Prepositions used with "lawyer"

"of lawyer" or "for lawyer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases lawyer of is used

I personally like the uniform of lawyers.

The EU question? The SNP is full of lawyers.

More meetings with a team of lawyers and my boss for me.

The expansion of tertiary education has increased the number of lawyers dramatically.

The end of lawyers ' monopoly over legal services comes as something of a shock to everyone.

The end of lawyers ' monopoly over legal services comes as something of a shock to everyone.

It's almost impossible for any major organization to function without a huge compliance department and teams of lawyers.

Since the early ' 90s the involvement of lawyers in civil litigation has been seriously eroded through the legal services acts.

The family had to control a lot of lawyers and judges to get the final outcome on that one-lots of dollars spent but not on Mrs.

A minority of lawyers warned at that time that the amendment might, in fact, make the introduction of abortion to Ireland easier.

In 16% of cases lawyer for is used

Without it, the fact of timeliness and the amassing of dollars for lawyers mean nothing.

References Chin MW: Genetics and law: a challenge for lawyers and judges in the new millenium.

For lawyers, decisions have to be reached on incomplete and at times artificially restricted data.

Naseerullah's family had to sell their house and shop to pay for lawyers that fought their case in court.

Heinz &; Laumann, 1982) - the switch to proactive legal information engineering reduces the scope for lawyer misconduct.

Indeed, the timeliness needed to win a Charter case, as seen in the same-sex marriage scenario, is nothing without a second, major ingredient: money for lawyers.

This variation in practice creates uncertainty as to the practical outcome of domestic violence proceedings and creates difficulty for lawyers in advising their clients.

If a conflict of interest arises we will advise you of this and follow the requirements and procedures set out in the Law Society's Rules of Conduct and Client Care for Lawyers.

The SNJ was created during World War I, in March, 1918 as an independent syndicate wanting to create for journalists a moral role equivalent to that of the Conseil de l'Ordre for lawyers.

In 11% of cases lawyer by is used

Dr Nyairo is responding to an article penned by lawyer Ahmednasir.

Business Strategy Group was named by Lawyer's Weekly as one of the top consulting groups in Boston.

In fact, most personal grievances get solved without them having to be dealt with by lawyers and outside agencies.

The Jews lack the fine integrity which at last is endorsed, and to a certain degree followed, by lawyers of other nationalities.

Many of them have been written by lawyers, and even some of those that have n't, seem to have stood the test of time pretty well.

This is the product of prolonged and careful deliberation by lawyers experienced in criminal prosecution and defense and should be consulted for further guidance.

In 10% of cases lawyer to is used

Who did you speak to? We spoke to lawyers, activists.

And in my opinion, a divorce, but talk to lawyer first.

Re: Re: They aren't even talking about the money that goes/went to lawyers, they are talking about the money that will be left.

Lawyer A would dictate a letter to his assistant, who would type it up, give back for review and comment, and then mail to Lawyer B.

We call this the network of mentors, ranging from serial entrepreneurs and technology experts to lawyers, VCs, and marketing experts.

There is no doubt that the Review Team adopted a quite different approach to the assessment of the evidence before them from that familiar to lawyers.

Let's stop handing over cash to lawyers and technology whizzes who want to go after the 8% and focus on doing some decent education with everyone else.

However, they want to engineer more Crime in America to give Work to Lawyers and Judges in order to receive their Bribes and to be allowed to be re-elected.

We've also been able to find reliable local referrals, for everything from photographers to lawyers, through our small business advocate and health care provider, Freelancers Union.

We opened a community Justice Centre where people are able to talk to paralegals who can assess their cases, and refer them to lawyers who are linked to the centre and act pro bono.

In 10% of cases lawyer with is used

We have been in touch with lawyers.

The iPad Mini is guaranteed to be a great hit with lawyers.

We also started to build up our contact with lawyers in China.

I have played the game with lawyers also they would like money before they can or will even talk to me.

I have played the game with lawyers also they would like money before they can or will even talk to me.

The launch of the iPad Mini has ensured that the iPad remains a darling with lawyers all over the world.

Good for you, JL, hoping we meet again! And what is it with lawyers and books!! From Hillsboro - BA This is a wonderful list.

With lawyers and accountants in charge, the real urgency doesn't start until the clock is five minutes from midnight and the end is in sight.

Some times people are secretive to discuss everything with lawyers and some people are scared because they are falsely preparing the case against someone.

In 4% of cases lawyer from is used

It is not too different from lawyer language.

Apart from lawyers there are also other people who wear uniforms.

In this instance, without taking advice from lawyers, hence their ' fury and bewilderment '.

He tells Rich Mommy to leave, but she just has to stick around a block a hit from Lawyer Choi intended to hit Ji Ho.

TAA recognised that many of the problems to do with the rights of Africans had a legal basis and required advice from lawyers.

The discrepancy in blood contamination sparked questions and concern from lawyers representing the crash victims, especially that of the Saitoti family.

In 4% of cases lawyer on is used

Where did you get the US $? You could spend that on Lawyers.

As of last spring, when the Star first wrote about the case, the family had spent more than $200,000 on lawyers and other professionals in an attempt to save the addition.

In 2% of cases lawyer as is used

One charity counsellor states that his most difficult clients are people trained to work with their minds such as lawyers, journalists and teachers.

Raised in the United Kingdom, but based in Italy, he has made a reputation claiming to act as lawyer for high-profile notorious defendants worldwide, despite not being legally qualified.

In 2% of cases lawyer in is used

Often the 20% of the cost of the mergers can be in lawyers fees.

I do foresee an increase in lawyer work, although not in precisely this manner.

This encourages the production and amendment of legislation and caselaw, and the growth in lawyers, neighbouring professions, and their firms.

In 1% of cases lawyer without is used

We chose to settle without lawyers.

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