Prepositions used with "leg"

"of leg" or "with leg"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 44% of cases leg of is used
    The long range forecast is for plenty of wind at the start of leg one.
    This consisted of a limited set of pictures of legs in fishnet tights.
    Lastly there ’ s not a generous amount of leg room for rear passengers.
    The breakers of legs, the throwers of stones and creators of general mayhem ignore Guru's teachings.
    Make sure you work out both of legs! Make sure that you stay hydrated in order to maintain high fitness levels.
    An epic fight to the finish as Telefnica pips CAMPER by less than two minutes at the end of the first stage of leg 2.
    The back seats of the super cab have an insane amount of leg room, more than any car -- SUV or sedan -- that I have been in.
    He pretty much jumps anything you point him at, maybe a little looky to start with but nothing a bit of leg on wont get him over.
    I was smacked as a child (not very often, and mainly when I was under 5: a tap to the btm or back of leg) - and I never resented it.
    It was good decision to include young Jamshedpur quickie, Varun Aaron, because India need a fresh pair of legs in both batting and bowling.

    In 17% of cases leg with is used
    Seeing client is not about seeing? a wallet with legs?
    We are eating with a mouth; they are eating with legs.
    Stand with legs shoulder-width apart with the weight slightly in front of the feet.
    The sitting position with legs bent, shortens the hamstrings and that makes them tighten.
    It is then possible to hike with legs in line with the body and as far forward as the traveller allows.
    For consumers, just be careful whom you deal with because you wouldn? t want to be seen as a wallet with legs.
    She got great height off the table and her form was perfect in the air, with legs pencil-straight, and her body tightly coiled.
    The perspective of the scene returns to normal, the person is now semi-crouched, staring at the ground with legs spaced apart to help them balance.
    With legs made of tetrahedral-celled trusses that intersected high above to ground to form a platform, Bell's structure was touted for its lightness and ease of assembly.

    In 8% of cases leg on is used
    Hekia Parata - 0/10 The gift to the opposition that keeps giving, zero seems like too high a score for this crisis on legs.

    In 6% of cases leg for is used
    We made smart use of time today and packed up the food bags in preparation for leg three where we will race from the safe haven port to Sanya.

    In 6% of cases leg to is used
    Ashwin is bowling a very tight leg-side line to Cook, trying to get him to turn it to leg where they have two close-in fielders.
    OVER 29: ENG 75/0 (Cook 49* Compton 26*) Poor ball from Ashwin, a hit-me full toss and Cook does not miss out on the chance to whack it to leg for four.
    But Tigernos fnosloff in the sport over the past couple of years, due pskillly to leg injuries that kept him out of four majors since his last major win at the no08 U.

    In 5% of cases leg in is used
    I beat the game on Co-op and single play 3 times in total! You have to take your time in leg.
    Q: How is the race living up to your expectations so far? There have been no surprises so far, besides having to stop in leg one.

    In 3% of cases leg without is used
    If people like Oscar Pistorius can run relay races in the Olympics without legs, then who am I to say someone can not achieve sucess in any field that they truly wish to excel in.

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