Prepositions used with "legacy"

"of legacy", "for legacy" or "with legacy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases legacy of is used

My daughter would like to be an actress, she's got a whole bag of legacy! But whatever.

You cant say not one current artist will not leave the same kind of legacy in years to come.

But what kind of legacy will JPE leave the nation? Nothing really but old, bad and ugly politics.

This issue of Legacy is written almost entirely by people who spend their days conveying passion for birds.

This is the kind of legacy that ' The Chance ' can leave in SE Asia, a long time after the Global Finals wrap up in Barcelona months from now.

Abu Hurairah recited the following verses: After payment of legacies he (or she) may have bequeathed or debts, so that no loss is caused (to anyone).

There are a lot of legacy reasons why the progression system feels so disjointed (many of the systems were implemented prior to the game having a leveling system at all).

In 19% of cases legacy for is used

XPM is a last resort for legacy business applications in the Enterprise.

In fact, there's two of those as well as three PCI-Express 1x slots and two PCI slots for legacy cards.

This quotes NDA estimates of the total fixed costs of the GDF as 4401 million and total variable costs for legacy and committed waste of 7751.

Some proposals attempt to apply the regulatory model that was designed for legacy Voice Communications Services to the Internet world of Ipservices.

In 17% of cases legacy with is used

In addition, sometimes I had to work with legacy or third-party code that did not comply with our coding style.

The source said one solution for dealing with legacy assets of banks could be to split the burden between the states and the ESM bailout fund, under conditions yet to be defined by finance ministers.

In 6% of cases legacy in is used

We saw that in Legacy and other schemes.

For reference, the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and all versions of the iPhone 4S used a linear vibrator, while the iPhone 5 marks the return of the rotating system found in legacy models.

In 6% of cases legacy on is used

Many businesses continue to rely on legacy systems or ' gut feeling ' to identify trends and make supply decisions.

In 4% of cases legacy to is used

As it evolved into a collaboration platform, the company realized the enormous opportunity in providing a simple, cloud-based alternative to legacy systems like Microsoft Sharepoint.

In 2% of cases legacy over is used

Firstly, Indian held Kashmir (about two thirds as one third was liberated in 1948 Kashmir War) is the left over legacy of 1947.

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