Prepositions used with "lesson"

"of lesson" or "for lesson"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases lesson of is used

These incidents teach a number of lessons.

This kind of lesson can only happen existentially.

INEC has a lot of lessons to learn from the 2003 elections.

Others will have to repeat this particular grade of lessons and relearn the lessons of love.

A number of lessons can be drawn from their suc-cess to help develop inclusive education elsewhere.

We learnt a number of lessons during the project and this short post is aimed at sharing some of them.

Another teacher has plenty of lessons to go to and have no time to wayang so he/she is considered as not contributing to the school.

It does so through a formal system of lessons and mini-games devised to get the user touch typing as quickly and accurately as possible.

Augustine, a master communicator, has said it all so well: The Catholic Church in India is badly in need of lessons in media management.

In 16% of cases lesson for is used

Surprisingly, I bothered to sign up for lessons in 2007.

I very quickly became obsessed with it and I begged my mum for lessons.

Visitors will have menu links to my Blog, Performance listing and my Guitar School for lessons.

I like to look for lessons in the things I do or don't do, say or don't say, while the kids are in my company.

Or why not ask them to come up with five rules as their first homework task? Use this as the basis for lesson two.

I started at 10 and up to about 16 I was in the system, going to Comhaltas Ceoltir ireann in Ballinteer for lessons.

My mum got worried that one day I would wonder over there when no one was there and drown, so she took me for lessons.

These people had come every day at 5pm for an hour and a half for lessons with two of the teachers -- basic English and some mathematics, with a beginners and a second level.

Am i the only student of this business school? Apart from the business lessons learned from my family, I also have business mentors and role models I look up to for lessons and advice.

Teaching at 2 primary schools and at one secondary school for lessons of 80 minutes at a time with our Tanzanian teaching partners, Juliana and Suzan, who are both from Arusha, has been great.

In 13% of cases lesson on is used

So I'd just going to do a brain dump on lessons from yesterday.

Partners are working with the Ministry to build on lessons learned.

The T IS Talk offered by ATN also included also information on lessons learned and challenges to the future of ATN Brazil.

At CyberSmart Africa, our approach is to start with very little technology and ask the users to optimize the configuration based on lessons learned from the field.

The plan builds on lessons learned from the previous UNDAF, the Delivering as One pilot, including recommendations of the Delivering as One country-led evaluation (2010).

Our semi-annual reports have sections on lessons learned, but also forward statements that take into account the learning from that reporting period and how we will use that going forward.

In 11% of cases lesson with is used

Many of the sites can be used in conjunction with lessons in a number of curricular areas and at various grade levels.

In 8% of cases lesson to is used

Kids generally are always a little different every time they come to lessons.

I attended a one day conference called Failcon, devoted to lessons learned from entrepreneurs that have failed.

Too busy running a business to go to lessons, he was kicked out at one point but still managed to pass nine GCSEs.

They bought me my first saxophones, drove me around to lessons, let me apply to music high schools, and never had once asked for anything in return.

In 6% of cases lesson in is used

The children can also use other QR Codes on their wall space if it has been use in lessons.

The most important piece to changing behavior is the problem solving conversation that James Lehman teaches in Lesson 6 of the Total Transformation Program.

We all need to remember the two basic principles that we were supposed to get drilled into our heads that first hear we sat in lessons with our mashayakh 1.

In 3% of cases lesson during is used

My child is also more comfortable in communicating the difficulties she encounters during lessons.

This helps to ease the barrier between the teacher and student and allows the student to have more confidence in speaking up during lesson time.

And another told me to leave her alone during lessons for her to do her own stuff because she has been failing since P4 and it's too late now to do anything.

In 3% of cases lesson from is used

Drawing from lessons learned during the Aid ceasefire, China has just proposed an original solution.

Newberger has made the leap from lessons formed in the fundamental laws in Judeo-Christian religion to today's contemporary conflicts.

We start from lesson 1 but when we come across lesson 3 at the end I encourage her to make a decision and the result she gave her life to Christ.

In 2% of cases lesson between is used

If there was free time between lessons, out came the laptop to play.

Those whiteboards are going to be cleaned between lessons and so taking a photograph is a great way of recording it, which can then of course be shared next lesson as a reminder.

In 2% of cases lesson through is used

Through lessons drawn from these, we shall consider the responsibilities of the Church and show how we can discharge this in our own cultural milieu.

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