Prepositions used with "justice"

"of justice", "for justice" or "to justice"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 64% of cases justice of is used

Full story: Ministry of Justice.

For the LORD is a God of justice.

The apex court bench of Justice R.

This is also supported by an October 1998 report of the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

In December 2008, the Department of Justice filed a motion to dismiss Reid's lawsuit.

God is promising a right shepherd -- the lord of Justice -- who will save the Israel.

In 2007 the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission concluded that a miscarriage of justice may have taken place.

He said the judgment was a mockery of justice as it not only came late but also left the main accused go scot-free.

It shall also assist the Department of Justice in criminal cases involving matters related to the pre-need industry.

Form two groups of students and give each group a differing newspaper article from Why we're on the side of justice.

In 14% of cases justice for is used

Time for justice and compensation.

Wong Yan Lung, SC, Secretary for Justice.

He has a responsibility for justice in Ireland.

It is not because he is not compassionate; look at his promise for justice (2:3; 3:16).

These people would soon discover the passion for justice they presently only talk about.

No thanks! We have had 150 years of that! We only ask for justice, decency and fair play.

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter called on people to give information to the Garda to try to secure prosecutions.

When Chilean courts originally refused to prosecute Pinochet, his victims turned to international venues for justice.

We felt that it was good to form collaborative partnerships with other civil action groups such as Jamaicans For Justice.

He has been associated with the Irish Missionary Union and served as a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

In 12% of cases justice to is used

Speedy access to justice is important.

The abusers must be brought to justice.

Desai's assassins weren't brought to justice.

The MPS is determined to prevent further crime and to bring the criminals to justice.

There will be no sharia law, all the muslim extremists will all be brought to justice.

Action Aid's Mona Sherpa is concerned that such women have no real recourse to justice.

Where discrimination does occur, the NSP requires us to ensure access to justice for those whose rights are infringed.

This personification of Dike will stand in contrast to justice viewed as custom or law, and as retribution or sentence.

Right now, he would have been brought to justice in the international court in the Hague for the crimes against humanity.

A2J promotes access to justice through advocating for an independent and accountable judiciary in Kenya and in the region.

In 2% of cases justice by is used

The invalidity of the Act has also been assumed by Justices of this Court.

The invalidity of the Act has also been assumed by Justices of this Court.

The case was heard by a 5 member bench headed by Justice Asif Khosa on Wednesday.

He was sentenced to 30 month imprisonment by Justice Joseph Oyewole on October 26, 2009.

In a court presided over by Justice John Ajet-Nassam the witness refuted suggestions by Mr.

On appeal, the Supreme Court of Kansas, in an opinion by Justice Burch, reasoned as follows (78 Kan.

On 28 May, the tribunal led by Justice ATM Fazle Kabir indicted Quader on six counts of genocide and crimes against humanity.

This follows yesterdays revelation by Justice minister Eugene Wamalwa that logistical challenges won't allow Kenyans abroad to vote there.

Previous talks between the parties at FWA collapsed, after Grocon refused to agree to a two-week ceasefire proposed by Justice Iain Ross, because the.

In 2% of cases justice with is used

So establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance.

The three-judge bench comprising Justice Eric Basnayake with Justices A.

The laws have nothing to do with justice but has all to do with law and order.

This doctrine imposes discipline on governments to act with justice and fairness towards all citizens.

Our legal system is a tool to protect monied interests and the power of the state -- it is nothing to do with justice.

But I want to argue that this is exactly what Plato is doing in most of the dialogues that are concerned with justice viz.

Nor is it with justice denied that it is a part of their sentiment that mercy and justice can only be exercised in fact in reference to actual sinners.

This brings me to my second concern, and this has to do with Justice and the Rule-of-law which we have been told is a cardinal principle of your government.

In 1% of cases justice about is used

I said earlier that this is about justice.

Politics is ultimately about justice, and justice should be his theme.

Those affected talk about justice and violence against women, and about rape cases and victims.

So what exactly is going on here? Well it is not about justice, but then nothing whatsoever any state does is in reality about justice.

When you talk about justice to those who just desire power, domination and lust, they spit at you and start to slander you and even persecute you.

The content of Thrasymachus ' picture is not particularly accurate, although it is accurate enough to make his belief be about Justice rather than something else.

In 1% of cases justice before is used

Ecojustice lawyer Albert Koehl began his prosecution before Justice of the Peace William G.

Appearing before Justices Harold Nsekela, President, Philip Tunoi, Vice President, Emillie R.

He should be brought before justice for enticing hatred and for the killings of innocent lives.

Dean was committed for trial and appeared before Justice Windeyer in the Supreme Court in April 1895.

How his wife was killed was later unveiled before Justice Colin MacGregor (later Chief Justice) and a jury in a trial which attracted massive crowds in and around the Supreme Court building.

In 1% of cases justice from is used

The UN report accuses Rwanda of shielding Ntaganda from justice.

France also gave Polanksi refuge from justice since the mid 70s.

From justice results happiness, from injustice misery, from non-justice non-felicity.

A verdict in the first trial, which began in April, 2011, is expected from Justice of the Peace William Turtle on November 14.

Al-Baghdadi believed that if the Khalifa deviates from justice, the ummah needs to warn him first to return to the straight path.

He was charged with arranging the murder of the judge, fleeing from justice and possessing illegal rifles, handguns, grenades and explosives.

What the hell is doing??? If his bid for asylum is successful does that mean he's going to spend the rest of his life cowering from justice in Ecuador? I've been to Ecuador.

In 1% of cases justice in is used

I'd not involved in Justice League.

She made an initial appearance in Justice Court on April 19, and her bail was set at $50,000.

WE BELIEVE in justice for all, whether in God or not; we believe as others, that we are due equal justice as human beings.

It was in November 2006 that finally the government roped in Justice (retd) S Saghir Ahmad, a former judge of the apex court who headed J &K; High Court in 1993 for almost a year.

And do not allow me to be trampled by the devil, but guide me in justice and strengthen me in your courage, that I may praise and offer hymns to you, since you are blessed forever.

In 1% of cases justice on is used

The Pharisees were not much on justice and mercy and faithfulness to God.

It also contains information on justice, righteousness, forgiveness and the grace of God.

And this is because every individual possesses rights founded on justice which are inviolable.

In its place must be a system built on justice, equity and human needs, not profit, greed and exploitation.

Even after enduring many tribulations, the peace concept in the minds of some majoritarians is not grounded on justice and equality.

On Friday, they sent a submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice calling for the introduction of legislation to criminalize the purchase of sex.

Ironically justice to the same persons across the borders of Ghana or Guinea within the West African states is base on justice according to the international community (International Law).

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