Prepositions used with "landscape"

"of landscape" or "in landscape"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases landscape of is used

It boasts of the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife.

This book is the best series of landscape photos I have seen.

These areas are conserved through the concept of landscape conservation for endangered species.

But if you've made up your mind about getting a new camera and plan to shoot a lot of landscapes, a wider lens is better.

He has been making progress in science and industry; great deals of landscape and wild life are being abolished day by day.

ANDREW ATCHISON's scratchy black drawings of landscapes and loaded objects are Art Brut reminiscent with references to hobby and craft.

It is so unique, every part of the track has got its own character and it feels like you are driving through different kinds of landscapes.

Johnston uses the versatility of oil paint to create a spectrum of moods and painterly effects, nice to see within the traditional medium of landscape painting.

In Central (Photo I) one finds a variety of landscape features side by side, including parks and gardens, prestigious modern developments and historic buildings.

He bought his first camera and traveled through the European countryside, taking many photographs of landscapes and peasants in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

In 19% of cases landscape in is used

Study the different techniques in landscape design.

The biggest problem we faced was when holding the ViewPad 7 in landscape orientation.

He frequently shot with two cameras, one set in portrait mode and the other in landscape.

Discover for yourself the diversity in landscape, people and culture of the Kilimanjaro region.

But, the Kindle app works well, and the large screen makes reading in landscape format particularly comfortable.

The fact that the front camera is located in the central range of the device in landscape position as suggests it.

Go to a store that specializes in landscape design where you can get top-notch products and helpful advice from their workers.

Human activities are continuing to act as drivers of environmental change in landscapes both directly, for example, land use change, and indirectly, for example, climate change.

In 14% of cases landscape for is used

But for landscape and macro, you actually want more DoF.

On this camera it's a wide-angle zoom perfect for landscape photography.

Sofala was awarded the 1947 Wynne Prize for landscape painting, and in 1949 Woman in a landscape received the Melrose Memorial Prize.

You could always buy a weatherproof camera, though waterproof point-and-shoots usually have poor lens quality, so they aren't a great option for landscape photography.

But there's always room to grow, so we've gathered some shooting tips for the best results, as well as some buying advice if you're looking to snap up a great new camera for landscape photography.

In 7% of cases landscape with is used

Those themes are no less than a meditation on the traveler? s encounter with landscape in the late twentieth century.

Wolfe presents us with landscapes from all over the world, from places where few us will ever travel, that are spectacular.

In 5% of cases landscape into is used

The home screen won't rotate into landscape mode, even though many Android apps will.

Integrating emerging clinical-knowledge into landscape design, thereby creating an inspiring environment, can boost the productivity, creativity, and well-being of its users.

In 5% of cases landscape on is used

The section of the inquiry on landscape and visual impact is now complete.

Read through this post for more information on landscape design, so that you can create the exterior of your house more desirable.

Policy decisions on landscapes of the future will need to take into account the long term impacts of land use changes and human activities.

In 2% of cases landscape at is used

The work was intended to engage with debates about art in public places and offer new possibilities of looking at landscape.

In 2% of cases landscape between is used

The one thing that became clear is that to continue improving, I need to focus -- currently I flit between landscape, wildlife, and travel.

With the body as a medium, lines were drawn through the space to explore the relationship between landscape and body, and the meeting point of stillness and movement.

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