Prepositions used with "life"

"of life" or "in life"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases life of is used

It's a matter of life and death.

No! For them, it is a way of life.

Think Senior Citizens and end of life.

It is not only the loss of lives and property but also the cultural damage is enormous.

They understand the silliness of life around them and is able to poke fun at themselves.

Tatiana and Krista are conjoined twins, a most unlikely result of life's genetic lottery.

It's easy to be a kind person -- but saintly to carry compassion through each and every one of life's many challenges.

Some scientists believe that early Earth was flooded with too much water for the chemistry of life to gain a foothold.

Sadler was familiar with the history of every man of negro ancestry who had distinguished himself in any walk of life.

However, it was postponed in the aftermath of the tragic Sichuan Earthquake, which claimed tens of thousands of lives.

In 21% of cases life in is used

Education is best gift in life.

In life, they are very similar.

And the hope in life comes only.

In this case there is little concern about destroying the motivation to succeed in life.

He didn't take a back seat in life he dreamed, he achieved, the best always leave first.

Mistakes and errors are the disciplined true which we advance in life, louboutin outlet.

Having a baby later in life, she says, has allowed her to raise her child in a more settled and contented environment.

Distance means that some of the day-to-day details or even some bigger situations in life can be lost in conversation.

Good Luck, you might find more success in life if you can talk more civilize instead of like a dumb/ignorant teenager.

There are many things in life that make us happy, and which bring us encouragement when we go through disappointments.

In 11% of cases life to is used

The Right to Life must be upheld.

Much of this is dangerous to life.

There's more to life than politics.

Video reports have been created on the impact of Calungsod's canonization to life today.

According to life insurance actuaries the world population is going to decrease in 2020.

We don't like seeing our past brought back to life, especially when we are not included.

Not to mention, the controlling Stern family own father and son are true to life examples of its own marketing belief.

When exactly does the mothers right to life become a priority? It would seem only when she is in a critical condition.

Color and texture played dominantly in the collection that brought to life the idea of a present day dapper gentleman.

Vorster was the head of the department of justice in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison.

In 8% of cases life for is used

I am holding my silver for life.

No sense of respect for life here.

The Canadian goose mates for life.

Then he told me I would have to purchase a warranty at 70+ for a year or 170+ for life.

It's an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to make friends for life.

As scientists search the skies for life elsewhere, they have found more than 300 planet.

Concert Tour Australia &; New Zealand 16-21 October 2012 Soul-stirring music by Sri Chinmoy for life's inner journey.

As of now over 30% of new business premium for life insurers have come from pension plans, a large part of which has.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the most profoundly touching 40 Days for Life campaign yet.

You could see plain terror in the lady seated next to the window, as she clutched her shopping and hand bag for life.

In 2% of cases life about is used

He told us a lot about life in.

I have a good feeling about life.

I would tell her about life in Malaysia.

It is also about a woman discovering more about life, love, and most of all, herself.

There is an old Cherokee legend about a Grandfather teaching his grandson about life.

And that is the thing about life, you simply don't know what's around the next corner.

Whenever I work in my home office I am reminded of a television programme I once watched about life on a submarine.

I know that many of you have questions about life in space and I will do my best to answer them when I get a chance.

Musicians from all genres of music speak of their lives and work in In Other Words: Artists Talk About Life And Work.

And each time you think about life that way, including just then, it gets you the same result, right? Jan: Well, yes.

In 2% of cases life on is used

It is like trying to cheat on life.

My whole focus on life kind of changed.

The elderly have made their mark on life.

From what I can understand she is on life support aka at least a ventilator if not more.

All these authors reflect with grace and gravity on life's moments of sorrowful epiphany.

You can find a massive amount of information and facts on life training via the Internet.

Here are the figures on life expectancy in the United States (from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company ): 1900 47.

In this case, they may have decided to keep some on life support while they write the playbook with, say a Citi restructuring.

CanEquity's quick and easy online quote comparison tool can show you how much you can save on life insurance in under 20 seconds.

In 2% of cases life with is used

Get over yourselves and get on with life.

That's exactly what you do with life insurance.

I'd 23 and I'd very very disappointed with life.

All sorts of things take place to which one objects, and you have to get on with life.

I have no problem with life and death because I don't want to stay forever on this planet.

But perhaps the biggest issue has to do with life itself -- the lives of those yet to be born.

It felt like the people around me were getting on with life whilst I was left to try and piece my life back together.

A care worker is there to help these people to get on with life by doing the chores for them and basic day-to-day tasks.

What if we remove a variable? What would happen if we, somehow, charmingly remove the variable and still go on with life.

For better is a nature which, when it is present in a body, furnishes it with life, than that to which life is furnished.

In 1% of cases life from is used

In a nutshell, learn from life,.

But he received roses from life.

What they want from life is simple.

I believe To have what you always want from life, you have to be that person before you do.

And sadly, nobody can stop a determined person from finding a way of exit from life on this earth.

With the wealth among women on the rise, needless to say, their expectation from life will change.

What are you expecting from life? We have amassed unprecedented material goods and yet are still as unhappy as ever.

It really doesn? t matter if the person lives or dies, as long as I am doing fine and getting what I want from life.

I said, I am an urban girl and could never imagine living more than a one minute walk from a coffee shop, from people, from life.

In 1% of cases life into is used

All these come into life during the screensaver mode.

They came into life, just like my grandmother came into death.

But because I learned the art of letting go into life and its woders.

And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

We also had a fun back and forth about dysfunctional offices as the hub sprang into life.

Mt 25:46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Murray required physio treatment and limped through the first set before sparking into life and winning in four, that.

NT1 Poetry also came into life in the last quarter of 2008 and the poetry revolution started according to my knowledge.

Who knows but I might feed the fishes of the Sarnus? Alas! all the sesterces in the world would not buy me back into life.

Yes I still have that small kernel of fear buried deep inside me but cancer opened up so many other windows into life for me.

In 1% of cases life through is used

Whatever gets you through life.

In fact, as we go through life.

It's like going through life in a fast car.

As a parent, I consider it my job to teach my children how to maneuver through life.

Some people just sleepwalk through life because they feel too young to be responsible.

Thank you that we don't have to go through life as disconnected and isolated individuals.

You see, we come across several people as we walk through life and sometimes wonder who they are and what they are here for.

You see this so often with successful, rich people: they go through life and do some things well enough but they are deluded.

When you walk through life happy, smiling and talking to people, what happens? You create intrigue, attraction and chemistry.

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