Prepositions used with "joy"

"of joy" or "with joy"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases joy of is used

You really are a bundle of joy too.

It would be a story of joy and grief.

It brought so much of joy to the people.

Twelve days of joy here I come! Beer, bikinis, beach, beer, blondes, barbecue, beer, brests.

They are free from any hindrances, and they live in a state of joy, freedom and psychic power.

I remember when she was the littlest bundle of joy and now she's a totting toddler - adorable.

Question g) Why does Pita utter a cry of joy? (1 mark) Suggested answer g) Pita utters a cry of joy as he was now free.

We can only just pray that our kids end up doing well and are a source of joy and pride to us and of use to themselves.

A collapsible canvas lifeboat is just about to be collected by Carpathia to bring some sense of joy to a horrific event.

Like every gambler I have had my ups and downs, my big wins and big losses as well as my tears of joy and tears of regret.

In 23% of cases joy with is used

Babangida said beaming with joy.

Yet they are delirious with joy.

These Ramalilas continue with joy and glory.

And the person thqta got it probly left filled with joy and delight over their fantastic find.

He also greeted Ed's election by inventing a story about Cameron ' punching the air with joy '.

And might be happier, and more inspired with joy and energy, and maybe even more productive of GDP.

Whatever the good news may be, we in Asia have not learned to jump with joy, unless the fruits of our labor are seen.

I was flushed with joy, knowing that with enough sacrifice, I would still be part of that afternoon's golden rivalry.

Biochemists jumped with joy when they didn't have to work with proteins anymore, which lose their activity very readily.

Anyway, I used to sneak downstairs in the dark of the early morning and my heart would be filled with joy and anticipation.

In 9% of cases joy for is used

This makes my heart jump for joy and this applies to you also.

If at that time he would have eaten fries (chips) we would have been jumping for joy.

I see the position quoted above being offered as important justification for Joy's work.

I will jump for joy the day all Sri Lankans are fluent in all three languages: English, Sinhala and Tamil.

Before you jump up and down for joy, you should know that it won't do what you think it will, it is a scam.

When I discovered Barry Jonsberg, who writes really good YA novels set in Darwin, I did a little dance for joy in my library.

It is a highly desirable motorbike both for joy riders but more importantly for thieves who sell them as parts for race bikes.

When a newborn is held in her mother's arms it helps to maximize the opportunity for joy, happiness and other positive emotions.

The singing and dancing echoes through the mountains, there is literally leaping for joy, and the smiles on faces are incredible.

In 4% of cases joy to is used

Allows for the transformation of struggle to joy.

Love gives rise to joy, and joy is a form of love.

Deputy Information Minister, Samuel Okudzato Ablakwa confirmed to Joy News as of 6pm Friday that the two were still in BNI custody.

We see the universal nature of the sorrow when Jesus, by taking the book, converts the sorrow to joy throughout the universe (5:8-14).

Turning the numbers around is turning despair to joy on faces like this Let us deal in facts and keep our opinions to ourselves for now.

These children from Uganda showed me it was possible to overcome any kind of pain and suffering, any kind of struggle, and to transform it into joy.

In 3% of cases joy in is used

We wish to reach the same effect in joy.

The second is an increase in joy which can only be explained by the Eucharist.

After you get done consuming the LP, you can smile in joy knowing that the band will be playing.

You will find strength in joy of the life you have shared and all youth both have done together.

The most important life lessons can be learnt in joy and it is my priority to create these moments.

And in particular to their leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, whose name now rings in joy around the world.

He will move you from the state where you are now (downside) back up in joy and happiness in the mighty name of Jesus.

Forgetting toils, dangers, and the doubtfulness of return, I felt willing to endure double what I had endured; and all the party seemed to join with me in joy.

The sixth seal is therefore the return of Christ, with the separation of the lost -- hiding from the presence of God -- and the saved -- standing in joy before God.

In 2% of cases joy at is used

In the immediate future he would still love to be at Joy FM at least part time if not full time.

Also, to Kwesi Kyei Darkwa (KKD ), his immediate boss at Joy FM Cox Tamakloe and to Komla Dumor.

For example, news had it that police had to rush to avert possible clash at Joy FM (ghanaweb general news on Thursday 23 February, 2012).

In 2% of cases joy by is used

It was one of the last tracks to be recorded by Joy Division -- and one of the last songs that the irreplaceable Ian Curtis would go on to pen.

I do not think these idiots evolved through natural selection! I hope this will encourage the installation of CCTV in other areas plagued by joy riders and the like.

In 2% of cases joy on is used

Speaking on Elections Platform on Joy FM Monday, Mrs.

He told Evans Mensah on Joy FM's Top Story Friday that all that Mr Vanderpuye has been saying was? bogus?

In 1% of cases joy as is used

There is sadness as well as joy.

In 1% of cases joy from is used

And possibly think of changing your name from Joy to Misery-its more accurate sic.

From the youngest to the eldest there was a genuine demonstration of emotion - from joy to sorrow all mixed up together.

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