Prepositions used with "kitchen"

"of kitchen", "in kitchen" or "with kitchen"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases kitchen of is used

I have learned through years of kitchen disasters that I lack the touch with flour-based cookery.

Dr Mashenene urged the proper use of kitchen parties to instil life skills, emphasizing on safe sex.

In the household level, the use of bins or containers is common for processing of kitchen and yard wastes.

Helix Kitchen Equipment Factory: Manufacturer of kitchen equipment, bakery equipment, ovens that are made in Italy.

Question: Imagine you are going to teach the vocabulary of kitchen items to a pre-intermediate class of young adults.

Most sun holiday hotels are little more than a base to wash and change and, if you're lucky, the most basic of kitchens.

A chef's choice of kitchen staff is a great indication of the level of intelligence the chef himself and you get what you pay for.

Hygiene is an important part of kitchen workplace safety but this is under the responsibility of the Environmental Health Department.

Helix International has also emerged as a leading exporter of kitchen equipment and bakery machines to many African markets like Nigeria,.

Modules focus on everything from evolution of kitchen and bathroom design through to design and colour - preparing colour boards and the use of electronic software in design.

In 20% of cases kitchen in is used

In kitchens, the dishwasher and ice maker are notorious leakers.

My usual method to seal cut-outs in kitchen worktops is two coats of Evostik.

Culinary Uses: Sweet Cicely used to be grown in kitchen gardens near the door.

He began to like her, watched her dancing in kitchen and noticed her in the kitchen.

Usually newborns are usually given a bath in kitchen sink plus cheap child bath tubs.

Its bracing yet refreshing heat makes it a staple ingredient in kitchens around the country.

Thank goodness that the revolution in kitchen gardens or farm to plate initiatives are moving forward.

Everything the Chef Grinker said is absolutely true, similar to what Tony says in Kitchen Confidential.

For example, the number of air changes per hour shall be 6 to 12 in bath rooms and toilets; in kitchens it shall be 6 to 9 and so on.

In 14% of cases kitchen with is used

Accommodation is very deceptive with a large living room with kitchen off.

Accommodation is in smart, colonial-style apartments and villas, all with kitchens.

But staff and others fought back with kitchen tools before leading customers into the wine cellar for protection.

Wipe the inside of the cavity with kitchen paper, then stuff, prick the breast with a fork and sprinkle with a little sea salt.

This palace must be well provided with kitchens and offices, store-houses, and rooms in which to keep choice furniture for every season of the year.

Step 7: A step that is forgotten by most people, turn out the fire and cover the paella with kitchen paper and leave the paella alone for another 5 - 10 minutes.

Our extensive feeding operation in partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention also continues, with kitchens and feeding sites spread across New York and New Jersey.

In 9% of cases kitchen for is used

Apparently, that goes for kitchen appliances, too.

Old clothes could be traded in return for kitchen appliances, and car service rendered in return for plumbing services, and so on.

In 9% of cases kitchen to is used

Human Ambassador to Kitchen Gadgets.

As you step from parlour to kitchen let yourself fall into another world of secret gardens and forgotten dreams.

It is also altering the spatial environments in which we live through the incorporation of ' nudging ' into everything from urban planning policies to kitchen design.

Accom: Downstairs - Guest Loo, living room with fireplace, french doors leading to dining area and into kitchen - patio doors lead to outside decking which is south facing.

In 6% of cases kitchen from is used

Meals, she wrote, were previously served from kitchens in villages, but were phased out.

Then, with a little air of decision, she turned and walked swiftly down the passageway that separated dining-room from kitchen.

In 5% of cases kitchen on is used

I'd going to do a very dull and self indulgent blog over the next few days on kitchen equipment.

Deals on Kitchen Items Fill your home with great music this Christmas, search, listen and download music of your choice.

Listed below are some of the tips on kitchen design ideas Mess is out, Neat is in -- Before, the use of refrigerator magnets are tolerated.

In 3% of cases kitchen as is used

In the preparation and business of Handia, the tribal women play the key role, as its production is regarded as kitchen work.

The boxes for moving could be labeled either for its contents or for the room in which it is intended for, such as Kitchen or Plates.

In 2% of cases kitchen into is used

Accom: Downstairs - Guest Loo, living room with fireplace, french doors leading to dining area and into kitchen - patio doors lead to outside decking which is south facing.

A hot, arid summer this year, followed by the floods, has ensured that more traditional Italian produce, which finds its way into kitchens around the world, is increasingly scarce, said Coldiretti.

In 2% of cases kitchen like is used

A large angry bear, with ten starving cubs back home and claws like kitchen knives, suddenly emerged from the undergrowth.

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