaze with light.

When the light focuses on a subject, the heart and blood vortexes are filled with light.

In addition to diyas or candles, decorate your house with lights to invite the Goddess Lakshmi.

A time when people all across the country and Indians all across the globe adorn their houses with lights and lamps.

People have been doing it for thousands of years -- along with light, it helps to make the short days longer! I hope you'll post a photograph.

This element produces electricity when it comes in contact with light and due to this effect, Graphene-enriched lithium-ion batteries can be made.

They passed the jewellers ' quarter, sparkling with lights, caught and reflected by the gems displayed in the shops, and arrived at last at the door of Ione.

In 2% of cases light for is used

Use flashlights for light, not candles.

My quest- the search for light, Now it was fading, leaving me white.

The most important interior surface for light reflecting is ceiling.

The following explanation provides objective measures for light, medium and heavy work.

In 1801 Thomas Young put the matter to experimental test by doing a double slit experiment for light.

Had nature relaxed the speed limit for light and made it instantaneous, I wonder how the sky would look now.

The skies were threatening rain all day, but the temperature was still warm, and I had the doors open all day for light and fresh air.

Abdullah ibn az-Zubayr also made the following additions and modifications: Put a small window close to the roof of the kaaba to allow for light.

Bortolotto heard was a desire not only for light, but for openness and barrier-free living as well -- a challenge for a home that's 15-feet across.

Signal your fellow riders if you do anything to change your direction or pace (slowing down, stopping for lights, stop signs, turns, drinking water, etc.

In 2% of cases light into is used

I am a child of light, for i am born by the light into light in order to walk the walk of light.

Activating your merkaba fields expands your consciousness until the physical body is transformed into Light.

The act of leaning forward from darkness into light is a metaphor for moving from the unknown into the almost knowable.

God chooses you and made you a people, gave you mercy, brought you out of darkness into light and calls you a holy nation.

Berst regards, Bruno Clmentin, Saint-Etienne, France I'd so glad to see there are those trying to bring this subject into light.

Allah ta'ala says for all who truly want guidance, He will lead them from darkness into light; and I know that is what He did for me.

Like almost everything in life, I think it is far too simplistic to divide it into light and dark, good and evil, and altruistic and utilitarian.

The formation of the universe in the dark, first created light and dark, round out the power into light, and the formation of the power of the dark twilight round.

But when they followed Christ and believed in Him, their ignorance gave place to understanding, cruelty was changed to justice, falsehood to truth, darkness into light.

They understood in the mystery schools that one's merkaba had to be activated in order for the physical body to turn into Light which would complete the Ascension process.

In 1% of cases light by is used

The edges are lit by light, bigger than our background and right behind it.

This is a good example of a photochemical reaction - a reaction brought about by light.

The name of his country was Adorned by Light, and the name of his eon was Delight to Behold.

About photographing for weddings, Sam warned that one had to be careful so as to be governed by light.

Note: These reactions are sometimes described as examples of photocatalysis - reactions catalysed by light.

Because the side chains were all aligned, when those at the surface were hit by light they curled up in concert, bending the film.

And the National governments of the 1990s, entranced by light and self-regulation, were responsible for that legislative framework in health and safety.

An atmospheric visual mirage is caused by light bending from its source to your eye but you are so used to thinking that light travels in straight lines that your brain gets confused.

In 1900, Philipp Lenard showed that the photoelectric effect is actually the emission of electrons from the surface of material when the material is illuminated by light of high frequency.

For instance, they produced fluorescence, they travelled in straight lines, they produced similar chemical reactions to those produced by light and they were not deflected by electric fields.

In 1% of cases light from is used

From light to dusk, then dusk to dark.

Among their many differences is the transfer of image from light.

Clip went from lights out to shakey the day Storen was activated.

A solar-powered wireless keyboard called the Genius SlimStar 820 gets its power from light.

Now, it is n't, and I continually think of how I would prefer to pass from light to darkness.

Greening: On the 4th day if you've been keeping them away from light, move them into some light.

And, most important of all, turn off anything that is not in use, from lights in rooms where there is no one at the time, to appliances.

He led from lights out to take his fourth win in a row, and interestingly, has led every lap of the past three races, equalling Ayrton Senna's record.

He presents a full range of potential measures directed at both the demand and the supply sides of caregiving, and spanning the whole continuum of care from light to complex cases.

In 1% of cases light on is used

But, as I have a monopoly on light, I'd expecting good things to happen there.

The chapter on light says that there are seven colors in the white ray of the sun.

Not only can't we experiment on light in intergalactic space, but we can't even experiment on it in isolation from mass.

Equip your cycle with working head and tail lamps, brakes and reflectors to the rear, and always turn on lights after sundown.

By the time you see something a 100 million light years away, you are only getting a few of those particles and a really dim image.

Mary Leland's review of the piece recognises the fact that the focus on light in the piece doesn't diminish its inevitability of darkness.

Dave Vaught on lights who I've not worked with in about 16 years, but have always been a fan of, Sarah Mosher, who is a new collaborator, but who is WAYYYY crafty and an incredible designer.

In 1% of cases light without is used

Imagine trying to cook or read without light.

Lights: What is the festival of lights without lights.

Some of life, computers, televisions, cameras can not do without light.

The optical science of life Multimedia speech can not do without light, such as lenses, optical transmission and so on.

For one if you can't live without light, water and telephone for a couple a days every month then you clear have no life.

We are forced to stay in the dark, and you know what it means for persons with disabilities to stay during the night without light.

We can't run the sewing machines without electricity and in the evening, without lights, we can not even cut the fabric because it is difficult to see.

Street lights were off and buildings were dark, my jeep led with full headlight and troop carrying vehicles, which belonged to the signal corps, followed without lights.

He that believeth shall not make haste: God's way and time are ever the best; and he who, even in God's way, runs before he is sent, runs at random; runs without light, and without Divine strength.

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