Prepositions used with "leader"

"of leader" or "as leader"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases leader of is used

They weren't issues of leadership.

And the miracle of leadership happens.

This is the kind of leader we need at K'Ogalo.

I am a member of Leader's Club, so I received an upgrade, welcome gift, and breakfast.

I'd told one big concern of the people is the choice of leaders of these police zones.

Strangely however, he still gets more airtime than any of the present crop of leaders.

What kind of leaders are we preparing today as we work with our young people? We need to make positive differences.

This would raise the consciousness of leaders and members at all levels and enabled them know their HIV/AIDS status.

In Kenya, we have examples of leaders who have stuck to their principles despite external pressures or opportunities.

In Kenya, we have examples of leaders who have stuck to their principles despite external pressures or opportunities.

In 23% of cases leader as is used

As leader of the opposition, he attended Ms.

In the end, our work as leaders is all about lordship.

In the end, our work as leaders is all about lordship.

Adolf Hitler was also aware that Roehm and the SA had the power to remove him as leader.

So I have NO hope for Labour to win the 2014 election, should Shearer stay there as leader.

John is on the far left As leader of the Mazabuka community, John was big-hearted and generous.

If we are honest as leaders, we know that we are not capable of leading as the size and complexity of our call demands.

If we are honest as leaders, we know that we are not capable of leading as the size and complexity of our call demands.

Malcolm Fraser as leader of the Liberal/National Party subsequently allowed 70,000 Vietnamese refugees into the country.

It is only with this kind of godly integrity that we can seek to decrease as Christ increases in and through our work as leaders.

In 9% of cases leader for is used

There is such a thing as responsibility and authority for leaders.

The Congress is also the meeting place for leaders from every sector and continent.

This is helpful for leaders and managers or supervisors who handle people under them.

As athletes, we can not implement peace but we can lay a platform for leaders to engage their people.

It's actually OK for leaders to speak to the fear of change and then tackle it head-on in an open way.

JohnDore You vote green, At least I'd loyal in the confines of the polling booth, whatever my preference for leader.

The next step is for leaders to identify or engineer opportunities to do something remarkable, and to do it conspicuously.

I yearn for leaders who don't believe government's role is to maximize the welfare of every individual, but to maximize opportunity.

But it strikes me as almost negligent for an MP to support someone for leader of their party without knowing anything about the people they surround themselves with.

In 8% of cases leader by is used

He? s called upon by leaders from every walk of life.

Better use of these technologies by leaders and teachers improves learning.

No student will feel the need to picket for a strike that was decided by leaders.

This kind of suggestion was taken by leaders of the FAI as simply a tactical maneuver.

Friday's attacks were swiftly condemned by leaders from across the political spectrum in Europe.

Building the economy must take a form of war front that is played through by leaders and the citizen alike.

It is noted that: Jihad has been declared against Australia by leaders in the region that most refugees are coming from (eg noting McPhedran I.

Stupidity committed by leaders in the hallowed chambers of government will still be met with rabid derision in the excited and exciting walls of Facebook.

He'll explore more deeply the impression he developed as a young man in the war-torn country that spiritual beliefs can be exploited by leaders to foment aggression against outsiders.

In 7% of cases leader with is used

Obama has already met with leaders of labor and liberal organizations as well as corporate.

This meaning all States with leaders who truly want unity and the good of the people within it.

President Obama is meeting with leaders this week and is expected to speak on the subject on Wednesday.

But, when I discuss the organizational needs with leaders I find that there is lack of willingness to pay for certain things.

Executive branch policies are the byproduct of a big machine, with leadership only to the degree that the president exerts it.

Lastly, Dasborough (2006) empirically showed that individuals tend to recall more negative events with leaders than positive events.

What We Do We work with leaders to help them move organizations faster, with less chaos and more efficiency, enabling success no matter the obstacles.

After leaving the NOI, Malcolm X announced his willingness to work with leaders of the civil rights movement, though he felt that it could change its focus to human rights.

This means working directly with leaders and areas that demonstrated enough leadership and credibility to be a partner for the betterment of their community and their nation as whole.

However, the Subverters opposing them are Bomb Throwing Anarchists little better, with leader of the New York branch Kris Delaney gleefully anticipating the civilian collateral damage.

In 5% of cases leader to is used

He also offered posts in his government to leaders of the resistance.

This handy pocket size Funding Directory may be of some help to leaders.

It is up to leaders of PAS and PKR to raise support from Malays on this concept.

Tottenham head to leaders Lazio next, then finish at home to Panathinaikos on December 6.

Ambassador Ryan Crocker are to present a report on the plan's effectiveness to leaders in Washington.

Perhaps that rhetoric is wearing thin, because according to leaders today, our health care system is no longer in crisis; it is simply unsustainable.

Since brother Arafat is busy with many various missions, authority was delegated to leaders in the field, who are on the lowest level of the organizational hierarchy.

Olabayo manifested that much even in his writing of letters to leaders of thought, traditional rulers and world leaders to come together and find solution to perceived looming problems.

This small town is also home to leaders of the Haqqani Network, a powerful local clan that is fighting a deadly ' liberation ' war against US and NATO forces across the nearby border in Afghanistan.

In 2% of cases leader between is used

It's two-way; we want healthy, regular feedback between leaders and team members.

It was also a statement about the relationship between leaders and the people who execute.

Openness builds mutual respect and trust between leaders and followers, and it also keeps the team well supplied with new ideas that can further its vision.

Openness builds mutual respect and trust between leaders and followers, and it also keeps the team well informed with new ideas that can further its vision.

There is still a vital need for direct private conversations between leaders (though, having been at too many, I would love to bury once and for all the big set piece international conference).

He is an open critic of the regime and has participated in many locally driven dialogue sessions between leaders of the Alawite, Christian and Sunni communities in order to prevent communal violence.

In 2% of cases leader from is used

Attendance at the annual conference gives the opportunity to speak to and learn from leaders in the field.

Employees expect transparency and openness from leaders and it is the role of the comms professional to facilitate that to happen.

Therefore, he argues, if the party now wants him to resign, it should notify him in writing -- so as to avoid any confusion arising from conflicting messages from leaders.

In 2% of cases leader in is used

This results in leaders falling into the trap of cloning themselves by emulating their predecessor.

So in November 2009, Barrick brought in leaders from the three villages next to Buzwagi and struck a deal.

He travelled to Africa and Indonesia and expressed deep faith in leaders like Nehru, Sukarno, Nasser, and Nkrumah.

In 1% of cases leader behind is used

The Bhoys are currently ten points behind leaders Rangers following Hearts ' 2-0 win at Tynecastle on Sunday, a result that left Lennon urging his squad to find a level of consistency.

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