Prepositions used with "journey"

"of journey" or "for journey"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases journey of is used

DH: Do you think this kind of journey is a common one for writers? EB: Yes, probably.

The booking fee applies per transaction, regardless of the number of journeys booked.

A Pilgrim Journey A good metaphor to use when speaking of ourselves as a pilgrim people is that of journey.

Folding cycles can be carried on any megatrain service as hand luggage if they remain folded for the duration of journey.

Hallmark have co-produced this version of Journey to the Center of the Earth in conjunction with Australia? s Nine Network.

Folding cycles can be carried on any megabusplus service as hand luggage if they remain folded for the duration of journey.

At first listen seems like, Wunkong of Journey to the West fame features (in spirit) on one of the tracks on this album: Hu M'ani So.

Limitations of the operating range of aircraft at the time (DC4, DC6, Lockheed 749) necessitated the interruptions of journeys for refueling.

These improvements will also improve the ease, travel times and safety of journeys between the CBD and the new Indoor Sports Centre in Kilbirnie.

I live in Stockbridge and those of you that know Edinburgh will know that the cross-town ride on the number 23 isn't the most arduous of journeys.

In 17% of cases journey for is used

For journeys costing over 60, always get a railcard.

For journey performed by road, the allowance will be calculated on the basis of bus fare.

Then Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) permitted us saying: Eat and make it a provision (for journey).

Megabusplus Terms &; Conditions These General Terms &; Conditions apply for journeys wholly on megabusplus services.

When I played my first big show, which was opening up for JOURNEY, and our singer didn't show up! I was like, ' holy crap ' so I sang and played guitar.

The kind of solutions which you should customise should you be running a legal enterprise will vary from just what is important for journey or entire world vast web associated enterprise ventures.

In 14% of cases journey on is used

Ted iPad, iPhone, free A brilliant accompaniment on journeys when you're not in the mood for reading.

A life coach is like an objective friend with the expertise to guide you on journey of self-discovery and self-realization.

And don't try and use railcards on journeys they're not valid on as there are some reports they actually add to the price.

But sure enough Belladonna appeared to duet with Starr on Journey's Don't Stop Believin ' and bring the house down as a result.

In 5% of cases journey to is used

The gifts of our colors may be different, but God has so placed us as to journey in the same path.

This, and attempts to develop a sense of humor, are the focus of Sha Wujing's character arc in The Lost Empire (a sort of unofficial sequel to Journey to the West.

In 3% of cases journey during is used

This care for the Maghrib Sunnah rak'ahs has been marked during residing at home as well as during journey.

Even during journey they are not shortened, so much so that this effort increases further in the journey for pilgrimage and the journey to Hejaz.

In 3% of cases journey per is used

Of course, the passengar charter will only compensate for delays in excess of 1 hour per journey undertaken.

In 2% of cases journey after is used

Journey after journey, down 99, from the Pacific Northwest to San Francisco.

In 2% of cases journey in is used

You do a lot of driving with Young in Journeys.

In 2% of cases journey with is used

Our lives are dotted with journeys of various sorts.

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