Prepositions used with "journalist"

"of journalist" or "for journalist"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases journalist of is used

Game devs don't need to be afraid of journalists.

First and last, the safety of journalists is paramount.

First and last, the safety of journalists is paramount.

It's exciting to watch CEOs learn firsthand from our esteemed panel of journalists.

Despite those challenges the profession of journalist remained in constant expansion.

Cost, independence, and quality are three major issues, as is the statute of journalists.

Abdulle, 27, was a long time member of NUSOJ and has been advocating for the security of journalists in Galkayo.

CMM decisions are based on published guidelines that were accepted by the Union of Journalists in Finland in 1992.

There are tens of thousands of journalists in the UK -- broadcasters, the regional press, magazines, the trade press.

Salaries have not kept up with Cost of Living Allowances (COLA ), thus lowering of the economic position of journalists.

In 16% of cases journalist for is used

Then again, I suppose that's not unusual for journalists.

The Punch must be desperate for journalists to publish this.

As for journalists and transparency, I find this hard to take.

Press advocates have long called Mexico one of the most dangerous nations for journalists.

Arrangements have also been made to distribute free laptops for journalists on this occasion.

A great mobile app for journalists would be Bambuser which helps to share videos from their mobile via social media.

Twitter seems to have a head-start on every story, so it's natural for journalists to try and pick-up leads from it.

But the fact holds, and it is loud and clear: the Philippines is the most dangerous country in the world for journalists.

I'd very hands-on! HTML for Journalists Using Mozilla's new webmaker tool, Thimble, you can code and see what the browser sees.

In 13% of cases journalist to is used

Their work is media (as opposed to journalist) focused.

The government did not provide adequate protection to journalists.

The guests are expressly asked not to give interviews to journalists.

Later, talking to journalists at the headquarters of the party's State unit here, Mr.

As the US-backed assault on Gaza continues we talk to journalist and activist, Kevin Ovenden,.

We also know the sound of this young man's voice and what he said to journalists before finally returning home.

If you do write to journalists, we strongly urge you to maintain a polite, non-aggressive and non-abusive tone.

In 2003, O'Reilly spoke to journalist David Walsh about doping for a book on Armstrong co-authored with Pierre Ballester.

I always highly recommend donating to journalists like Worthington as we know Wolf Blitzer isn't going to give us this info.

Text messages to journalists who this self-confessed media tart had courted for years dried up when he became prime minister.

In 8% of cases journalist by is used

Often, these stories are done by journalists like yourself.

He was tracked down and identified by journalist Nic Dunlop in 1999.

Move we were told by journalists had ideas Nintendo hadn't considered.

It is used as a source by journalists and quoted by political scientists.

Mashiur himself once denied taking any leave when approached by journalists.

Politicians march in, trailed by journalists, and announce they wish to lay a charge of incitement to violence.

Generally, I think the greater the possible intrusion by journalists the higher the public interest hurdle has to be.

And this one by journalist and food activist Ed Bruske, who guest-posted today over at Fed Up With Lunch, where anonymous teacher Mrs.

The Duchess has shown how game she is, given all the stick she has taken in the past by journalists exercising their freedom of speech.

In 7% of cases journalist with is used

So with journalists who won't question or investigate, they got away with it.

Researchers don't get credit for the time they put into speaking with journalists.

I had seen him grow impatient with journalists and watched his sunny demeanor turn dark and cutting.

I am glued to the news feeds pouring in all around as the apartment I am sharing has flooded with journalists.

Kiriakou's defense indicates that Researcher 1 Tate participated with Journalist A Cole in certain activities alleged in the Indictment.

Following these guidelines helps you create a message that better resonates with journalists, influencers, potential customers, and strategic partners.

Let us be under no illusion, media relations people have conversations with journalists like this every single day and not just in the political arena.

The week provided a lot of opportunities to make new connections, including with journalists and others that we have had little opportunity to meet before.

Uzo Azubuike is sad over deplorable state of roads in the South-East and wants urgent action from the Federal Government, as he declares in this interview with journalists.

In 5% of cases journalist against is used

Actually, there have been no criminal charges against journalists for stolen information for decades, period.

Under the Obama administration, six prosecutions under this Act were all directed against journalists exposing government wrongdoing.

NUSOJ demands immediate justice and an end to the culture of failure to pursue perpetrators of these utterly odious crimes against journalists.

Investigate actions of violent behaviour against journalists and associated media personnel and bring to justice the perpetrators of these criminal acts.

Set up an effective alerts system, using the Internet, social medias and the IFJ affiliates and networks, to give immediately the fullest information about crimes against journalists; 5.

In 3% of cases journalist from is used

You've seen comments from journalists saying they don't like Gore.

However, the song garnered mixed reviews from journalists, music critics and the public.

A victorious Hollande has refused all interview requests from journalists at Dassault's paper.

You sign up (free) and then get a daily email from journalists looking for sources on articles.

For others, their first encounter with the name was on Twitter, from journalists (including George Monbiot, see his Twitter account).

Industrial Relations: Copyright Laws and the Status of Journalists Copyright issues are complex issues that are the object of intense lobbying from journalists ' associations.

At the recent London press conference for the film, the cast led by Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, rising star Amr Waked and producer Paul Webster gamely answered questions from journalists.

In 3% of cases journalist on is used

He called on Journalists to consider national security in their reporting.

Violence and Harassment: Attacks on journalists continued to be a problem.

Without police powers, the regulator would rely on journalists to co-operate.

Never have acts of censorship and physical attacks on journalists seemed so numerous.

Attacks on journalists are on the rise, industry ethics are deteriorating and the Media Council of PNG is completely ineffective, they say.

The GA informed the crew that because there were no restrictions on journalists visiting the areas concerned, there was no need to obtain written approval.

It is against the logic of all PR activities: since we are dependent on journalists and bloggers we do our best to please them otherwise they take revenge on our clients.

IFJ is the first international press freedom advocacy organization and global union federation to step foot in Mogadishu since the deadly attacks on journalists started in 2007.

In 1% of cases journalist at is used

The public website is primarily aimed at journalists and translators, students and teachers, historians and researchers in genealogy.

The jock (Matt Zacharus) then went on to talk about how he was taught at journalist school how to walk the middle of the road politically.

Plus, one tends not to write in favor of those who are shooting at you, and I'd sure that the army has shot at journalists who have taken cover with the rioters.

In 1% of cases journalist including is used

Seeing highly educated people, including journalists, fall for The Yes Men's pranks should help us to realize that those in power are not necessarily more knowledgeable.

Individual professionals including journalists and lawyers are allowed to keep 100 percent of their earnings from consultancy services rendered abroad in foreign currency accounts.

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